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There be Fairies

Aww wouldya look at me…all sweet and fluttery…SO unlike myself ! The outfit above is from NiNight creations..and is their gift offering for the Fairest of All hunt that begun recently..theres squillions of great stores in this event…all prizes are just 5L ! My outfit comprises of a sweet two-tone blue mesh dress…sparkling delicate wings and of course a wand. Sooper lovely ! While I was out hunting, in my usual rubbish fashion…I was searching  JeSyLiLO for their gift and just couldn’t find it ~le-sigh~…however I did stumble upon the skin I’m showing, which is their gift in the Drafted Hunt…just 5L for this darling…Im not a huge pale skin fan..but I thought it looked lovely with this outfit…

Ohhhh I also literally walked over another hunt gift while I was at NiNight creations, it’s the gift for the Endless Summer Hunt and cost me zero Lindens hurrah! Gorgeous orange tones in the summery maxi dress…just perfect for strolling along the shoreline…trust me, if I found it…you will too…just walk in the main entrance et voila!

NiNight Creations

Fairest of All Hunt Blog (lists all stores and hints)