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Free The Nipple!(Freebie).

Sorry I can’t “Free the Nipple” because not only do we like to keep this blog relatively PG friendly the damned things don’t fit me as they’re for a Maitreya Lara shape only.

So are they good or bad, I have no idea but I’d like pointy boobs, not sure what I would do with them but as a big lass I dream of small pert & pointy boobs and I can’t even seem to find them in SL!

I’m sure I’ve picked these up previously from an inworld shop but since the SLmarketplace doesn’t have an inworld LM I’m gonna guess it was another shop.  Anyhow if you have a Maitreya Lara shape and a love of small pointy things then lucky you I, on the other hand, will have to keep on searching for the boobies of my dreams.


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Gonna Be Bad!

CenosredIf I look bad in this photo you should see the state of the AV I fought with.

Faith doesn’t have many rules, spell check, use occasional commas and don’t babble (I fail on all) however the one rule I do stick to is no nips or muffs…till NOW! The only thing is to see what it is I’m talking about you will have to click onto my Flickr account links.

The nips are a giftie from Anairah Galicia, her shop has the most appropriate name of Slightly Skewed because that’s what she specialises in.  Some sexy, some twisted and some “Oh, bloody hell” (that’s the name of one of her more bloodied looks).  I have blogged her Boobs and Nips clothing layers which mean that if you want to change your decolletage but not your skin then just like make up you can pop on one of her boob changing layer or a nip layer.  I still have mine and I still use them.  perfect for those who don’t want the mesh boobies either because of the cost or the extreme look. These are a perfect compromise. Change your boobs to suit your mood,  You can choose to buy the boob package or the nipple package and both are PACKED with so many shades and variations to suit a whole variety of skin tones and each comes in all layers. Best of all you can get a demo pack before you try which is a lot more than some others would do.  So deffo try before you buy but you won’t be disappointed.

Now I’m not re blogging something I’ve blogged before but they’re too good not to give them another mention but whats made my day is she has now upped her boobs to include nips for Tango’s.  I know that Lola Tango boobs come with nip choices but in all honesty I haven’t played with them much and I do remember there not being as many as I would have hoped for well now you can add to your Nip collection.  The pack I got was the darker ones and again a big choice of sizes and colours but if you want lighter ones then there is a pack for that (on my shopping list).   Simple easy to use instructions (you need to be able to “add”) .  And again she’s provided us with Demos so you can try before you buy.  Priced at 159Lds a bargain.

Now lets lower our eyes to the Muff bit.  In RL we wax, shave, pluck and zap or excessive hair and it looks good but I am not that keen on the super smoothness perfection of SL females. Of course most skins come with a hint of something down below or you can buy a muff layer or go even further and buy fake fem bits but these are the best I’ve seen so far.  Very realistic this is how Bation Nitely describes them “From neatly trimmed muffs to full bush these sculpted pubic hair enhancements combine practical simplicity and exquisite detail, and they’re attachable with girl bit devices 🙂 So real they’re nearly tactile.” Can’t actually disagree with that.  Just click and wear and with a little bit of editing you can have as big a bush or a slight a fuzz you want. 250Lds and I chose the dark brown which comes in 3 shades and 2 attachment points but she has a variety of colours and shapes.  Demos are available.  And for the men there is some proud man pubes. She also has a range of sculpted nips. Almost forgot to mention that they come scripted so you can hide or show your muff with a simple instruction.

Click the link to my Flickr account if I have the settings right then you will have to click yes to view them.

Lots of Gifts@Pink Cream Pie & New Lucky Boards.

Slightly Skewed

Nearly Tactile

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“My Humps My Humps My Lovely Lady Lumps”

Bet the title got you looking and why not indeed.   The reality is that in SL we all love the perfect bodies, hair, skins and of course there are those who love boobs.  This is reflected by the amount of people investing in Gazungas such as Lolas, ecorps or iboobs which sadly is an expense even I balk at however we clever girls can always fake it (RL and SL ;-)) and this is how. This photo is of me in my, hopefully, more natural shape which is the one I have to use to wear a lot of mesh clothes.

Faked.  Now they appear slightly paler than my skin but thats the bubbles because in SL they actually looked a really good match but it doesn’t matter because in this pack you get a massive selection of colours and shapes and you can even edit them to get a perfect match to your skin or colour preference (sadly I’m pants at that and now own a pair of green tinged boobies!).  And of course I’m trying them on with my Laq skin and when I have some more time I will be mixing and matching boobs with skin so every skin pack I have will now contain a boob layer.

Pale natural.  Of course most cleavage layers have the shading on top whilst these layers have the shading underneath and around the nipples.  This is because these are more like boob changers and not cleavage enhancers. Worn when naked or under sheer clothing to make your SL boobies stand out even more and remember I keep my SL boobs small and slightly low down but for those of you who love your gazungas you can  imagine how impressive adding more shading will make them without the extra expense of enhancers and the specialised clothes you need to purchase to fit them.

If you look closely, which I know you will, you can see the nipples are also different.  The come with a choice nips as well and they’re so natural from the poky out ones to the slightly inverted ones.  If that wasn’t enough each shade comes in all layers and tattoo AND then you can even buy a Nipple pack which is equally stuffed with nips of all shapes and sizes so you can mix and match to your hearts content.

Not sure if you can get them inworld but you get get them all including the  demo pack which I reccomend you ty out first.  Well worth the money even for the entertainment of trying them on.

Slightly Skewed (make sure you sign in with the Adult option or all you will see is eyes, make up and a bit of bruising)

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Monday Mania hits town

Yayaya its Monday so I’ve got some goodies to share with you…SF Design have some fahhhbulous denim shorts up for grabs..and dont worry if you havent got all meshed up yet..cause in the pack are non-mesh ones too ! You also get the option of wearing the belt – or not..I went for mesh and the belt and its scrummmmy – all that for just 25L from the MM board, only for today. Btw..I also wanted to share my nipplage news…Id been looking around for something that wasnt prim, and that I could wear as a layer over my skin to make my gals look more ..uhm…well like me? I found just the thing yay! This nipple layer from JanNe D2 Fashion is exactly what I had in mind…wear it as a shirt or vest over your skin, et voila…my nips are perfect (and YES, Player agrees…almost exactly like the real me!) The store sells many versions  and skin tones of this hand dandy set..priced at just 50L its a steal.


Another Monday Mania item is from n@n@ is the Songes jewelry set…sweet floral necklace & earings, as with all MOnday Mania items these will be at the bargain price of between 25-50L…and only for today.

SF Design (please check the the belt is in your pack..inventories were glitchy today and for some reason the belt went poof a few times..if you dont have the belt parts..please drop a notecard to Swaffette Firefly- thank you!)


JanNe D2 Fashion