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A Hunting we won’t go.(Freebies&Non Freebie).

Decided to try my hand at the 70s Hunt and I got a bit side tracked and then ran out of time but I did snag a couple of items and then just quickly took a piccie.


Thanks to Fi who has not only a great blog about her shop Fi’s Creations but runs and blogs about a lot of inworld Hunts.  I’ve used her site many times to get the latest on the latest hunts so this is one blog you defiantly want to bookmark.

This dress is one of the items I picked up from the 70s Hunt and it is one of Fi’s own “creations”.  I have boosted the colours because of course the 70s was a time of gaudiness and it’s a freebie and I had fun but follow the link below and you will see this dress and all the other prizes and even better Landmarks and HINTS!

The skyhouse I’m posing in is also one of the hunt prizes and I actually couldn’t find it.  The reason I can take my picture in it is because Cara Lionheart(EC Designs) has a demo version of it set out so people can only only see what the sky house looks like but she’s been very canny (slang for smart) because she has some retro furniture sets out for you to purchase.  There is a livingroom, kitchen and this bar set all for just 25Lds each.  There is some furniture in this hunt as well which is keeping in the 70s style but if you can’t find it or like what you see in the demo then you might want to spend some lindens and get yourself a Groovy Pad (I can’t even type that without cringing).

These are what I treated myself to, I’m getting the green fingered itch in SL and RL and although I have (too many) greenhouses in my invent I’m trying to find one that reflects my RL one, small wood lean to, and when I do I’m stuffing it with cactus, vines and succulents.


They say you should “say it with flowers” there are a few people in RL I would like to say it with a gift of prickly Cactus.  I believe that they cost me about 250Lds and are copy and mod.  The large and med sizes are 3 prims and the smaller one is 1 prim.   I snapped them up so quickly that even though there is a choice of pot colours I forgot what they are but there are some of these out at the back of the shop for you to check out for yourself.

Fi’s Creations Blog

70s Hunt Hints and LMs


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Easy like a Sunday morning.

I don’t normally SL on a Sunday but since I’m up, washed, dressed and fed I decided to pop in and snap a few pictures for fun and maybe be able to get this new outfit from SF Designs blogged.

infaredJust having a play with my settings and Zan’s poses.  Although you can’t see it, went OTT with the lighting, I am reading a book by torch.BeigeAW She did it again, completely packed up her old house and all her garden stuff and rezzed a whole load of new stuff apart from the wind turbine in the background.  That has been a feature of her homes for many years now and at one stage she even had a whole field of them but it’s the clothes that I’m wearing that I’m blogging.  Comes from SF Designs and much to my surprise you get more than you bargain for.  The trousers are very “Dads pants” which are perfect for a nerdy, Hipster look.  What surprised me is that not only do you get the boots in the pack but again a colour changing hud for both items.  I’m starting to wonder if this is going to be a feature with a lot of swaffette Firefly’s designs as I have a couple of other items from her and they too come with colour changing huds which means your clothes are much more versatile.  A total of 8 in for the pants and boots so you can match them up or contrast them.

beige22The cardigan is a separate purchase but with not only the same earthy shades in the hud as the pant/boot combo but also a colour slider so you can customise the colour to the exact shade you want.  Goes without saying that demos are available at least for the pants/boots I couldn’t see it for the cardigan but since I’ve tried many of her demos on I knew that the fit and texturing would be excellent.

The undershirt is just one of mine as this doesn’t come in layer.  SF designs is breaking into the mesh market but her main stock on the ground floor is still mainly non mesh because there is still a market for it but if you either cam up or take the TP (on top of the NEW notice board) to the upper level you can see her mesh items.  Because of Limited budget I have left the denim shirt to another time but I love it’s fot and well worn texturing so you will see that at some stage soon.

Last thing, if like me you cannot be bothered to edit a hair to fit a hat then along with her Monthly Group Gifts upstairs in the hat/hair department is free hat hair in a whole range of colours.  Worth a visit just to grab that alone.

SF Designs