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My New BFF(A New Mina & Bargain).

Shelly is another New Mina hair and Mina Nakamura has taken some of the details off one of my other fav hairs and used it in this one.  The minute I tried this hair on I knew it is a perfect for the headdresses, flowers, tiara style hair and in fact when I went over to the Mina main shop to check out the demo and grab the LM  Mina herself has also used jewelry to accentuate this hair….so I was right lol.  Obviously, goes without saying it’s perfect without hair accessories as well.

Although it’s not too clear in this picture the hair is held back by a super loose twist of hair.

As always TRY the demo in Mina’s main shop, although when I went over to the Ultra event to LM grab it was nice and quiet we all know that can change in a heartbeat.  Plus on the wall with the New Hairs in the main shop there is about 3 or 4 of them now because Mina has been a busy bee.

Plus I want you to try “Myrtle”and you can only find her in the main shop as this is the hair I adore and it has the same lovely tied back hair detail but a shorter version with a fringe/bangs.

Now for a lovely bargain and if it wasn’t for the fact I price check almost everything I wouldn’t have known that this dress is only 20Lds.  A classic SL design but there is a whole rack of these really colourful and interesting textured dresses to choose from and I struggled to pick one.  I’m not sure if these dresses are set to 20Lds only for Group Members but it only costs 1Ld to join the group.  There are a couple of nice tops, and one for men, as well.  Plus don’t ignore the beachball.  Yet another item I randomly clicked on and bought for a Linden and scored some extremely bright.retro fun Flamingo leggings. The leggings come in the 3 main Mesh bod appliers but this dress comes in all the sizes.

PS If the LM to Utlra doesn’t take you straight to the Mina shop there it’s just up the first set of steps and turn to your right and it’s on the end.  Very close to the LM and easy to find.

Mina’s Main shop.

Ultra & Kinky Event. (for the New Mina).


New Mina.(and small Freebie).

I have a bugbear and it’s when someone SCREAM’S FREEBIE in their title and they have a stunning picture of an outfit or furniture and it turns out the FREEBIE is a tiny little thing, a mouthie, thingamajig or  a whatsit etc so basically they’ve used FREEBIE as click bait.

So the “small freebie” in the title is the eyes, look deep into my Poetic Colour eyes…ignore the hair just look at my eyes!

You get a big pack of the one shade but so many sizes and of course, they’re mesh eyes.

NOW you can drool over the hair which sadly isn’t a freebie but it is a new Mina.

In the Mina shop, there is a lot of this style of hair, long, loose, natural drapey big hair without the wiggy/helmet look. Every Mina hair is different but sometimes she takes what works with a hair and works it into another hair which is why I always put her main shop LM so if you’re on a budget you can try all the hairs on before you find the one that sings to your heart.

BUT this one not only comes with the brilliant texturing and thickness but you can wear it 4 ways AND it comes with the newer 15 shades in each shade packs Hud and only 279Lds!

Slightly hyperventilating here.  You can wear cheap clothes, you can wear cheap shoes but you cannot wear cheap skin or hair so even if you invest in one paid for hair pack or skin with this much bigger colour palette you get all you need.

So the “options”(on the Hud you click the options tab) are thick strands down the front of both shoulders, one strand only down either left or right or hair fully over the shoulder…yes clear as mud but of course always try out the demo’s first even if you like how this hair looks on me you must always try on hair/skin etc for yourself to make sure it suits your AV.

As it happens I didn’t notice the Demo in Mina’s mainshop on my last visit but it really should be there as she’s pretty good at putting the Demo’s and LM’s out for her new stock.  Only available at Kustom9 at the mo and it’s packed! but for once I’ve got in pretty early so you have till the 10th April before this event is over.

UPDATE I was right and Mina has been prompt and “June” is now in her mainshop for you to try the demo on first.

Mina’s Mainshop

Poetic Colours

Kustom 9

Heads Up.

I finally managed to get over to the massive Food Fair charity raising event and I will put the link to Faiths post all about it the charity involved, the people involved etc READ IT!


I was going to have a nice morning sauntering around  now that it’s finally calmed down but VANITY won and I ended up pulling some poses on one of the stage set ups at this event.


I wasn’t even going to show you my New Mina but damn I look so good the RL me is as jealous as Hell!


This New Mina hair is from the latest FaMESHed event,  Which I’m not even going to try to squeeze my freakishly skinny AV into(unless there are Freebies there, in that case, I will defy the lag and grab any goodies) and I will wait till it calms down. Because I wasn’t going to show you “Indy” I haven’t taken all the pictures of what’s special about her.  You can see on the back is a big fat juicy bun and lots of tendrils but when you open the Colour Hud and click the “options” tab you can actually wear it 3 ways, the one shown one with no fringe and a few tendrils and one without any fringe or tendrils but as always I’ve put the LM for Mina’s shop so you can try out the demo and remember to check out the new Group Gifts (not free to join).

