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Briiiiiilaint (Freebie).

It’s so wrong and yet it’s so right, popped over to “Brii Underground”  for a look see and I found not just Christmas decor but Christmas music in the background and noooo it’s so wrong it’s not even December yet but I totally forgive them because the Christmas spirit is strong with the gifts set out for us.


A whole outfit, jacket, skirt, leggings, boots n gloves.  You get an Omega and SLink appliers for the gloves and legging.  Honestly, the quality stands out.  Just like me in this piccie…..


…..You all know my love of taking boots/shoe piccies lol found the perfect pose. Oops looks like I’ve put the wrong leggings on but the ones in the pack are identical just a bit darker more chocolatey.

The Brii group is free to join and there are a couple of full outfits for just 1Linden as well.  If the LM doesn’t take you directly to the gifts then when you go inside turn left and there on the inside wall just further along.

You will also spot 2 face lights in the bags KEEP THEM! They’re so subtle and handy esp if you like to take pictures of yourself inworld then they’re like “Touche Eclait” for your AV.

Just a note about the hair and the skin.  The hair is the Mina one from the WHimsical (sic) event and I’ve still not been able to squeeze my behind into there yet but if you can you should because this is a discount event and that means this Mina hair called Indica is discounted by 15% at this event plus you also get the addition of the new and bigger colour pack, 10 shades instead of the previous 5.

Now the skin, this skin is one from a paid for group and for 100Lds you get not just this brilliant skin but there is a few more.


Ignore the mouth as I am wearing a “smile” tattoo layer.  I was working through my invent and binning stuff inc skins and when I came across this old blogged skin I fell back in love.  Friggen excellent, “Patricia” ticks all my boxes, pale, freckles, and 4 cleavage options from itty bitty to gazungas!  Patricia comes “browless” and she looks amazing like that but you also get a whole pack of brows as tattoo layers.  I will at some stage strip off and show you in all her pale, freckled, naked glory.  Ah and I’ve just remembered not only do you have the 4 boob sizes you get 4 “bush” sizes, I’ll let you work out what I mean by that LOL.  So again 100Lds to join the Mynerva group and you get it back in spadeful with what’s set out.

PS Mynerva comes with only the Omega Appliers and if you haven’t got that then you should.  Only 99Lds and it’s turning out to be an invaluable applier.

Brii Underground




Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I dribbled here !

I did…quite literally dribble with excitement…I headed over to take a look at Ever An Angel’s new fall collection…and ohmai..its frankly deliciousss ! I love the Autumn…its such a beautiful time of year, the colours , the weather…and the new collection placed out was just stunning. With big huge thanks to the designer & manager (Ever Courtois and Eana) of Ever an Angel, I embarked upon an epic shopping spree ! It was just SO hard to select items to share , that would give you a flavour of the new pieces…but I tried! Above I’m wearing the “Back to fall” knitted mesh dress..the colour is called Lichen…such a gorgeous shade of green…the fabric almost looks crochet, the knit is so delicate…with its big applique flower on the top, and hooped edging it’s a real crowd pleaser…and sooo many colours to choose from..

When I first saw this chemise…I resisted..walked on by…I wanted to see everything before making my mind up..but I just KNEW Id be going back for it ! It has a real quality about it…old style glamour…perfect for drifting around “fragrantly” at home …the wealth of detail is just gorgeous…the little clasps along the front of the bodice…the draped over shirt…I love it …a few shades to look at…there was a pink & plum one that I sooo loved..but this rich chocolate lured me.

The “Gathering leaves” sweater and coordinating jeans were my next stop.. the sweater is mesh..the jeans are not…and they work so well together. I chose both parts in the same tones..but you could mix and match to your hearts content…this lush dark plum called my name..and it was in the bag pronto! The sweater has the sweetest leaf stitching the winds diagonally down the front…meeeting up with the leaves on the pants ..the pants have prim cuffs…which is great as you can choose to wear them with heels, as I have, or remove the prims and tuck into boots for stomping through those piles of leaves.

Just had to have this shirt..”Ancient Mariners Sark”, I selected it in this divine Aegean colour..a cross between blue and green…it looks like its covered in a rich heavy tapestry stitch…big floppy cuffs…and a sly peek at your cleavage…its decadent..classy..wear it with pants..dress it up, dress it down…I wore mine over bare legs..but have worn it since over leggings and boots…works well with them all ..

Boooo last up for me today…is the mesh “plaid frock”…now this really does it for me…and what I’ve been waiting to see since mesh evolved…a really great item combining two mediums..mesh & prims. The main body & bodice of the dress is mesh…but the sleeves are not…and it works SO well ! Love love LOVE this deep Fall green…almost jewell tone…you’ll find it hard to decide upon colours in all the new pieces to be honest…they are verrrrry desirable !

If you’ve enjoyed the skin I’m wearing in photos  two, three & four..its newwww! From BeautyCode and called “Angelina”, its a pale tone and ever so charming…some lighter makeups, some more dramatic…my favs were Cyan and neutral…such stunning eyes…the lips are just totally-to-die for ! There are ten different makeups, prices are : Price per MakeUp = 650 L$ / Fullpack 1750 L$ / Shape 350 L$…prettty damm good huh?!

If you go to Ever An Angel today…there is dancing…celebrations for the Grand Re-opening…shopping and a partay hurrrah!  Thanks Ladies ❤

Ever An Angel

Beauty Code


Modavia gives you Glamour

Ohhh Glam Affair have set this scrummy skin out as a gift, its at the Modavia store and is called “Monica”. Rather refreshing to wear a paler tone now and again…such delicate lips & adorable eye makeup. You also get some panties and tattoo layers of pubic hair , and another version of the same skin..quite the fabulous gifty huh??!!

Go get Glam: Modavia