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Since I had some time tonight, I was looking through my inventory, visiting stores that I hadn’t been to in a fair while and came across Ninikoboy. While I was there I saw that they had a little ‘freebie corner’ so naturally I picked up a couple to show you.

First one is the Gremlins t-shirt. You get a white one and a yellow one of these and they are awesome. More and more I’m liking my shirts with a bottom prim attachment, I just like the realistic look they give. You also get sleeves with these and they all fit very, very well. The Gremlins shirt, as you can see, has a little picture of said gremlin on the front and the ever-important gremlin ‘rules’ written on the back. I think I’m going to have to see if I can find the movie now that I’ve got this shirt, I haven’t watched it in years.

The other shirt I picked up whilst there is the mTan-T. I’m showing it in black here but you also get it in white, grey and red as well all in the same pack. As with the gremlins shirt, this comes on multiple layers and features the bottom and sleeve attachments which blend in so well with the rest of the shirt that you can barely notice you’re wearing them. They are most definitely coolness.

Ninikoboy is definitely worth a visit, some great looking clothes and freebies to pick up! Go and check it out.

Get the gear here: Ninikoboy