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Weekend Sales – Which am I doing?


I started my sale shopping last night with a stop at Spirit to grab up this brilliant offer on the Vici pants & sweater. This is part of the 777 Days Sale, each item is just $77 ! A discounted fat pack is also available for each piece. You get a Hud with the pants to change the colour of the beads that are scattered on the legs – nice touch.

777 SALE - Spirit !

Check out the huge bow on the rear of the sweater – gorgeous! You get a hud with loads of colours for the bow included. I tried the sweater as a dress but it was wayyyy too short at the front – so I will add some woolly winter tights perhaps. Lots of colours to choose from, I went with this red and a baby blue version of the sweater also. I also picked up a few wintery backdrops this week – like I don’t have enough ! Gotta be prepared though – Happy shopping lovelies ❤


777Days Sale Gallery (I’m heading back to pick up the dress from Ersch!)

The Saturday Sale (oh my days check out the snowy cabin from Nomad ! I bought it – just 23Li)

30L Saturday


Energy Weekend Price

Happy Weekend Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

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Fifty Linden Friday – What Did I Buy?

Quite a limited array of items this week – but I was lured by this sweet little raft by Nomad. Just 9Li with single pringle poses and couples cuddles. You get two versions in the box , one that bobs softly and one that doesn’t. Lots of poses built right in yay! Its just perfect for the pond on our sim ❤

Fifty Linden Friday on Seraphim for all items

Clothing by Neve Bienvenidos @ Fameshed


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I got spendy.(Bargains ‘n’ Discounts).

As I was roaming SL I came across a swimming pool that I really, really want so I TPed over to Nomad which is where it comes from and so far not so good as I haven’t been able to find it but what I did find was the “Discount Room” and everything in there is priced between 25-50Lds.

I almost lost control but in the end, I just bought this set of lamps and a bed.

I’ve just used my sims windlight setting and also because I have a strong light on the wall just above the floor lamp it makes the texture look slightly different but they’re the same and you can see that for yourself in the Nomad shop.  The table lamp is 2 prims and the standard/floor lamp I believe 3 prims I did check and I’m pretty sure they don’t emit any light themselves.

Nope, I did not need yet another bed but I swear I don’t have a dusty daybed in my invent and with some nice poses, inc couples but I didn’t check those, and a 50Ld price tag I snapped it up.

There is a TP board to the different departments and also for the 10Ld joining fee there are some gifties and if it wasn’t for the fact it’s time to log off and return to SL I would have snapped them up but they’re fun and cute and quality I especially liked the Googly glasses.

PS.  I found the pool it’s stunning but even though it’s not an unreasonable price because it’s more than I have at the moment I’ve added it to my “wish list” for future purchase… well as the Pitcher plant and the flowers in vases and that’s when I decided it was time to log off before I caved in to temptation.