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My favourite flower

I adore Gerbera’s, any colour, they just always always make me smile. So when I saw this new release “red gerbera” from Luxe Paris I had to wrestle it open and get it on. You get the skinny fit pants, which are just the right amount of sharp tailoring and casual style, plus the stunning gerbera print top. Perfect fit over my Slink Physique body, sizes included: Standard sizes,Slink,TMP,Eve & Belleza. This hasn’t appeared on the market place store yet, but you can find it in the new release section at the inworld store.

Luxe Paris Store


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Free as a bird

I really love complete outfits – because basically I’m really lazy and I never seem to have time to rummage and produce an outfit  . Thanks goodness for Luxe Paris and their off the peg, wear & go outfits! This is the Christina jacket with tank and pants set. Beautiful sage green and teal hues, perfect for Spring. The jacket has some nifty detailing on it, buckles and pockets etc. I found , with my Slink Physique body I needed to wear the xs size pants to get a perfect fit all round, specially wearing them with the jacket. You get a whole heap of sizes from standard to mesh body – so its easy peasy to get the right look. (This outfit is compatible with standard avatars, Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies)

Luxe Paris market place store

Luxe Paris mainstore

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Free mesh outfit - Maxi Gossamer sandals -

I found this sweet mesh harem style pants suit the other day – totally forgot to try it on DOH! I was pleasantly surprisedwith it – its a group gift and the group is free to join – although I did have to fiddle with my chubby legs a little to get the band at the bottom to fit ! Nice touch of purrrple takes away the “all blackness”, perfect for a beach stroll or to lounge around in. My sandals….hmmm….well…I TRIED to resist them – seriously!

Free mesh outfit

They are by Maxi Gossamer and are currently for sale at this round of Collabor88. At 488L a considered purchase perhaps , you can’t buy them in single colours – so the all-size-fits-one is the only option. However, for that princely sum you do get 12 bead colours and 16 leather options.(Slink flat feet required btw) I’m really chuffed with them and know that they will get a LOT of wear over the coming months. My necklace is an old favourite from Eclectica, check out the new store, it’s crammed with deeelicious sparklies !

BN Designs

Eclectica store

Eclectica market place


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Living like a film star


ArisAris NEW!


ArisAris has a new outfit out, and if you like a bit of old-fashioned glamour you’ll love it. Its called “film star” and is available at the mainstore only currently. You get this oriental inspired wrapped blouse. Bright flowers are scattered over the fabric and the soft lapels lower down into a lovely hood shape at the back.

ArisAris NEW!!

Matching trousers complete the style…great look for the season !




A new store to me is Elizabeth’s, Id been told about a group gift and wandered over to check it out..soooo obviously HAD to look at the whole store while I was there ! Glad I did cause I found this gorjusss “suit” for a mere 75 the fluted prim cuffs on the pants and the turquoise sash belt! Click the pics for a closer more detailed view..

Elizabeth's Emily Business suit 75L

Visited upstairs also and found some super cool T’s for the boys, plus shirts..anddd some discounted outfits for the girls..picked up this to show you for 10L

Elizabeth's Posh Spice 10L

Also found they are in the back to school hunt and scored with this great red outfit !

Elizabeth's back to school hunt item 0L

Anddd finally that group gift….a pretty flouncy bouncy dress

Elizabeth's group gift Tess 0l

Go check it out..boys dont forget the guy gear is upstairs !

Go get the prettiness : Elizabeth’s