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Never gets old(Freebies).

Over the years a shop called La Galleria has put out some really lovely decor item’s and I think that I’ve probably gotten them all and still have them, but I have to confess I’ve never really spent much time wandering around the shop or rather the sim and it’s about time I did.

First the freebie(s) and yes this is an old one, created in 2014, BUT as you can see still total quality and only 2 prims.

There are quite a few Autumnal gifts out and although you do have to look for them they’re just close to the landing spot and a lot of them are used as decor items in the show homes.  So there is this, a cornucopia, a branch with leaves dangling off them plus a little pumpkin patch which is also a really good decor item.  Slap the sub-board because this is how I keep updated on the goodies and as I said the gifts are just dotted around and when you put your pointer on them you can see they’re priced at just 0Lds.

When I go back in-world I’m going to have a nice morning roaming what looks like 4 sims of builds and furniture.  I won’t lie the builds and decor items aren’t to my taste but then my taste sometimes is well dodgy LOL.  These builds are undoubtedly superb quality and have a unique style to them, I could be wrong but they’re what someone like me in the UK would think of as being “Southern America” or “middle America” in style.  They’re also what I call “idiot” proof in that you can buy everything from rugs to full houses and everything is in the same style and not everyone is like Faith and I in that we’re constantly fiddling with our homes and sim till we get what sings to our hearts and so you can just get everything you need and the most you have to do is rezz and move it into place.

PS Slap the sub and get the latest note which lists the gifts.

La Galleria