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Finally ! (All free)

FREE outfit shoes, pants, top & jacket

I’ve wanted to share this outfit with you for FIVE days – but I was missing one item and I waited for hourssss for it to come up on the unlucky (for me) boards at Paper Sparrow. You don’t need to join the group to have a pop on the lucky boards which is rather cool . The jacket, top, pants & shoes all come as fat packs, I had to wait for my *F* to come up for each piece , as you can see it was SO worth it ! While you’re there you can also scoop up $50L worth of free credit and if you do join the group there is a group gift outfit down stairs at reception (the boards are up the stairs and to the right).

Paper Sparrow

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Hunting @ Paper Sparrow & The Free Dove

FREE top & pants @ Paper Sparrow

Fantastic hunt has started at The Free Dove – Paper Sparrow is the store involved. As is usual there are five gifts to find at The Free Dove and five more at the Paper Sparrow store. Above is one of the free group gifts I found at the Paper arrow store while hunting – bright red pants & matching crop top – my jacket is my own from Gabriel. Upstairs in the store you’ll find numerous lucky boards and group gifts.

The Free dove Paper.Sparrow - Resolutions Hunt 22

Above is the hunt key for all the pretties you can find ! I just couldn’t find the jeans – so put on your hunting goggles and try hard!

FREE Tshirt @ Paper Sparrow

I did find one of the t-shirts though yay me ! Head over to The Free Dove and click the hunt board at one of the entrances for all the info, landmarks etc.

The Free Dove

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Free Hunts @ The Free Dove

Paper Sparrow Free Hunt Gifts

I’ve been hunting my heart out at The Free Dove & Paper Sparrows store ! So far Ive come up with this top & leggings, the shoes and a dress – Im going back to find more though!

This is the key for Paper Sparrow, five of the prizes are to be found in The Free Dove store and five more at Paper sparrows main store, just join the Free Dove group to be able to hunt, et voila! You can also hunt for gifts from Stars, same principle as above five at The Free Dove, 5 at the Stars store. Touch the hunt noticeboard as you arrive for all the info and landmarks.

The Free Dove

Paper Sparrow

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Always worth a peek

Popped over to The Free Dove while I had my 5 cups of morning coffee. Its always worth a look as the stock changes now and again. Not sure if Ive shown this outfit by Paper Sparrow before but its a beauty. Jeans and a body suit in pristine white with a sweet dove motif. A galaxy of fits included ! My BB-8 companion droid was a gift from Player – we are such Star Wars nerds ! You can get this from the Set to Stun store on the market place for just $99L – wearable and rezzable (5Li)

The Free Dove

Set to Stun BB- 8 droid

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Free for summer <3

Free Dove strikes again, more designers with free gifts. Just join The Free Dove group and click away. Two really nice outfits from Paper.Sparrow, above the body suit and jeans – a boat load of mesh body fits included – great fresh summer style.

Then this cute as a button dress, also from Paper.Sparrow. Juicy ! Fantastic pineapple print in bright yellow and lime green – again I’d be surprised if your mesh body wasn’t included – the box was brimming over with them. I know Free Dove is primarily for new people to Second Life but its also a great way to sample designers without the cost – I shall certainly be teleporting over to Paper.Sparrow today to scope the store out.

The Free Dove

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Paper Sparrows.(10Ld Gift).

A “KEEPER” both in my SLink P & SLink HG fit.

A damned good jacket.  I know I did a very similar one to this not too long ago and it may even have been a gift from the same shop but that one was a retro suede(?) texture while this one is a white and I can’t pinpoint the sort of RL texture it reminds me of but it’s just so good.  Lots of crinkles/wrinkles and shading to make this a shop quality item and for only 10Lds it’s a bargain.

Although this is a “Paper Sparrow” gift you have to go to the Hashtag event to get it and it’s the bag on the stall there.  I didn’t pick any of the other gifts, paid for, on the stalls as I couldn’t be sure of the sizes but I was happy to risk getting this gift as again I’ve had the similar design and as it turns out a lot of mesh fits.

When I was LM grabbing I spotted that the sizes are listed on the bottom of the gift bag so if it’s an issue for you then check the list.

I’ve put the link to the “Coco Designs” shop as I thought my jeans came from there and they did but for some reason, these “Boyfriend” jeans are not on the wall of freebies since there are free jeans among the excellent gifts on the wall I’ve tacked on the LM to the Coco Design shop.


Coco Designs