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This n that.

First of all my “fluff” shot.  Yup I really did have fun doing this piccie.  As it happens I had both the Mermaid tail and the shell bra already in my invent but a recent  noticed from Pididdle reminded me to dust them off and just have some SL fun. I am wearing the pink coloured shell bra and although you do get only 1 bra in a pack you do have a choice of colours to buy.  Check the picture of them in Brutus Martinek’s shop and you will get a better image of how pretty they are.

memaiduseBrutus Martinek has like a lot of us had comp problems but now she’s back and I’m so looking forward to some new stuff because this is the sort of shop that has a bit of everything that tempts you to spend more than you had planned to.

cross blue

This smile is a prime example because I came over to check out her new skirt with cute and unusual Armadillos over it and then got waylaid by these mesh teeth.  Subtle and a great fit and you get 2 sets of gnashers in the pack ones which are pre fitted for an average AV and a second pair which rezz just outside of your lips which means that it’s so much easier for you to edit this pair into place if the standard ones don’t fit.  Don’t panic as a demo is available.  You will find these “pearly whites” upstairs and at 85Lds a bargain.  So much so I treated myself to some of her shocking Lippies colours as well.  Although a lot of the items here are mesh I have to say that she has some non mesh bikini’s which have such big lovely fat bows on them I was sorely tempted so if you’re not a mesh head like me then pop over and check them out.


Honestly! I forgot to put the pantie layer on so I’ve popped a rose there to cover my mistake.  This is the latest shape from Amaly Amat and can only be found at the bargain price of 80lds from the The Designer Circle Shop.   As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I blog a Anna shapes all the time and for good reasons, basically she does the BEST shapes ever.  So if you want to see what her shapes look like the check out all of my pictures because basically in 99% of them it’s an Annas shape I’m wearing.

I’ve had trouble finding her shop in SL but I’ve put the link to her Marketplace shop and I’m not sure why I haven’t noticed it before but she now has whole load of shapes under 100Lds and a free demo pack for you to try them all on.


The Designer Circle (Discounted Shape)

Anna Shape Marketplace

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Surreal Complex and (69L Sunday – now cancelled)

vendetta jumpsuit 69L event
Two new-to-me events for you to peek at lovelies ! 69L Sunday has just opened its doors, there are fashion & furnishings – all at the low price of – you’ve guessed it – 69L ! Above I’m wearing a jumpsuit from {Vendetta}, its non – mesh and actually it reminded me that layer clothing can still be very effective and easy to wear. Great animal print fabric and a sooper tight fit. SLip it on and you’re good to go – heapsss of other colours available. (you also get appliers for Lolas and phat azz too naturally)

naughty n nice jumpsuit (non mesh) KoKoLoReS nightmare under eye shadow and  fighting nightmares divan NEW!

Another jumpsuit with a slightly different style is this one from  Naughty N Nice, also at the 69L event. I chose the slippery baby pink which is adorable. Non – mesh again and I have to admit, it’s SO easy to slide into ! (appliers included for those of you with boobs and butts) My pose is contained in a divan that’s on offer by KoKoLoReS at the Surreal Complex event. Lovely divan couch filled with some pretty unusual poses. Also check out my under eye shadows, called *had a nightmare*, also by KoKoLoReS and for sale at the Surreal Complex event.

69L Sunday Location

Surreal Complex event

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Hot coco (oodles of freebies for men and women).

Good new and even better news, cocoro Lemon is having a massive clear out in her shop, Coco Designs, in preparation for starting the New Year as a shop that sells mesh only.  So the good news is that she’s reduced the price of all her Sculpted items to ZERO (the even better news is I can hardly wait to see what new stock she comes up with).


So in a rush I pulled a few poses and snapped away because I would hate for anyone to miss this golden opportunity to restock their whole wardrobe for nothing for example the coat, jeans and boots are all free from Coco (the hair is a lovely new Mina hair with gorgeous Ombre shading but since I can’t do it justice at the moment I’ll do that later).  In her Sculpted section she has everything from pretty feminine dresses, coats, tops, shirts, jeans, boots which are uni sexed.

I unashamedly grabbed ALL of the strappy heels which although I can’t remember how much I paid for the pair I already had I know they weren’t cheapos.  I also grabbed all the petal hats but resisted the belts and bags because honestly by this time I was clicked out.  I’ve also sent Baylen the LM because those boots are definitely uni sexed and there are mens shoes and I’m pretty sure the jeans are also uni sexed so even the man in your life can splash out and stock up on the goodies.


