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Monday Mania hits town

Yayaya its Monday so I’ve got some goodies to share with you…SF Design have some fahhhbulous denim shorts up for grabs..and dont worry if you havent got all meshed up yet..cause in the pack are non-mesh ones too ! You also get the option of wearing the belt – or not..I went for mesh and the belt and its scrummmmy – all that for just 25L from the MM board, only for today. Btw..I also wanted to share my nipplage news…Id been looking around for something that wasnt prim, and that I could wear as a layer over my skin to make my gals look more ..uhm…well like me? I found just the thing yay! This nipple layer from JanNe D2 Fashion is exactly what I had in mind…wear it as a shirt or vest over your skin, et voila…my nips are perfect (and YES, Player agrees…almost exactly like the real me!) The store sells many versions  and skin tones of this hand dandy set..priced at just 50L its a steal.


Another Monday Mania item is from n@n@ is the Songes jewelry set…sweet floral necklace & earings, as with all MOnday Mania items these will be at the bargain price of between 25-50L…and only for today.

SF Design (please check the the belt is in your pack..inventories were glitchy today and for some reason the belt went poof a few times..if you dont have the belt parts..please drop a notecard to Swaffette Firefly- thank you!)


JanNe D2 Fashion