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Roses Are Red (Yellow, Pink, Peach,Etc)

Get ready for BOOM!  At Xmas I won a prize from one of my FAV Sl shops Boom but since I knew Boom was coming out with new stuff inc a range of clothes for Lola Tango’s I was more than happy to wait and it’s paid off because instead of sending me items Ara Ultra,egaforce (aranel.ah)sent me a store card for a massive amount (won’t tell).  Since Boom clothes are more than reasonably priced for the quality I know I will be stocking up a whole wardrobe.

Zina I TPed as fast as I could but held off clicking away until I saw this great little number. Called…. and it’s very Salsa inspired.  It is also a Sculptie which in my optinion lends itself to this stylised skirt.

CorneredYou can see in this close up that the skirt has an over skirt of netting and just look at those sculpted roses!!! The top is a backless halter top with just a hint of side boob.  A big choice of coloured roses are available 19in total.

As I’ve said this is a Sculped outfit and not mesh so no demo but it is editable and apart from a little tweaking on the bum it was easy peasy to even the novice to tweak so not an issue at all.


Sneaks this one in not just for the dress but the sim.  The sim belongs to …and it’s open to all and sundry to enjoy.  So if you need a place to take a friend for a dance or just somewhere to sit and be unbothered then this is the place.  Lots of sitting areas, dance floors, tree house, check out the big boat in the back ground and the dance floor has a really good Salsa dance hud.

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

M&M Have done it again.

They have added  more Mesh clothing at yet again at such a reasonable price.  A chunky knit off the shoulder jumper called Lola 3 which I think looks very “studenty” amd at 30Lds it’s a students price.   This is a BIG shop a total of 3 floors mainly of non mesh clothing and in fact they have a vast amount of LBs for those who have time to spare but happily for us mesh lovers they’re expanding their mesh clothing line most of which is on the wall next to the LBs and the rest is around the New Section and middle of the ground floor.  All very competitvely priced as well.

Take pity on me but I was trying to capture a dancing pose because thats exactly what this outfit made me think of, something hot and exotic however it’s called Ingrid which makes me think of cooler climates.  However look closely at the skirt and although it comes with the top I am wearing it’s actually a pretty versatile skirt.  I teamed it up with a jumper  but lost the photo which is a shame but trust me wear it as a hot babe dancer or a wrapped up chilly girl it really works. Priced at 50Lds a great addition to your wardrobe.

M&M Female Clothes and Hair