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“I’m on a boat” I wonder how many people will sing that in their heads? (FREEBIES).

There are a couple of things I will always have rezzed on my sim or any SL home I may live in, even if it’s a landlocked mountain, and one of those things is my boat.  The funny thing is in RL I have no desire to go boating but just having a boat even a SL one makes me feel like a rich biatch.


But of course the last thing I am is rich, I maybe a biatch though LOL but I’m at least a “free bitch baby”.

The first freebie is the top which I have to confess comes from an event I’ve not visited for a very long time.  The simple reason was that my one and only fav shape provider, Anna Shapes, always had a stall there and if you’ve ever wondered or drooled over my sexy shape/face then it’s because it’s an Anna Shape.  Unfortunately Analy Amat (yes that’s her name) hasn’t had an inworld shop or even a new shape for many a year now BUT she still has her marketplace shop set up and although she had shapes in the 500-1000Ld range she has 18 priced at only 80Lds and I only have the 80Ld shapes and they’re Mod, which tbh I’ve never ever had to do. So basically if you “wanna be me” then I nearly always wear an Anna Shape and a PumeC skin.

Back to the freebies, this top comes from the Designer Circle which is yet another SL event which is having a Birthday blowout, 5 years,  and on nearly all of the stalls is a pressie waiting to be snagged.  This is the top off the MooH stall and it is excellent and not only exc fit, tex etc but a colour changing Hud is another extra goodie.  If you do go to the Designer Circle to snag all the gifties a lot of them are pretty obviously the gift boxes/bags on the stands but I also noticed a few were more hidden ie click on the cat on the mat and you get a err cat on a mat LOL, adorable and low primmed and if you click on the butterfly on the wall you get a gift.  So just go clicking mad.

The other Freebie is the skin-tight pants and that too comes with a Hud but just the 2 options, white or black.  Both of these are keepers for me because not only do they look great together but I can just see both items working as separates with other items of my clothing.

PS if you didn’t get the 3 reference the first one “I’m on a boat” is by Lonely Island and the “Free Bitch Baby” is Lady Gaga and “Wanna be like me” is Eminem.

Anna Shapes (Marketplace Only)


The Designer Circle (Top)

PB Design(Pants)

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Insufferable (Freebies).

The sun has not only managed not make an appearance the rain has started.   However my heart goes out to Faith who is suffering from excessive warmth and sun shine and has been forced to wear light Summery clothes to counteract the heat…MEOW.

So I snuck back inworld with the full intention of spending some quality time cleaning out my invent and of course I couldn’t help but go check out some more freebies.


This isn’t one of them lol, it’s not the balloon I was looking for but as I was swinging away there I decided to take a snap in any case.


This is the right balloon as it’s about the only glowing sun thing I’m going to be seeing all day.

The dress is the freebie and I’m only showing you the back so you can see the sweet bow not that there is anything wrong with the simple and scooped neck front.


This Freebie is a FULL free outfit.  The top, which I am definitely keeping and the only reason I’m not keeping the pants is because I already have a pair of wide legged jeans, comes with a colour changing Hud.  A massive 15 textures and shades in total from a subtle cream to retro in your face patterns.  You also get the bag and a pair of bright pink SLink High shoes.


All of these items (apart from the balloons cos they’re mine) come from the Hilly Haalan shop.  I know that there is a lot of shout outs in my groups for Freebies and Group Gifts from Hilly Haalan’s but I can’t remember the last time I went over for a look-see so I was very pleased with these finds and there are more there to be grabbed BUT for this Group Gift you have to go into the Group Notices and scroll down as it’s in there and not just set out. The top dress is next to the other Hilly Haalan Group Gifts which are set out for you but you will have to join the SL Free’s and offers group for that.  The Group Invite is right there.

Chances are when you rezz there you will land in front of the sign board and not the Freebies so just turn right and you will find them on the wall outside of that shop.

Hilly Haalans

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High, Med, Low.


