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Spot the mistake. (Freebie).

Now for the main course…dinner for two.

The dishes, gift box and random wooden heart are the gifts from Nutmeg/ReKa.

Fortunately this is one of the shops that leaves all the “old” gifts out and I’ve put old in brackets as this isn’t old, old stuff it’s new stuff using the best mesh and best texturing.

So if you haven’t grabbed them as you grab this get all of the other gift bags as although you may not own a home in SL one day you will and this stuff is a great start.

As for the “mistake” just looking at this picture is driving me MAD…if you’ve not spotted it then scroll down past the LM and I’ll put what it is. I can assure you the first thing I’m going to do when I log in is sort it out!






It’s the land form in the distance which is hovering over the water!

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This is going to BLOW my budget! (Freebie(s) & 50% Sale).

I just knew I shouldn’t have looked at the Nutmeg shop but I did and it’s going to cost me as at 50% off there are a couple of items I’ve wanted for a long time and the time is now to buy them,

Till then check out the NEW Freebie which although is in the entrance of the Nutmeg shop is a Reka gift.

The gift is the lovely cookie and milk board. You get 2 options, with or without shadow. This is the newest gift and I suspect a bike which is leaning against the stall is also new and you will find that and so many other amazing gifts just behind the stand with the new one on it.

The Nutmeg sale includes the Gacha’s so I treated myself to a play on one and won the little cup/pear and chocolate decor item and although I can’t remember how much I paid for it it was half the usual price.

Now I’m logging back in to LM grab and get SL spendy!

Dayum! That was quick, from the looks of it this excellent gift must have hit other blogs as the Nutmeg shop has gone from very quiet to not enough space for me to TP in.


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Noooo just Noooo! (Freebies).

I went over to Nutmeg to grab the really good pumpkin lamp which is outside on a palette and you have to join the Reka group to grab it.

It’s obvious which is the pumpkin candle but check out the shabby white lamp behind it because if you go inside Nutmeg you will see that this has been set out as a gift for the L’Homme group. Inside you will also find the old Nutmeg GG’s, you still wear you’re Reka GG for those I believe, which are as good today as they were when they were first put out.  I do know that one of our readers is always after furniture so if she reads this and hasn’t seen these older GG’s then she’s in for a nice treat.  If you go for it the sofa, stools, rugs, books, paper bag etc are just to the right inside of the shop.


OH, Lord, there are some amazing designs in this shop!  Real statement pieces which have such an impact you wouldn’t need many to make your home look sumptuous and yet I still managed to walk away.  If it wasn’t for the case I could furnish a whole housing estate from the contents of my invent and still have enough to donate to a charity shop I would have bought so much.  I will return in a few days after I’ve had a “cooling off period” and see if I really want or more importantly will really use the items I’ve been drooling over then I will get them.