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Free love

Free gifts - top & skirt - lip glosses - teeth- eyes

Got a couple of free gifts for you that I thought Id share before they get removed . NYU, Umboshi & marukin have opened their stores all together on a beautiful little patch of SL. To celebrate they have some gifties for us yay! NYU have set out this darling little outfit, comprising a skirt with braces and a t-shirt to wear underneath, Umeboshi have some juicy lip glosses and eyes (mesh and traditional), there is a group gift there to collect (free to join) of more glosses. Marukin have two poses as a gift, really really cute ones ! Head over and check out the new stores and collect your pressies.

NYU, Umeboshi & marukin

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

If you’ve got flat fleet

aru. opening gift shoes for slink flat feet NEW!

If you’ve got flat feet – time to celebrate! This scrummy little pair of shoes are made for those with the SLink flat feet, aren’t they just to-die-for! As a seasoned shoe-a-holic I can tell you – you will never.ever. have enough shoes. These are from newly opened “aru.”, which is a tiny wee shoe shop (at the moment).  This pair is the opening gift, and before I had even got them on my trotters, I was delighted with the box they came in – seriously. I know I know Im easily excited but how sweet is that animation? It made me smile anyway. Striped canvas shoe – the style I actually own a few of in real life. Great for the summer !

Not sure how long they will be out so dash !



Welcome back Jill !

Oh mai stars ..I still can’t quite believe it..Jill Lemon,designer @ *+*JILL*+* is back hurrrah!!!! When Jill decided to close her store last year, I was forlorne..I loved her clothes..I adored her bags & baskets..and her random wearables !!! (don’t know what Id do without my wearable dj set)  I was soooooo excited to hear that she’s back…and the store is OPEN ..I popped over (wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me) and my heart went all pittypatter as I walked in..instantly snapped up this to-die-for stripey black skirt (100L) and then feeling rather chuffed twirled aroundddd to find group & opening giftsss! The ruffly girly shirt is the grand opening gift…two lengths for the blouse are included ,plusss..the beady necklace comes in..wait for it…six styles *faints*,long,short,choker,both together..its pretty fabulous. For group members there is also a very chic leather look bracelet (tan,black & white)..I suggest you join the group to keep up to the minute ! Ohhh and there are two lucky boards, I stalked them for about 50 minutes as one of them has theeee most delicious basket in white in it..(I’m wearing the black version I bought before the store closed),beautiful animation in it..arm or hand hold..see if you get lucky!

Welcome back Jill,we missed you !

Go get the gear: *+*JILL*+*


Fine Print

If you remember a while back, I blogged some gear from a store called Kiitos. Well, they’ve rebranded as [pivaaca] and opened up their new store. Different name, same great clothes and more, for both men and women. As as added bonus, if you join the [pivaaca] group, you can pick up this opening gift of the ‘Printing Cut ‘n Sew’ tee. Awesome design and a great look to this tee. It comes with sculpted sleeves, hem and collar. The hem gives the shirt a fantastic long, loose and hanging look to it that I like a lot. These attachments also come in female versions in this gift so you ladies can run on down and pick it up as well.

Definitely check out the rest of the store while you’re down there picking up this wicked opening group gift. [pivaaca] have some colourful, different and well made clothes to choose from.

Get the gear here: [pivaaca]


Going Live !

Monroe's Marilyn skin *pretty pink* & lounge skirt outfit

Hola pretty ones! I have newwwwws…. Monroe’s will be opening their new in world store soon..and to pre-celebrate  this outfit is going to be given to you free yay! It will only be available on the market place AFTER midnight today (sunday).

Monroe's Marilyn skin *beach bum*

Isnt the skin divine? Take a close up look at the fabric of the outfit..its kinda self pin-striped…verrry kewl.

Monroe's Marilyn lace-nude skin

For the pale and delicate amongst us…there is the Marilyn skin in lace-nude…All the skins will be available for you to peruse in the new store after the 1st Feb !

Dont forget you canNOT get this until after midnight Sunday the 30th Jan here :      sorry for the longgggg link , but that s the store front addy! Flick through till you find it !

The inworld store will open on the 1st February ooot ooot! I will give the Landmark out to it then (Ive had a sneaky peek and w-o-w..bring pennies to spend-lots of lulliness!!!!)


Ready for Change?

Change Designs Ilayda Skin Tan 1L

New year, new you? Scoot over to Change designs and snap up this stunning skin called “Ilayda”, its in tan (my fav yay!). The lips are corally pink and slightly parted which is sooper smexy…plenty of options, cleavage, hairbase, no cleavage etc..its smouldering hot and you’ll adore it!

click the pic for a closer view …

Got get changed : Change Designs