The Free Dove

A few weeks ago I went over to look around The Free Dove, it’s a freebie store that’s been around for years. When I was new it had a lot of circa 2007 bling bling etc…but these days its had a real big makeover and some great designers have joined in the partay. Those of you who read this blog will already be-in-the-know about a designer called Talena Carissa @ Pink Label, she’s pretty passionate about her creations..but also shes super helpful to new people, trying to help them out with great quality gear at very reasonable prices,detailed notecards come in the boxes of her shoes explaining in very simple step-by-step terms how to get a great fit & skin colour etc…anywayyy Im rambling along..and what I really wanted to say was…

Talena has been working her little socks off making up some  gifts for The Free Dove! Two stunning outfits for the girls with shoes…and an outfit for the guys also ! Theres also some of her rather scrumptious jewelry included (see the pics-its gorgeous,necklace,bracelets & earings)

Now these aren’t throwaway gifts…these are “keepers”. The pumps “Dita” are totally fabulous,lots of options for skin shade,nail colour,metal colour etc..and super-simple to use (if unsure read the notecard)

They even have the option to change the shoe from a deep plummy red to a snazzy chocolate ssssnake skin ! glam glam glam! With the pumps is a beautiful gown, antique rose Id call the colour, on me (because im kinda tall) it’s a dainty ballerrina length..the heels match in with it perfectly..

The casual outfit is a complete wardrobe in a box really..classic long length jeans, and capris, a pair of sneakers (see top pic) but they also go with the pumps..and three different tops that co-ordinate with the pink embroidery on the jeans hoooray!

So Guys whats for you huh? Wellllll I think you’re gonna love this outfit..effortlessly casual & stylish..great sneakers (with resize for a good fit) I stole Talena’s photo cause none of the Pure boys were around to play with ~sighhh~…

So there you have it…go explore The Free Dove and find the Pink Label goodies ! Dont forget there is also a secret sale on in the store, at least 10 items, clothing and shoes have been marked down to 10l each. All you have to do is find them!

Go get clothed: The Free Dove     Pink Label secret sale