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When I became a SLink addict I went through all of my massive shoe folder and chucked out so much it made me weep silently into my cup of coffee but not everything hit the trash can simply because not everything that isn’t SLink isn’t trash worth and N-Core is a great example.  I even keep my N-core shoes in their own folder and not mixed in with all the other shoe, although I don’t have as many as I would love to as they are not cheap throw away shoes so to be able to grab a pair for the token price of 50Lds was just too good to ignore.


This is my “fluff” shot because it’s such a great prop I thought I’d treat myself to a vanity pose.

Shoes2Because I’m a lazy mare and hate faffing with skin colouring  I so appreciate this, new to me, addition.  You can either use the link given or click the Hud and it will take you to the N-Core website where there is a whole library of preset top named skins so if like me you might just strike lucky and find your skin already preset (I’m wearing my Essence Wednesday skin in this picture).  Even if you can’t see your exact skin shade there you can by trial and error try them on till and I’m pretty sure you will find a real good match or even simply enter the RGB numbers of your skin into the Hud.  I have been lazy and I’ve not even put on the ankle blending tattoo layer nor have I used any photo shopping and look at that match! Excellent.

As I’ve said it comes with the standard skin matching Hud but even more because you have 3 texture options for the wedge and you can wear the shoes with or without the bows, oodles of nail colours, stocking sock layer, walking noise, resizing etc.

Not free but at 50Lds to join the N-Core group I am most surprised at how little  Claire Messenger charges to join her group as her shoes are such quality and so are the GG’s.

N-Core Web site for colour charts

N-core designs inworld