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Limbo Gal (Freebies).

I’ve been on my platform rezzing house, cottage, town house, hovel, skybox, hut “n” shed out of my invent because even though the house I use in SL is pretty new I want one covered in SNOW…breaks into song “let it snow let it snow let it SNOWWWW”, can you tell I work from home?  But even when I find my dream snowy SL house my little craft house will be staying.  I even have a craft room in RL but I don’t craft I just hide in there and pretend to make things.

OK enough waffling, I WANT this dress in RL although my RL one would have 3/4 lenght sleeves.  I know the pattern screams hot tropical summer the but shape it gives your AV is pure Vavavoom and I’ve been on a Xmas diet and I’ve got my Spanx bought and if I could look half as curvaceous as my AV I would be so happy.


You can almost see in the texturing the panelling that goes into this style of body con dress.  Just love it and I’m going to be keeping it because with the Mina hair I used in my last post and the 25Lds Gacha glasses I also mentioned in my last post about the Una Discount sale I think I look fricken SEXY!….and of course a PumeC skin also helps.


DOH no wonder these Freebies/Group Gifts are so good they come from Shoenique Designs!   Where you land you will see a TP board to the different departments and of course you will find these and the rest of the goodies in the Freebie/Group section BUT don’t ignore the 10Ld department.  A whole wall of shoes and outfits for just 10Lds and I know that most of the outfits aren’t mesh but check out the shoes esp if you don’t have mesh feet.  Shoenique shoes came mainly with their own inbuild mesh feet and they were one of the few non SLink mesh feet where I could actually get a really good skin match so if you want the SLink feet look but not the price tag snagging some of the 10Lds one and giving a good of the skin matching is a great way to get the look and practice for a token price.

Shoenique Designs

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Walk with me, Freebie.

I was perusing the hunts and stumbled upon the Camping Trip Hunt which still has till the 15th to go.  I started working through the hint list but as soon as I spotted the Lindy Shoe hunt prize I dropped the lot and pulled a pose.

walk with me

I already had these walking shoes and they have proven to be excellent goto shoes.  When I’m mooching around SL I’m either wearing the last thing I blogged or I’ve changed into my goto shorts/jeans/jumper/shirt and these shoes.  I have blogged these shoes before but that was ooodles ago now and since they’re now in the Camping Hunt which means FREE it’s time to go grab.  OH and I almost forgot you don’t even need SLink Feet.  Actually although there are plenty of SLink shoes here this is a shop for those who don’t use them or with boots you usually don’t need SLink in anycase and whilst I was here grabbing the LM I picked up another Hunt item, this time it’s a Dollarbie and a lovely pair of non SLink Retro shoes.  Hints are available in the shop but tbh not really very hidden.

This is a BIG hunt a massive 70 shops are included and so I won’t be able to do many of them but at least there is a very handy hint page to help cut the time it will take you to do it.

Hunt Hints

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

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First tea light of the year(Freeness).

Sadly last night I had to cave in and put the central heating on but the one good thing about saying goodbye to the Summer is HELLOOOO AUTUMN.  I love Autumn to me it means tea lights, oversize jumpers, hot chocolate, no more leg shaving, my fav walking shoes, the smell of wet soil and then we have the colours which I adore, brown, reds and oranges, all the colours of Autumn.


Managed to grab some great freebies I’m just so happy with them and I also decided to use the PumeC sim as a delightful background.  The dress is the freebie and it comes from S@bbia.  I’ve not taken a full body shot but it ends just above the knee.  The slashed open sleeves and those lovely bows make this dress so much better than so many other freebies but then again this is a dress which is available to buy in Jury Gothy’s shop and if you’re not keen on the free gift colour then you can buy the same design but in a different colour for just a 100Lds.  The cheap price doesn’t mean cheap quality.  You do have to join the group to get this free shade but that’s FREE.

I had a little bit of time to wander around Jury Gothly’s shop and Autumn is now creeping into SL because there is definitely a leaning towards clothes for a cooler season, jumpers and coats, skirts and cardies.I spotted some lovely flatties.  If you’re still not into mesh then downstairs is a whole department of discounted non mesh clothing in very similar styles and texturing but just non mesh and if you check out the wall near the entrance you will see even more Group Gifts but these are for non mesh as well.

Also a couple of Lucky Boards and Gachas for fun and I’m stood at the desk waiting for my initial to pop up.  Behind me on the shelves are some items of decor very bargain priced but I noticed as I walked thought the shop that a few of the items used for decor here are actually for sale so check out the 1 prim table and chair for only a Ld each.


Then I went to Hollywool because I got a sniff of more freebies and in this case SHOOOEESSS and not only 1 pair but a total of 4.  There are only 3 Group Gift boards up but one of them contains the same shoe but in 2 different colours and these are the shoes I’m going to show you because simply I love them.


So these 2 shoes are in the same pack and they both need SLink mid feet and another of the GG shoes also needs the SLink Med foot however there is  also a non mesh pair of shoes.  Even as a SLink addict I still have some non SLink shoes from here and I’ve found that using the hud I’ve been able to make a really good skin match so good I’ve actually kept them. Sadly my time was limited so I ran through the shop checking out what was there and from my last visit, which was a while ago, she’s not got  a whole range of clothes and even some skins to her shop so hopefully next time I can have a wander around and check out the stock better.


Decided to pop back to the PumeC sim as it also has gone into early Autumn mode and I thought it would make such a lovely background for my new stuff.  This is one of the few little homes dotted about that you can enter and lounge around.  Little homes dotted around, decks and sitting areas.  Such a lovely sim for all.


I took all of the pictures just using the sims windlight setting so what you see is what you get and check out how delish my skin is!  That of course is my PumeC skin with just some orange make up on I still can’t get over that you can get such great skins from PumeC for as little as free to a 100Lds and then most of the rest seem to be around the 500Lds mark.  So a beautiful sim and equally as beautiful skins (and a small shape shop).

PS and of course I’m wearing my PumeC skin with some make up on and how great is this amazing 100Lds skin?


S@bbia Marketplace non mesh

S@bbie Marketplace Mesh


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Just a quickie because I’m not sure when this special offer will be over so if you want a pair of excellent basic well textured boots for a token 30Ld price tag then you couldn’t do any better than these pair from Lindy’s. They don’t come with a resizer but they fitted my size zero feet and there isn’t a demo.  I have blogged a pair of Delinda Abbo’s walking boots/shoes before and because I wear them ALL the time with the sort of outfit I’m wearing in this picture even though these boots didn’t come with a demo I know her quality and again at the token price of 30Lds a bargain.


To find these and the Lucky chair then you have to go to the right hand corner in the back of the shop and the bargains are on the wall under the sign “Special and Sales”, if you want some more bargains then check out the sales racks outside.

Non SLink, as far as I can tell there isn’t any SLink shoes here which isn’t a bad thing at all.  Not everyone has or wants SLink feet so a big market for good looking shoes to fit system feet.

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Lindy Modern & Retro Marketplace