Although I’ve just bought a great pair of trousers from SF Designs as soon as I tried the latest  demo on from FATEwear I had to get these.  Not too much into the low rider look but this pair of pants called Peter and comes in 3 fits,high, med and the low pair I am wearing in this picture (and of course all the standard mesh fit sizes).  Low enough to be sexy but not so low as to be nasty.  A choice of colours and I chose the Quagmire. Comes in a corduroy texturing which you can see more clearly in the next picture.


Ladies don’t ignore the latest Men Only Gacha event going on.  For those who you love in SL I’m pretty sure that there is plenty of gifts that he will be happy to received and of course since this is a Gacha event then everything is trans (just not copy) and these guns would be perfect.  I say guns because in one Gacha you get a left and right thigh strapped gun and in another Gacha a gun that fits down the front of your clothes or the back each Gacha costs 100 but the detailing in these weapons is excellent and since you get 2 in each set then you can have one each (they fit Zan as well) so his and her weapons.  The landmark I have given you should take you to the actual Obscure Gacha Machine but if it doesn’t then you will find this and other Gachas on the upper level.  Plenty of other things for yourself or your partner from skins, clothes, accessories etc and all at really discounted prices.

PS when you land at Fate island (the name of his sim) in front of you is Damian’s costume/role playing shop but turn to your right and go up the stairs to his larger main shop for the more classic suits and leisure wear.


Men Only Gacha MOG

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I am really trying to hunt down some freebie goodies and having mixed luck but if you have a few Lds to spare (15 for each outfit) then you couldn’t go wrong dropping into Liv Glam where Miss s.S.Jones (samanthasjones) has set out a massive 58 items of clothing from the full outfit to seperates.  Not only that but there are what looks like a few others from guest shops such as Evolve, Kathleens, 1Hundred etc.


What you’re looking for is a tray with a bottle of bubbly and glasses on it BUT what I so appreciate is that it’s not a guessing game as to what you’re buying because outside of the shop are 4 large board which shows you exactly what each bottle contains and their number so you can pick and chose what you want and not end up wasting money.  I just clicked and bought the first bottle I found and this is what was inside (I think it was number 13) tbh going to ditch the jacket/top combo but simply because this isn’t my SL or RL style but keeping the slacks as they’re cute.  A real good mix of clothes from super casual to high fashion, shoes to dresses, trousers to boots.

Don’t panic like I did when all you get is a “Dark Horse Hud” you simply wear it and it shows on your screen and you click it and it delivers your goodie to you.

Liv Glam

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Easy like a Sunday morning.

I don’t normally SL on a Sunday but since I’m up, washed, dressed and fed I decided to pop in and snap a few pictures for fun and maybe be able to get this new outfit from SF Designs blogged.

infaredJust having a play with my settings and Zan’s poses.  Although you can’t see it, went OTT with the lighting, I am reading a book by torch.BeigeAW She did it again, completely packed up her old house and all her garden stuff and rezzed a whole load of new stuff apart from the wind turbine in the background.  That has been a feature of her homes for many years now and at one stage she even had a whole field of them but it’s the clothes that I’m wearing that I’m blogging.  Comes from SF Designs and much to my surprise you get more than you bargain for.  The trousers are very “Dads pants” which are perfect for a nerdy, Hipster look.  What surprised me is that not only do you get the boots in the pack but again a colour changing hud for both items.  I’m starting to wonder if this is going to be a feature with a lot of swaffette Firefly’s designs as I have a couple of other items from her and they too come with colour changing huds which means your clothes are much more versatile.  A total of 8 in for the pants and boots so you can match them up or contrast them.

beige22The cardigan is a separate purchase but with not only the same earthy shades in the hud as the pant/boot combo but also a colour slider so you can customise the colour to the exact shade you want.  Goes without saying that demos are available at least for the pants/boots I couldn’t see it for the cardigan but since I’ve tried many of her demos on I knew that the fit and texturing would be excellent.

