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Caress me

Ninight creations NEW!

Ever wear something that makes you feel all soft and feminine? Yeah well…thats this tunic from Ninight Creations…it just looks sooooo stroka-bubble doesn’t it? Gorgeous to wear, either with or without pants or tights…its the perfect length really. There are a variety of colours to choose from , take a look on the market place or at the mainstore.

Ninight creations tunic NEW! coldLogic jeggings meeters cocoa NEW!

Told you I was going to wear my coldLogic meester jeggings to-death didn’t I ?! I found them so compatible with this new release, and the cocoa shade looked almost edible with the lush creamy beige of the tunic. The belt on the top sits really well around your hips. Have a feeling this will become my go-to-outfit for the Fall.

Ninight Creations store

Ninight Creations market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

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Easy like Sunday Morning

ninight creations lazy sunday - DEW free bag

If you’re going to hit the beach, you’ll need to get up early. Brighton, which is fairly close to me, is definitely a 6am start. Soooo yeah, I failed to make that time and I’m here at home blogging ! Who needs real life hah! I found Brighton in Second Life, love this place. Anyhoooo Im blabbing on and on, what I really wanted to share was this lovely little Minnie dress from ninight creations…tres chic and just right for the summer. Even better news is for today and today only, you can grab it up for a measly 75L hoohah! This is their Lazy Sunday offering brilliant deal..also boys there is something for you too, a fabbo t-shirt (mesh of course) also just 75L. My bag is a freebie from Dew, one of many great group gifts they have out at the moment, some mesh,some not and the joining is all free, gotta love that.

Happy Sunday!  (Easy Like Sunday Morning)

NiNight Creations


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A mini Minnie

NiNight Creations Group gift - Minnie dress FREE!

So glad to see some new releases from NiNight Creations ! This is the new mesh Minnie dress, isn’t it soooo cute? It comes in a range of six other colours and they are juicy fresh…something about dots that just always make me smile ! The black & white version is out as the group gift hot foot it over there and grab yourself up a treat.

NiNight Creations

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Red is the colour

NiNight Creations Heart chair

oot oot ! NiNight Creations has a whopping huge sale on all things red , from now until the 15th Feb….youd better haul your tushies down there and snuffle up those 50L bargains ! The heart-shaped chair is one of these steals that should be a must-have on your list…stuffed with sweet poses, available in oooodles of colours . (There is a free one also if you grab the Pimp my Valentine gift)

NiNight Creations Heart shaped bed - animated

I cant believe this gorgeously romantic bed is also in the sale , I found it at the 50L price tag only at the Pure venue, in the main store it’s still marked up at 280L…what a bargain ! There are a few variations, this is the heart-shaped with candles, and its got masses of poses for lounging,reading,lap-topping (yes, that IS a word , so there) plus some snuggly couple cuddles ! When you see it close up , you’ll be awed by the brilliant texturing on it, very tactile and plush.

NiNight Creations Romper

Of courrrrse there are also clothes involved in the sale…Ive got a lully Vday themed romper to share above, its doodled all over with the Love word…and comes in lotsa colours…naturally I plumped for the pinky lavender !

NiNight Creations Duffle coat NEW!

And last, but certainly not least..a new release the duffle. It’s an essential piece of the seasons kit really…we had snow again today and gawd, I SO wished I had one of these in real life. Beautiful texturing, the fabric looks almost like hessian…perfect to sling on and get out in the snow ! Lots of colour choices on this item , so go take a peek.

NiNight Creations Main Store

NiNight Creations @ Pure (for 50L beds !)

NiNight Creations on the market place

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Little bit of this…

NiNight  Creations Group gift mesh sweater_006

and a little bit of that…Ive got a stunning group gift to share with you from NiNight Creations…this uber cuddly mesh sweater is out for all …deep plummy colour…with a hood that hangs over the back and that draped style of hem that goes longer over your derriere ! Great item to sling on and GO! Havent taken it off yet..always a sign that it’s a winner for moi…

ArisAris NEW

Also ArisAris have this darling set out called “Merino”…reminds me a lot of Kate Middleton’s current look…beautiful vintage feel fabric on the skirt, that flares out around your knees…teamed with a roll neck black sweater and co-originating scarf…the skirt has a belt attached that fits just purrrfectly…super classy ensemble !

NiNight Creations






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Ms. Goodnight

Ninight Creations group gift trench coat

I had a lovely package from NiNight Creations… it contained this fantastic new group gift…the recently released trench coat…in a terrific slate blue tone. Such a handy piece …and sooooo stylish ! (group is only 50L to join and you receive some totally fab gifts!)

NiNight Creations Long sweater magic nook freebie study hard png

I also had the pleasure of trying on the new hooded loose sweater…wowser what a great look…long sweater, enough to be worn as a dress really…or as I have, with leggings and boots…it has a sooper lovely curved hemline at the back too (which I helpfully sat upon yay me!) My study desk is actually  a freebie from Magic Nook, it comes with all the wearable items too…I love this kooky little store..some totally adorbs stuff, go take a peek.

NiNight Creations

Magic Nook


Gimme Candy & NiNight

I’ve got some sooper news…NiNight Creations have a gorjus mesh dress in the Gimmee Candy Hunt…it ends on the 31st October, so you will have to dashhhh. When I first laid eyes on this, I just knew Id love it…doesnt disapoint…lovely fit…and superb choice of shades (you can also buy this in other colours instore) The deep V-shaped neckline is mirrored on the hemline also…stunning!

New out for NiNight is this loose snuggly buggly sweater…wear it with jeans…over leggings..or if you’re more daring as a dress. I slipped mine on over some ripped & torn tights…avec with my newwwwww Bax booties, only 95L *faints* …

yep, you read that correctly…they are a special for Halloween…three colours to choose from, no brainer that Id go for the eye wateringly pink shade is it?! I adore these boots…you really should go grab a pair before this deal ends. (seriously !)

NiNight Creations

Gimme Candy Hunt blog

Bax Boots