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Its all Uber

Oh be still my beating heart – it’s a new round of über  yippeee! Doubly glad now as Neve have rocked up to the partay. A whole stash of adorable tops from Neve and new hair and hat combo from Truth – can it can any better?! So so so the tops, there’s lot of em , patterns, block colour, florals, lacies and more – three essential summer styles to fling on with shorts, jeans, skirts – you get the picture?

Now apart from the “pretty” going on – there is a new thing on the Hud also – yes indeedy – its pretty exciting. You can pose your hands/arms so they don’t mess up the lines of the top. Kinda hard to explain but have a fiddle with it and you’ll get the jist. Brilliant idea as I get totally fed up with my arms and hands landing up inside my clothing plussss the off the shoulder type of shirt doesn’t get messed up with me flailing my arms around – result! Managed to get myself into über and snapped the new Truth hair Taren up. Comes with or without a hat, hud included with heaps of colours – the new truth “hair stylist” Hud is super useful, you can change the hair do to suit what you’re wearing etc – incredible really.

Thanks Neve team ❤

(shorts also from Neve “baby” denim palette)


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I bring you roses.(Freebies).

I have no idea of what the other GG’s from Bijou are because as soon as I put this one on I didn’t care.

I didn’t actually realise the top comes with the matching shorts so that was a lovely extra.  Just such a simple sweet look and yet because of the saucy boob drapery very sexy.  All the mesh bod fits as well.

The Bijou group is free to join and this and the other GG’s are upstairs but as I said I’ve forgotten what they were as soon as I saw this “keeper”.

Ooo UPDATE Because I’m inworld and I’ve tried on the 2 other GG’s I had, there is still more I didn’t get, and one is a rather bright red bikini and the other a crop top/jumper with a slogan on and both are REALLY good so if this outfit isn’t something you want or need still pop over to check out the rest.


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Autumn Cheep!

freeThe leggings in this picture are from Pure and I was surprised that they weren’t mesh as they certainly have the look of mesh but the usefulness of non mesh.  Everyone still and will always need a bit of non mesh in their invent as it makes layering a look much easier.   A smashing bargain because they’re not only just 10Lds but you also get 3 Autumnal colours!  Olive, chocolate and orange.  They come from Pure which have made 2 of my all time fav dresses Pure is mainly aimed at the Mesh Market but it’s also aimed at the more than reasonably priced one as well.  Check them out at The Wash because they not only do clothes but also mesh home and garden items and at The Wash everything on every barrow is priced  at a massively cheap price of 10Lds. The legging are at their main shop and the LM for the for the other special priced 10Lds items.  I’ve also inc the LM for Pures Sculptie/Mesh builders shop because for the same price as you would pay for an item from a shop you could buy yourself a “builders pack” which means that if you too wanted to set up your own small business then this is the best place for some of the newest and up to date designs.

The top is a find off the Marketplace from and it too only cost 10Lds.  From M.o.w and you can clearly see that it’s a chunky knit with Autumnal colouring.

autuCloser view of the Pure leggings and you can see they’re textured and have seams on them.  The short and the top are both just a single Linden each! but from different shops don’t panic though as they’re both off the Marketplace.  The shirt is a basic white with light stripe mesh shirt from M.o.w so easy to pop this in your basket at the same time as the knitted jumper.  The shorts which are as good as any paid ones are a only a single Linden but not only that there is a total of 9 different shades ALL for a single Linden each!


Pure Mesh/Sculpties Builders Kits

M.o.w (Jumper & shirt)

{.::LRH::.} Shorts

The Wash