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OH NO!(Freebies).

I went and checked the Victorian bed and it’s for sale at the Liason Collaborative event so I TPed over and drat it’s out of my price range!  Don’t get me wrong it’s actually worth every Linden and if it wasn’t for the fact I have so many beds, daybeds and loungers in my invent I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat but I have to be practical(mean).  I wasn’t going to linger at this event too long because it’s just too tempting but all these new and amazing designs come with a price tag so I was just going to TP out but I spotted some rather lovely low primmed tree’s, I’m spending all my Lindens buying landscaping items at the moment, so I clicked on them to find out where they’re from and TPed over.

Sometimes in SL all I seem to do is TP from one LM to another LOL.

Turns out that SW(Sara Wayland Shop)is mainly a texture/full perm shop and since I’m not much into creating in SL I was just about to TP out when I spotted a couple of gifties.


Yup you guess it, it’s a keeper.  The editing has turned it into this green colour but it’s really a tarnished silver, 2 prims and I’m so pleased.


Yup admiring it from afar, as it happens the rug I’m standing on was the second gift I say “was” because I’ve binned it but purely because I have enough rugs/carpets to carpet a whole bloddy sim! The thing I did notice about this rug is it makes a much better full roomed carpet than it does as a rug but of course that’s your choice.

PS 2 days ago I accidentally bought a tree texture pack instead of what I thought was the actual tree’s so it’s about time I pulled my finger out and work out how to mesh!

SW(Sara Wayland Shop)

The Liason Collaborative(if you dare).