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It’s a KISS.(Freebie).

I did some more old LM TPing yesterday and I’ve always wondered what purpose “abandoned land” has and why Linden Labs leaves these undeveloped sims around and then I stop wasting brain cells cos God knows I can’t afford to loose too many.

So one of the places I TPed into is or rather was is an old shop called Paradisis, which is you have been in SL for as long as I have you will know was a shop that was a fashion leader in SL but this is a brand new and completely different sort of shop so basically not Paradisis lol.

OK yes, I know a classic style dress that you’re probably had and binned a few already but it’s pretty darned well textured and simple Summer outfit so well worth checking it out even if you think you wouldn’t like it.

However, this is also a post for stuff I’m not showing you and that’s KNICKERS!  OK, It’s actually full lingerie sets of bra’s, panties etc BUT not for mesh heads like me.  These are all old stock from the old Paradisis shop and don’t even come with Appliers just system layers.  I don’t know how these undies and the other non-mesh freebies have stood up to the test of time but if they have and you don’t like or use a mesh bod then you can’t go wrong and try these freebies out for yourself.  I know that a couple of the gifts are actual items I owned before my Mesh Bod addiction!

The TP takes you to a small shopping platform with little shops on and one of them is where you will find the freebies I’ve mentioned but there is quite a few in there inc a VERY rude beach towel which is actually really nice and has some very nice poses in it as well as the RUDE ones LOL.

PS Don’t look at the hair, OK you can if you want to but this is a New Mina and isn’t available till the Hair Fair opens so I will let you know more about it them but isn’t it simple, sweet and understated?

Melle A (Formerly  Paradisis)

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CIRCA gets into the groove

Circa & FollowUs - FREE

Gosh almost missed the chance to blog this before the “Apple of my hunt” event finishes tomorrow! This is the prize from CIRCA. Fantastico beanie bags, with pretty poses and the art panels. In front you can prolly just make out the Followus Easter group gift, it’s ever so sweet !

CIRCA Art & table NEW!

New items galore at Circa’s mainstore, including this shabby little folding table with Eastery decoration. The art panels are my favourite thing of all. They have sparkly twinkly lights inside *swoooon* ! SO pretty, So glittery…they will really brighten up your Springtime space! The top right panel is a gift for group members, and can be found at the Easter Market hunt.


Also at the Easter Market event is the new birdy house – it’s quite a luxurious trio of box shaped houses and the birds sing when you touch them awww ! You’ll find the dear little box of freshly picked carrots and bucket there too.

Paradisis & Circa & FollowUs FREE !

o.O almost left this shot out that shows the Paradisis free outfit ! Hoppity hop over to the store and find the eggs, you will have to collect them all to get the entire look , that includes the dress, basket, head gear and choker.


Last up from Circa is this Spring time trellis set. It’s just beautifully done, a lone butterly floats around in dizzy circles above the eggs, bunneh and Spring flowers. This is also on sale at the Easter Market Event – deffo one to go and mooch around .  Ohhhhh don’t forget, if you’re a group member you can still collect your fantabulous Skybox – its set at the landing point for you. Thanks Cherelle ❤

Easter Market

CIRCA store






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Something new…Something(s) free

DUH Free boots - DUH Free leggings - Somnia sweater NEW!
I hadn’t been to DUH! for a while , I popped over to mooch. As soon as I got inside I saw these fabbo Winter wellies , which are totally free and a pair of woolie leggings to wear with them, also free !

Paradisis NEW! FREE Skin !

Heres the newness from Paradisis ! A lovely little shorts and jacket set with heart motif. The set is called Winters nerd and is available in other colours. Its ONLY available currently in the Winters market, which is situated just outside the main store. lots of mini stores there with some gifts and great Seasonal offers ! My skin is by new-to-me store Mystic Canvas, called “Uma”, pretty pale skin tone with lush red lips, its also totally FREE! Just head over to the Jewelry & Accessory Expo to collect .

Jewelry & Accessory Expo

Paradisis Winters Market


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Hunting Pumpkins and a spooky free home !

