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Are you a honey badger or an owl?

Luckily for Moody Monday at Argyle Anonymous you don’t neeeed to choose ! For just 55L today only…you will get yer paws on both sets of mittens, scarf & earmuffs hurrah! Totally adorbs for male or female’s…the owl design is hot potatoes currently and the honey badger is catchin up…dont know what a honey badger is huh? (cause I didn’t either and had to ask swan ling last week) here’s a link to find out…WARNING it’s not suitable for viewing at work or with kiddies !!

 The Honey Badger : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg

Iam definately a Honey Badger TODAY !! Thanks swanners xx

mittens,scarfs & muffs : Argyle Anonymous


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Moody Owl

Ok cause I FAIL at reading notecards in a rather EPIC fashion..this is a mishmash..yay! I’ve got a bit of Super bargain Saturday anddd a sneaky preview of Mooody Mondays…Argyle Anonymous have a set of nine colours of the newww scrumptious lace leggings out for SBS …all colours for just 60L *faints* ….I’m wearing the olive shade above…plusss try to remember that for Moody Monday..you can snap up the olive leggings,leg warmers,slip on shoes AND the owl trick -or-treat bucket for only 55 L !

Its owl mania lately…I have NO idea why..but if you’re into owls…youll love this new sweater release from SNG…four colours to choose from, I’m wearing the brown…pretty motif, no prims to fiddle with..grab it up for 150L..

warmers,shoes & leggings: Argyle Anonymous

Sweater: SNG