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A little bit naughty $25L

$25L Tuesday @ Belle Epoque

I couldn’t resist this robe from Belle Époque in this weeks round of $25L Tuesday. Yes just $25L per colour or a fatpack for just $200L. You receive two versions og each, one sheer one not. Maitreya fit only , link below for all the $25L Tuesday offers.

Happy Shopping ❤

$25L Tuesday Gallery

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Good mornings & Goodnights

SF Design NEW! (comes with plain striped version plus wearable, huggable & stactic teddybears!)

Oh I so love snuggly items to wear, and with this new release from SF Design, you get oooodles of snuggles ! Each colour pack is stuffed with goodies to ensure you get a good nights rest and are smiling when you wake up.

SF Design NEW! (comes with plain striped version plus wearable, huggable & stactic teddybears!!)

You get a nighty with a teddy bear on the front…and you get a plain striped version also. I just adored the gentle dove grey tone, there is mauve, blue and pink also to tempt you ! You can get these as transfer (so ideal for gifts!) or as copy/modify…and at 150L per pack…they are a total steal! Btw you might notice I’ve changed skins in the photo above, I noticed the lip gloss on the skin I got from a gacha yard sale (STILL can’t get into the Arcade to shop darn it!) by The Skinnery, is a great match for the espresso set I also got ! What a happy accident, I shall always have to wear this skin whilst I have my SL wake up espresso right?!

SF Design NEW! (comes with plain striped version plus wearable, huggable & stactic teddybears!!!)

Ok ok ok so I couldn’t resist trying on the PINK one ! I wanted to show you one of the three teddy bears you get with your nightshirt…one (above) has an animated snuggle, one attaches to your hand and the other is for displaying in your boudoir…SO cute. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

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ArisAris negligee - Black - NEW!

I do enjoy wafting about in something short and slinky….and since Id recently moved, rebuilt and redesigned my boudoir I hadn’t really had anything to wear that fitted the theme. ArisAris released this daring set of negligee’s and I was a happy bunneh ! I defy you to wear one of these and not wriggle…even my voice seemed to get a little huskier as I shimmied around my bedroom. The range comes in a few different tones, I snapped up a classic black…

ArisAris negligee - white - NEW!

and then the even more classic silky satin white. Love how one strap falls down over one shoulder, and exposes a hint of nipple, sultry not slutty…purrfect. Btw I’m still trying out more long & curly hair-do’s, this one is from analog dog (they seem imo to make the most realistic long curly styles), its called Tantrum and comes with an optional over the shoulder piece and a whole load of shades of your chosen colour. The jury is still out, I think I might be a shoulder length gal..but..this sort of look encapsulates the rumpled siren feel I like.


Analog dog