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Lazy Mare Again (freebies and non Freebie).

I get most of my Mina hair for free, yes I am a lucky mare, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t actually buy this hair in any case.  As soon as I saw this hair, Iris and tried on the demo in Mina’s main shop I had to have it and I bought it for myself.  What I liked best is its simplicity the way it frames my face and shows just enough ears to make it look natural.  I picked the light brown pack but of course the whole range of colours are there for you to choose from.  Make sure to try the demos though before you buy as I usually just go to dark brown but in this case I thought the light browns looked so much nicer for me (lighter in the first picture darker in the second).


Think about joining her VIP Group.  It may cost 200Lds but knowing Mina and since I’ve already got the VIP Group Hair that you get on joining it alone is worth 200Lds and will work out cheaper than buying it off the shelf in any case.  As it happens since Mina’s hair packs are only 250Lds each they’re as standardly priced as any hair shop in SL in any case.  The nicest touch in the entrance are large boards showing you the hairs you can purchase often at slashed down prices and you can use these boards to TP to the event themselves.

You men may also want to check out Mina’s as her male hair department is starting to grow.  Also I have to confess I’ve never really mentioned that Mina also has smaller make up/appearance section, older hair style section and shoes and boots section.  I might just beg some free make up as I have to pay my tier fee today so I’m back to being poor again LOL


I only had a small time in SL this morning but in my notices I came across “Oneword” which is a bi monthly event and this one is very cat orientated.  The dress, nails and poses I’m using were all sub gifts from shops here. The pose is from the Elephante shop and I’m surprised I haven’t subbed to this pose shop before as I know I have poses from this shop but what the heck 3 free useable poses are always handy.  The dress is the sub gift from Gato and there are 2 sets of SLink nails Huds to get one at Bella Elephante and

I was slightly surprised that the dress was actually non mesh and I wasn’t going to try it on but the fact that this is a non mesh dress means that the Lola’s and Phat Azzes it comes with will make a lot of big boobed and butted ladies (and men) happy.  The bottom of the dress is your system trouser layer but and it rarely happens but I’m most impressed with the mesh panel as although the pose I’m using doesn’t show it but the match in texturing and fit is as snug as it gets.


Vanity shot and there is a reason for it.  Last night I was desperately trying to take a close up of my new FREEEE eyes.  I rarely do eyes or even make up for one simple reasons close-ups are a pain in the rear end.  The camera usually ends up buried in my head, too far down, too far up, too far away and on and on and then I had a Woo Hoo moment and managed to snap this.  I was sent some samples of these Mesh eyes and with them comes a mahosive menu which basically put me off and then I actually tried them and they’re soooo easy to work I’m almost embarrassed that I’ve never bothered trying out Arkesh Bara’s eyes before.

All of this is inc.

28 preset sizes for easily-sized, perfectly-matched eyes
– Adjust either eye individually, or both together at the same time with the Link button
– 5 In/Out adjustment settings
– 15 cornea reflection choices (variations on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light reflections)
– 7 shadow options (shadow appears across the upper half of the whites, no shadow + 6 values)
– 3 pupil sizes
– Full Bright toggle
– 2 optional glow settings
– Mirror setting that flips the texture so the reflections and shadows come from the other side
– Get Settings button to send the most important current settings to your chat
– Irises are 5% smaller than on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light eye

You simply wear the eyes with the Alpha over your system eyes.  Best to hop on a pose ball  to do the rest, then just click on the eye and a menu comes up which allows you to change so much and I managed to get this FREE London Fog pair to fit beautifully and so EASY!!! The only problem is there are so many stunning colours I wouldn’t know which ones to choose but since the standard price is ONLY 99Lds more than affordable.  Arkesh also has special offers in her shop but again this FREEBIE is so pretty and gives you a chance to play with the menu to see how wearable these are.  Don’t worry if mesh is an issue she also has non mesh eyes and they look pretty stunning as well as the Nekko eyes.  Such a tempting shop I’m so glad I finally pulled my finger out and tried on these eyes.

PS forgot to mention I of course have tried mesh eyes on before and the one thing I noticed in all the faffing is that sometimes they don’t move very well with you’ve AVs head movement but with theses the eyes moved perfectly with my AV.

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