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Cool off

Aphrodite Asian shower NEW

The latest round of ON9 is ongoing, Aphrodite have quite a few coolio summer pieces in the event. Thought Id showcase the Asian shower as its so hot today! This is superb, quality wood, tealight candles that switch on and off and handily low in prims. I tried out the single pringle poses then Player showed up and we took a look at the couples menu – verrrrry sweet, I have to say the kissy-poo ones were especially lovely.

Aphrodite shower NEW

Poses in both pieces (they are separate units btw) loved this pose as it looks like I’m refreshing my tootsies and having a chill. There is also a totally fab lounge set and some dim sum foody action ! Head on down and take a peek. Thanks Marina & Jay ❤

ps. Available in PG & Adult.