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Eye on the prize. (Freebie&Cheapie).

I’ve taken just the 1 picture of this outfit because at this moment I’m multitasking, I’m doing this post, eatting a crisp sammich and also bidding on Ebay and can I just say whoever is bidding against me for that lovely Summer cardigan can you please stop it I need it more than you LOL, and since Spring is definitely in the air at the moment I’m looking at seeds n stuff.crossrapaim

The skirt is the Freebie and I was actually at Amiable last week checking out some of her great stuff inc these skirts and at that time I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a Freebie but when I got the note from Amiable I TPed straight over to grab it.  If you’re not to keen on the Free version then you’re in luck because for just 1 week they’re on offer at half price of only 80Lds plain colours or checks.

The shirt I’m wearing is my Gacha win from Amiable.  I had previously  won the yellow coloured shirt and guess what colour I least like? yellow of course.  When I was there this time grabbing the Group Gift I had to give the Gacha another try and Woo Hoo this time I won the rare which turns out to be a lovely off white colour with pastel butterflies so I’m not only really chuffed with it I can also keep the size that fits me and hand the other sizes onto other people a double Woo Hoo here.

OK I have had fun with the picture editing because I can LOL.

Damn I’ve been sniped!  Never mind plenty more to bid on.


Amiable Marketplace



Tuesdays post on Monday.

I literally decided to kill half an hour in SL and stumbled on this FREEBIE and I really wish I had something as warming as this coat is in RL because it’s so cold in the UK.


So OK I’ve had some Windlight fun but I’m allowed to especially when this coat even without Windlight is still bold and bright, thick and snuggly, The sweater, attached, comes with it’s own colour changing Hud, 3 plain like this dark one and 3 brightly coloured textures. Comes from a shop called Amiable and you do have to join the Group to grab it but thats as free to join.

Make sure to have a wander outside.  Amiable is set in an unusal sim of weird shops, lots of cheap tat, lots of fun stuff and some real hidden treasures in the shops on this sim.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Finally! (freebies).

Honestly we like to mix things up on our blog but lately is seems to have been a little bit of a struggle to find some real quality clothes esp free ones and then VOILA check this out.


A great summer straw hat.  I’ve put the behind picture first because as you will see from the next picture from the front this is a lovely and natural looking straw hat but the back shows off the texturing and attention to detail I just love it and of course it’s FREE, you do have to join the Amiable group and this and another group gift are the small pictures placed on the set of drawers in the shop.


The front brim frames the face really well  and I’m chuffed that this hair from Exile (not free) fits it beautifully because I think it makes a great look.  There is also a Marketplace shop where you can see the same items as her inworld shop and you must check out the A line tutu dress which is adorable! grab the demo because this one costs 250 so try that first which I did and it’s so sweet (but I’m on a budget so I’ve given it a miss, sadly).

nodoka Vella’s shop is set in a shopping sim which has to have existed inworld for a life time.  When I walked out of this shop to check out what else is here it was such a blast from the past.  I have fond memories of loitering around this sim just waiting for one of the many Lucky Boards in the numerous shops to come up with my name.  What little time I’ve spent here grabbing the GG, demos etc I’ve managed a quick look and there is so many low primmed, cheapos, clothes, decor items, transport and on and on.  Not going to say everything is great but a really good place to kill some time have a chuckle and maybe like me when I pop back inworld later to kill some time pick up some fun freebies,

Special mention to the jeans and top because they too are free and top top quality because they come from Cocoa.  Since cocoro Lemon had that massive clear out of all her non mesh clothing so she can devote her whole shop to mesh I’ve not been over.  I just can’t afford to be tempted at the moment so I TPed in grabbed the Free to join GG’s and TPed out with out looking at anything else.  Even if you don’t need another top or jeans she has other GG items out one of which is a simple linen dress which I still have as it’s such an easy to wear item of clothing.


 Amiable Marketplace

Coco Designs