Paradisis Hunt Gift !

Paradisis and friends on the same sim are having a pumpkin hunt – some great gifts to be scored ! I’m showing the selection of gifts to be found at Paradisis that make up this superb halloween outfit. You get the sweetest little mesh dress, that comes in bloody and clean versions, stockings, boots and a cute bow for the front of the bodice. My hair is a free group gift from D!VA , free to join the group also…while youre there at D!VA …

D!VA FREE Halloween hair - wings optional

why not grab up this Halloween hair do too ! You can wear it with or without the wings, sooper pretty….oh and btw…

Paradisis Hunt Gift - RC-Cluster bat on a string (black,brown & grey bats included) D!va free hair!

RC CLuster is back on the grid with a small store over at Floorplan yay! This gives me a great excuse to break out some of my toys from there, such as these “bats on a string”, 25L for a pack of three bats to wear on your finger – they boing uppppp and dowwwwwn.

Linus Humphreys the deserted House FREE (also comes with a winter version)

The delectable house I took these photos in and around is actually a freebie…I know right?! By Linus Humphreys and such a great build. As its mod I did lighten it up a little as it comes in a VERY dark, like pitch black colour and it didn’t show too well in the photos. However for Halloween its perfect. Lovely details inside, such as a flickering television, mop & buckets etc, plus the eery sounds of crows circling from above is played. There is a handy sculpted ground cover and the garden is part of the set, complete with trees, wood pile at the rear. Not only that but you do get a winter version included , quite the deal.


Paradisis blog for hunt info

Free deserted house

D!VA hair

RC Cluster

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Group gift !

Paradisis Group gift FREE!

I almost forgot to share this with you…and that would’ve been tragic, as its sooper cooolio ! This is the new group gift from Paradisis. The camo version of the music girl ones I showed you the other day. I’ve never been that big on arm warmers as I just couldn’t be botherred to mess around with sculpts trying to get a decent fit. These are mesh and obviously you get different sizes, voila…no fiddling required ! You also get the green camo version of the top, under the netting at the front is the word “danger”, I like that ! Theres also a little bit of a make-up treat included that I forgot to wear !(doh) If you’re not a member just head over and join up to grab your pressie.

Paradisis store

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Budget Beater

Paradisis New ! Budget outfit!!_001

Paradisis has another budget outfit yay! This is called “music girl” and comprises of a sweet pink mesh top that has netted inserts…mesh black really short short SHORTS!

Paradisis New ! Budget outfit!! Music Girl - 59L !

Also matching arm warmers with buckle fastenings. Plussss….a pair of really sooper cute headphones, check out the ear covers, they flash and change colour – Hooooooo!!! There is a pair of darling pink knitted long socks to complete the look…and dayum…all this for just 59L…*faint*…

Paradisis main store

Paradisis market place store

Paradisis blog

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Kicking up the leaves

Paradisis Blush sweater NEW! Paradisis Seduce skirt - DUH knitted boots 20L

There are signs that Autumn is rapidly on its way, my trees in the garden look all wilty and sad as their leaves drop. Get ready for the season and drop over to Paradisis ! This is the new “blush” sweater and its sooper snugglybuggly. Oversized length arms which are on trend currently with detailing on the front. This detail ties nicely in with the recently released “Seduce” skirt I showed you last week. Amazing price , 95L for a pack of tones, pastels,neutrals and fall. You get FIVE shades in each pack *faint*, thats uhm…erm…lemme work that out…19L per top ohmaiiiiigosh ! (same price for the skirts also)

DUH! Knit & leather boots 20L per pair fat pack 80L (9 colour tones)

Dug out my trusty DUH! ankle boots, I love these little cuties. Easy to wear and a great look…ohhhh…and did I mention only 20L a pair ?! Mmmhhmm…you can also get a stonking big fatpack of nine shades for under 100L. Take a look around DUH, there are wearable demos, hunts mostly always on and brilliant Lucky boards ! Trust me, you wont come away empty-handed.