Again the coat, jeans and boots all free.  This maybe Sculpted and yes it does have it’s flaws such as when you sit down or try to pose but this is the best of the best in sculpties in SL.  The blending is second to none the texturing top class and good enough even for mesh heads to love.

OK going to be lazy here but I just don’t know when this sale is going to be over and of course with Christmas fast approaching people’s time in SL maybe limited so thats my excuse for posting the links to some previously blogged items.

Over sized frilly blouse

Sexy Unzipped Pants

cocoro Lemon has also always been pretty generous with her (free to join) group Gifts so make sure to join her group and keep an eye out for future Group Gifts.

COCO Designs

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Sleeping Koala (2 hunt items).


A couple of lovely little hunt prizes from Sleeping Koala.  The first is the simple locket and earring set.  The necklace actually comes in 3 lengths and I’m wearing the medium one.  A real nice touch esp when this outfit also comes with Lola Tango Appliers, so when wearing the boobies you can still wear the jewels.

CatsuitNot only do you get the Boob Appliers but also SLink feet appliers as well which was a perfect opportunity for me to wear mine for the first time and I think they look great makes this into a lounging around outfit. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Slink feet it comes with the sock layer.

Sleeping Koala is still a small shop and I’m sure that Evelyn Hartshon won’t mind me C&Ping this from her Profile “however there’s not much point since I make jack sh*t at the moment. LOL” which is pretty honest but that doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t a couple of tasty little things to be had from here and if you check out her Marketplace Shop there is more to be had from there.

Sleeping Koala

Sleeping Koala Marketplace

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Early Bird.

Hat11Sadly it’s too early to use my Mistletoe but I finally found a beanie good enough to make me pull my finger out of my lazy ass and edit a hair to fit a beanie.

Hat222As you can see in this picture the fit is close to the head so you don’t get that “helmet” look.  You get a resizer version as well as the standard fit so you got a  big head NP you got pin head NP. Hat and snood are one purchase (150Lds for both) but each comes with its own 8 colour hud which means you can either make them match or have them 2 different colours.

SF Designs still caters mainly for the non mesh market but doesn’t lack in quality and styling for it and of course not everyone wants or can use Mesh, however swaffette Firefly is now creating her own mesh and this beanie and snood are prime examples of it and if you want to see more of her Mesh items then look higher on the walls.  This hat/snood set is in the main entrance but the other mesh items are higher on the walls with also hats and hair and other items.

There is what looks like a matching pair of gloves to go with the hat/snood but that’s a group gift. Not free to join (100Lds) but this is a group that doesn’t forget to put out monthly group gifts so you certainly get you’re moneys worth for it.

SF Design

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Evil Kittie.

Kissing it with this post (Kiss=keep it simple stupid) because the whole thing is pretty simple a gorgeous mesh jumper and shorts set for FREEEEE.  Zoom in on that adorable Vampire/bat/cute kitty! It haz fangs! need I say more?

CatbatOK just a bit more because it’s not only the jumper but those tweed shorts and they’re pretty excellent as well.  I’m keeping these for sure.  You do have to join the VIP group but even then the group is still free to join so how good is that.  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to where you pick it up you will find this exc outfit on the wall next to the sub board.  Graffitiwear isn’t a shop I pop into often because it’s market is still mainly non mesh but mesh stuff is creeping in and even I found some handy items for my invent (leggings with big holes in them)/




raincoatI was so impressed with the clothes in Deadwool that I just couldn’t decided which to buy  as I’m an AV on a limited budget, so I stowed all the demos away in a folder for a later date and then as luck would have it I decided to go to The Mens Dept and there was one of the coats, Walden Raincoat,  I had stowed away and at a reduced price.  A choice of colours and I chose the yellow as it’s a very Sou’wester style of coat.  Then took myself off to a sim with a lighthouse and placed out a spooky ghost (can you spot it?).

coatDecided to do a closer up shot so you can see the texturing and colour better.

I think I could possibly buy the whole contents of this shop because I’ve tried on all the demos and there is something quiet unique with it’s styling.  Very “Deadwood” themed and definately a place for people who RP but more than that it’s for people who like to look good even in SL.   Sadly not a vast shop but everything you could need is here for an incredible long duster coat to boots, hats, shirts etc and not everything is mesh.  Obviously the non mesh doesn’t come with demos but if the same quality of texturing is used then they too will be excellent.   This coat in the shop is 340Lds but at The Mens Dept it’s on offer for 190Lds.

Deadwool Tailors Cabin

Deadwool Marketplace

The Mens Dept