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Slumber Time – Preview

Oh I adore this ! Vintage style onesie as  we here in the UK might call it. This will be at the December round of Uber from Neve. Heaps and heaps of patterns and colours to choose from. You can opt for the slippers off or on, the back “butt cover” open or closed – I dont think Im ever going to take this off ! I was torn between the baby pink and this traditional red plaid – totally lushhhhh – thanks Neve team ❤

Uber – Not open until the 25th December!!

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Three – Two – Onesie

When swaffette Firefly told me she was making a onesie, I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. I’d never heard of them so I looked them up and saw that they looked like  a cross between pyjamas and a snowsuit kind of outfit. I suppose I could have waited and been surprised though because I now have them here to show you.

I think I was right in saying they were somewhere in between PJs and a winter suit because I can definitely see them being worn either way. Just look at the texture on them and you know they are warm and oh so comfortable. I love the patterns on them as well, very Wintery, and the way the sleeve cuffs are kind of folded over looks awesome.

Speaking of attachments, aside from the sleeve cuffs, you also get the hood for the top as well as cuffs for the pants and all of them come in either scripted  or non scripted versions but as I always find with SF Design prims, I didn’t have to touch them at all, just on they went and fit perfectly.

The SF Design onesie’s are also very versatile with you being able to easily wear the jacket as a hoodie by itself (like I am above) or just the pants and they come in a great range of colours like blue, red, black and green. For just L$200 these are definitely something worth picking up. Thanks swaffette!

Get the gear here: SF Design