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Backdoor at Mina’s. (New Mina hair & Freebie).

Maya is not only the name of the New Mina hair it’s also the name of the outfit I’m wearing.

At first glance, this is a simple hair with of course the now standard super big fatpack hud of unique colours that you won’t get anywhere else.

Even the “style hud” isn’t new as quite a few of Mina’s newer hairs now come with the option to play with the styling of it.  NO What is new is if you look closely at the top picture, the front “strand” has been coloured differently from the rest of the hair. I picked 2 colours to make it stand out a bit more and as you can see the blend between the 2 shades is smooth. In this bottom picture I’ve not only made the colours more subtle but look closely you can see in this case that coloured strand is just one side.  The style hud basically allows you to have 2 strands either side of your face, only 1 side or no colour strands at all.  You use the same colour hud for the main head and with a colour slider, you basically can go wild with your hair.

As always you NEED to try this for yourself and since Uber hasn’t opened it’s doors yet you may as well go to Mina’s and try it for yourself.  You get a fully interactive demo and of course, it’s LAG FREE!

While you’re there check out the New Mina Group Gift, it does cost 200Lds to join but even with that 1 hair you get your money worth however there are now a couple of lucky chairs and all the older gifts are out in the room to your right.  You also get a 10% discount on every purchase.

As for the outfit when I typed Maya into my invent not only did the New Mina pop up so did a whole set of buildings/streets and this free outfit.  I did blog it a long time ago and it’s so good I had to go check it’s still out and it is.  It does have a very ethnic/hippy chic look to it especially the baggy pants.  Usually, I’m not keen on “baggy pants” but the folds/creases etc and this dark rich texturing is why I’ve kept them all this time.

Mina’s Main shop.


Fafa. (Outfit on the wall next to the reception desk).

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Little Lamb

Hair useSeems to have been a looonnnggg time since Lamb Bellic has had a new hair out so the moment she sent out a notice I was there with a bunch of Lindens grasped in my sweaty paw.  Ennie Meanie Minie Mo….I picked Chelsea Girls, a cute hat n hair comb with subtle little ears.  You can change the colour of the hat but a slightly different way from usual in that you need to find a Sandbox or your home where you have 133 free prims so you can rezz it on the ground click the hair and you get a choice of 7 colours all shaded and very realistic looking.  I went for the Yummie Chocolate Bars pack and you get a total of 4 shades named after well-known choccie bars.  What Lamb to me is more known for is her amazing shading.  Even in the more normal colours you get subtle and lovely shading which means your hair is not flat looking.  If you’re into colours though this is where she excels.  Lamb Bellic was the first place I bought Ombre hair from so to me she brought Ombre into SL before Ombre was fashionable.

Lots of demos a couple of freebies you will be so tempted.