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Goodbye Old Friend. (Just insane rambling).

Since my RL gym membership has been put on hold I did what the rich and famous do and bought my “perfect” body with the money saved on my RL gym membership lol.

This is the Legacy “Perky” body, and as soon as I saw it, tried it, I wanted it and now I own it.  Not cheap at 5000Lds but that’s less than 1 months RL gym sub lol. If you already own a Legacy Body then you will see that you can get this shape for only 2500Lds.

As someone who has always wanted a smaller perky boob shape, I absolutely LOVE this and of course, there are more and more Legacy offers out there but now for the “Nooo” moment.

Sadly it turns out that my beloved Pumec skin called Agatha is not a good fit.  I did buy the Legacy Hud from Pumec so I could blend my Agatha skin to my body but nope the dreaded neckline is just too bad and yes I did try both of the neck blenders in the Legacy and Pumec hud and it actually made it worse.

Sadly since I couldn’t find my Agatha skin in the Pumec shop, because if the skin had been updated I would have bought it again as I love it that much, but it’s gone so it looks like poor “Aggie” is now on a dusty SL shelf never to be seen again.

Pumec prices I’ve always thought were and still are more than reasonable and I’m wearing a demo skin from Pumec so I could check that the neck and body line is seamless and although those thin demo lines are distracting from what I can see they do blend either perfectly or pretty good, again it’s hard to tell with the demo lines.

It’s the lips, I’ve always struggled with finding lips I like, I’m just not a fan of the fat pout that is so common.  In this case I’ve layered some of my fav Alaskametro make up on and it fits perfectly so I know that if I don’t find a new skin with thinner lips then at least I can return to Pumec and this will be the new me.

BTW, The gap on my pants, a lot of my clothes are just for SLink fits but I do keep some Maitreya clothing that fits decently enough such as with these pants. I just live with them, no one is perfect in RL and it seems to be the case in SL so I have just learned to live and love those little gaps in clothing.

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pink cherry peqe la petite mortepng

I don’t always get time to look at everything that comes through for review, I really wish I did *sigh*. I’m pretty sure I miss some terrific stuff but anyway…today I was actually in SL and awake (hurrah!) when this package came from la petite morte. A new skin ! Its called peony and is so so delicate and pretty I had to share with you. Various tones available & makeups go see it at the Genre event now ! My darling little wrap is from pesca and was at The Chapter Four event, hopefully you can find it in their mainstore now cause its luverly ! I’m wearing it here without the alpha, its brill for over dress,t-shirt or even alone. Jumpsuit is from Pink Cherry, fabbo design that will take you from day too night, ooodles of colours and patterns, take a peek !


Pink Cherry

la petite morte


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Its all Red


Ive got some great news ! Lilly Juno the designer at Immerse (formerly known as Prism) is now making mesh clothing…andddd its on sale ….andddd its rather deeeeliciousss..I wanted to share this beautiful long dress with you today, there is more on offer at the store though. The creasing and texture is really superb, all hand worked by Lilly herself. Having often had time to chat to Lilly, Ive come to know that shes a perfectionist…maybe even a little (and she will slap me for this !) OCD !!Howver that just means that we will find her clothing range as perfectly executed as her decor…which is also brilliant.


Had to show you the back of this dress,O.o very risque and feminine…exposing the curve of your spine, definately a man pleaser…the dress comes in a whole range of colours…pop over and take a peek at the whole collection so far, thanks Lillykins ❤

WoW Skins Michela NEW ! D!va hair

My newwww darling skin is a release from the WoW Skins store…never known such a prolific desinger ! This ones called Michela…and has many many makeups and options…of course its also has the Lola Tango applier yay! Such a reasonable price too, at 400 per tone or 2000L for a stonking big fat pack…demos available. My hair is the latest from D!va at collabor88, just 188L per hair colour..two versions to wear, you get both hurrah! The flowers can be worn or not, plus they are texture change…I ❤


WoW Skins


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Baby Its Cold Outside…

coldlogic and ecletica cwn hunt_006

Brrrrrrrr, Merry Olde England is blanketed in a heavy layer of snow…its freeeeeezing….I cant feel my toes & nose ! Luckily for moi…coldLogic has come to my Wintery rescue with some divine wooly pullies & warm dresses, PLUS I’ve got some more snuggly goodies from the Cold Winter Night Hunt too….Above I’m wearing one of the new *lovern* sweater dresses…beautifully styled off the shoulder top…and striped arms…you can also justttttt about see the new mesh leggings…Ive been waiting ages for these yippeeee! The very stripey ones are called *strothers*, love love LOVE them ! Options for wearing them long or shorter…and differing cuff styles, so you can get a really terrific fit….My hat, stole & muff is a gift from Eclectica, its in the Cold Winter Nights Hunt…also comes with some super charming gloves…the muff has a pose in it and fits purrfectly. The hat does come with the hair, and although Im a blondie..I actually really liked this rich brown a lot…(Thanks Tiffy <3)

coldLogic cwn reading nook_001

The new style of dress also comes in this version called *jones*, no stripes…but the same classic shape….Im not sure which I prefer to be honest, but I can see how this one would “glam” up …really love the belt, which sits effortlessly around the waist and the attention to detail with the two little buttons on the top is a great touch…Im sat at the Little House of Curios gift in the Cold Winters Night Hunt…”Vintage Reading nook”…such a splendid collection of pretties..the chair has plenty of poses, plus the table, potted flowers and the brass coloured star to hang, and of course a shabby old rug….I adore it !