The undershirt is just one of mine as this doesn’t come in layer.  SF designs is breaking into the mesh market but her main stock on the ground floor is still mainly non mesh because there is still a market for it but if you either cam up or take the TP (on top of the NEW notice board) to the upper level you can see her mesh items.  Because of Limited budget I have left the denim shirt to another time but I love it’s fot and well worn texturing so you will see that at some stage soon.

Last thing, if like me you cannot be bothered to edit a hair to fit a hat then along with her Monthly Group Gifts upstairs in the hat/hair department is free hat hair in a whole range of colours.  Worth a visit just to grab that alone.

SF Designs

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It’s Fate(Dave)wear.

CoatintrepidNew to FATEwear is a much appreciated HUD which even to a simple soul like myself is easy to use.  With this hud you now have a much greater variety of colour choices.  Basically this means you can change the colour of almost everything you wear and I was rereading the description of how the HUD works and noticed this “The HUD will most likely be set by default to the proper tab and options for the FATEpack you purchased, but you can actually use the same HUD for all FATEpack items that come with a scripted version of the product.”  So basically if you have other items of clothing from FATEwear and it’s scripted then you should be able to change the colour.  Personally I can’t wait to see what I have and try it out.

CoatsSo of course you get all the sizes, (a good way to cut down on your invent is to delete the sizes you know you will never use but make sure you know that you won’t want that XXL or XS at a later date) and of course you get the layering which in this case is the long jacket, pants and the shirt jacket tie combo underneath.  This of course allows you to mix and match from items already in your invent.  The hud that now comes with this outfit attached itself to the bottom right hand of your screen which if your AO is there will remove it but it’s easy to reposition the hud anywhere on your screen so that s not exactly an issue.  So easy to use and you have such a big choice of colours  each item can be coloured individually.  So in the 2 pictures the same clothes but different colour choices.

Just spotted this in the note that comes with “Dave”, thats what this new outfit is called, and although I’ve not had time to test it out but it’s going to be interesting to see what else I have from FATEwear that I can use this on.

BeachVanity shot.  As always I popped over to Derailed to preen and pose.  A lovely and welcoming sim.  Everytime I visit and I visit a lot there is something new such as this cabin/stable/home.  Plenty of photo and pose potential or of course just a place to hang out with some friends.  There is a shop on the sim which is well worth a visit for some great poses (I have them all) and a selection of interesting odds n sods.


FATEwear Marketplace

FATEwear Blog

Derailed (sim)

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Tell no lie.

As I said as soon as I rezzed inworld right in the middle of FATEware and right in the middle of the sale I started to buy.

suitYou really need to try the demos to see what it is you get because some of the packs not only come with all the sizes as standard but so many layering options it’s really hard to describe (at 9.20AM and full of cold that is).

long coatThis long ..duster style coat is a prime example because you can wear it on it’s own or as in this case with the shirt and tie inc in the pack.


OK I stuck to the more safer colours of greys and browns but there is a range of colours to chose from.  Sorry I would try to take a better photo of the gloves and would have loved to have taken one of the socks but RL time restraints means I haven’t had the time and the time on this sale is running out.  If you like the idea of SLinks hands but don’t like the expense or the skin matching then these gloves are perfect.  Again I picked a safe shade but there is not only a variety of shades but also some more “wintery knitted” style ones.  The icing on the cake is you get a whole load of hand poses from casual to holding and the price is slashed to 150Lds.  So good Zan is comming in to try out the demo and see if the XS size will look good on her.  It’s the same with the socks they come with feet shapes in them and of course plain for wearing with non SLink or any mesh shoe.  Winter, bedsocks also available.ShirtLast photo before I take myself back to bed (I haz a cold) but I wanted to show off the slim line look.  Obviously the bulked up shoulders and “manly” chest are big in SL but so is the more natural look which is one I prefer.

Sale is in full swing but the clock is ticking.