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Awww Kawaii

ArisAris perked my interest for the Kawaii 2012 Fair..Ive tried twice to walk around but it’s just soooper busy! Anyyywayyy…Arisaris have this delish *amusing daisy* outfit for just 10L for you…its full of daisies…and redness ! I adore the lacey red mesh tank…scrummy…the glasses are  a gifty and have options for on the head or on yer face …

They also have this darrrling pink onion balloon dress out as a 10L steal…its mesh yay! Love the colourful bows at each side..I snagged the heart leggings off the market place last night for the princely sum of 1L from “one store”, they’ve got lotsa colour options in these babies…deffo grab them as they handydandy! The ladybird headphones are also Arisaris, only 10L cute!

I will try again to walk unmolested by the lag-monster and bring you more news later !

Arisaris at The Kawaii Fair

one store pink leggings