WoW Skins Faith - NEW ! (Sunkissed Tone)

Couldnt resist using a new skin from Wow Skins in this session…its called Faith…and I havent taken it off since I received the review copies. This time I opted for the lighter shade “sunkissed”, which I think I might prefer to the tan …this skin is Lola ready also hooohah! It also has a variety of tattoo layer make ups…singlepringles and packs available…isnt it a beauty?

coldlogic prism cwn_004

Had to share another one of the lovern dresses…this blue tone is just SO succulent ! Team it up with some of the new leggings…and youre good to go, this has GOT to be my fav colour of this collection, delicate and juicy.

coldLogic cleo design cwn hunt_002

Ohhhhhhhh theres sweaters too! Mhhhhhmmmmm lotssss of cuddlybugggly ones…Naturally I went straight for this light pink one, called yapple… *wink*…but there are other shades on offer…and this is why mesh ROCKS my boat…Ive never had an off the shoulder sweater in SL that actually fits before ! No messing…medium size for me…and its just 100% perfect. Gotta love that huh?…I wore the new *jessop* mesh leggings this time…they sort of colour fade down your legs really subtly…and again plenty of colours and options in the pack to keep you happy & content…The furniture behind me is infact a gift…its the offering from Cleo Design in the Cold Winters Night Hunt…you get two of those plump sofa’s (slightly different shape on both) and oooodles of extras, such as the magazine rack..rug…table..candles etc..the poses in the sofa’s are sooper sweet and if you touch the shadow at the base there are a squillion colour changes & textures to fool around with ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog

Cold Winters night Blog

Cleo Design


Little House of Curios

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I dribbled here !

I did…quite literally dribble with excitement…I headed over to take a look at Ever An Angel’s new fall collection…and ohmai..its frankly deliciousss ! I love the Autumn…its such a beautiful time of year, the colours , the weather…and the new collection placed out was just stunning. With big huge thanks to the designer & manager (Ever Courtois and Eana) of Ever an Angel, I embarked upon an epic shopping spree ! It was just SO hard to select items to share , that would give you a flavour of the new pieces…but I tried! Above I’m wearing the “Back to fall” knitted mesh dress..the colour is called Lichen…such a gorgeous shade of green…the fabric almost looks crochet, the knit is so delicate…with its big applique flower on the top, and hooped edging it’s a real crowd pleaser…and sooo many colours to choose from..

When I first saw this chemise…I resisted..walked on by…I wanted to see everything before making my mind up..but I just KNEW Id be going back for it ! It has a real quality about it…old style glamour…perfect for drifting around “fragrantly” at home …the wealth of detail is just gorgeous…the little clasps along the front of the bodice…the draped over shirt…I love it …a few shades to look at…there was a pink & plum one that I sooo loved..but this rich chocolate lured me.

The “Gathering leaves” sweater and coordinating jeans were my next stop.. the sweater is mesh..the jeans are not…and they work so well together. I chose both parts in the same tones..but you could mix and match to your hearts content…this lush dark plum called my name..and it was in the bag pronto! The sweater has the sweetest leaf stitching the winds diagonally down the front…meeeting up with the leaves on the pants ..the pants have prim cuffs…which is great as you can choose to wear them with heels, as I have, or remove the prims and tuck into boots for stomping through those piles of leaves.

Just had to have this shirt..”Ancient Mariners Sark”, I selected it in this divine Aegean colour..a cross between blue and green…it looks like its covered in a rich heavy tapestry stitch…big floppy cuffs…and a sly peek at your cleavage…its decadent..classy..wear it with pants..dress it up, dress it down…I wore mine over bare legs..but have worn it since over leggings and boots…works well with them all ..

Boooo last up for me today…is the mesh “plaid frock”…now this really does it for me…and what I’ve been waiting to see since mesh evolved…a really great item combining two mediums..mesh & prims. The main body & bodice of the dress is mesh…but the sleeves are not…and it works SO well ! Love love LOVE this deep Fall green…almost jewell tone…you’ll find it hard to decide upon colours in all the new pieces to be honest…they are verrrrry desirable !

If you’ve enjoyed the skin I’m wearing in photos  two, three & four..its newwww! From BeautyCode and called “Angelina”, its a pale tone and ever so charming…some lighter makeups, some more dramatic…my favs were Cyan and neutral…such stunning eyes…the lips are just totally-to-die for ! There are ten different makeups, prices are : Price per MakeUp = 650 L$ / Fullpack 1750 L$ / Shape 350 L$…prettty damm good huh?!

If you go to Ever An Angel today…there is dancing…celebrations for the Grand Re-opening…shopping and a partay hurrrah!  Thanks Ladies ❤

Ever An Angel

Beauty Code