Here’s a bit of randomness….Mina’s house on the hill.


I was just stood outside of Mina’s mainshop and since we’re tarting up our own sim I’m checking others out for inspirations and I’ve decided to pack my bags and move in here for a while…I wonder what she would think if I started to squat in her houselol?  Such a lovely building and sim setting so I’ve taken a quick snap and I’m now at Ionic to check out the price of this house and of course to see if there is any goodies for a “.

Last bit of randomness, make sure to check out this weeks FLF(Fifty Linden Friday) as there is some super decor items, a couple of pieces of clothing which are worth a whole lot more than 50Lds and here’s a shocker a super hair for only 50Lds.  I’ll put the link to the pictures for you to check out for yourself and you can TP direct to the sellers.

Food Fair, Feed A Smile


Mina Mainshop(Demo).

FLF(Pictures n LMs)


Sim Fairy at work(New Mina & Freebie).

Faith has thawed our sim and so I’m flying around with my fairy wings and wand changing as much of the landscaping to a lovely spring setting as I can before I have to log off.  I’m also playing with the sim windlight setting and just took a quick snap of this one as it looks pretty interesting, unusable but interesting LOL.


So I quickly grabbed this Free top and I swear hand on heart it’s still out, but this is the January gift so HAUL AV ASS! to the Eyelure shop.

xxxfairyuseYou get 2 tops in the same style, a knitted halter top.  The one in the above picture has “Stay Classy” on the front and in the next picture the top is a different colour and if you look closely you will see “Haters back Off” in the sunglasses.  Super sexy with shorts, jeans, bikini bottoms.


I’m rather liking this sim setting as it’s certainly flattering to both the sim and me and has a fresh crisp spring feel to it.

Now for the NEW Mina.  I’ve tried to show you this hair for a couple of days now but because of things out of my control I’ve not been able to so it’s the same hair as above but I’m showing you it in the Nams setting.


This hair is the New Mina hair called, Froukje. Really this picture shows it all, sweet and simple but those tucked behind the ears strand is what makes this standout.  I don’t use mesh heads, although I’m hoping to try out Bento heads soon, I’ve just not found one I can relate to and since I think that unlike feet and hands the heads and to some extent the mesh bodies are still more niche markets I’ll stick to my system head.  I think that this hair will look great with a Mesh/Bento Mesh head esp since they come with the perfectly detailed ears and so a great way to show them off.  It’s also just occurred to me that if you like wearing jewelry but are fed up with a lovely pair of earrings being hidden by your long hair then again a perfect style for that.

This hair is only available @Hairology and that’s an event I love.  It’s not so big you end up giving up half way though, lots of fresh new designs to tempt you etc.

This is also going to be the last time I mention the slight increase in the cost of Mina hair packs because I’ve noticed that she isn’t the only hair creator who has increased her prices.  We forget that some people are trying to make a living and it takes a lot of time, imagination etc to bring us these designs whether it’s clothes, shoes, hairs etc and starting at 300Lds when translated into RL money is actually a small amount.  The other thing i notice is that although the creators are putting up their prices a lot are also increasing what you actually get for your lindens, so in Mina’s case it’s gone from 5 shades in a pack to 10 and as always the actual colours ie brown goes from light brown to dark brown with all the shades inbetween and not just a case of getting 10 shades of almost idential colours.  So as I said last mention of the price increase because it’s just going to be a pretty standard price across the board.



Save to SPEND! New Mina.

I’m having a surreal SL moment here. I won’t confess as to how long I’ve actually had this Mermaid house in my invent just waiting for the opportunity to use it but with this New Mina hair, I finally had an excuse.


If you’re wondering the tail isn’t a Freebie either it’s an old Gacha win but the Gacha is still in the shop if you’re interested in it.  I’ll pop the link to that later when I get back inworld.


Yup, that’s me dressed as a Mermaid fishing in a pond, you can just about make out the fishing rod if you squint, in the snow it can only happen in SL because in RL it would make your jaw drop in shock.

xxxmermaiduse4This is the New Mina and she’s called Ava-Lin and you can only get it from the newest round of FaMESHed.


Front n back pictures taken in my sim setting or nams I can’t remember now but a pretty natural setting. I think this is the longest hair Mina Nakamura has created, certainly in this very natural style that it.  I do have hair longer than this, I do actually buy hair n stuff, but I’m wracking my brains and from what I can remember none of the super long hairs I do have are as natural looking as this.

If you remember Mina Nakamura has recently increased her prices, I believe just on her new stuff with the much bigger colour menu, 10 instead of the old 5 colours and they are different shades ie in the brown pack you get everything from dark blond to the darkest brown and all the shades in between, just to 300Lds which isn’t much more and for all the work that goes into her creations it’s nice to be cheap but it’s also nice to actually support SL creators.  I have a feeling though that this is only for the New hair and not the old stuff but of course, you can check for yourself because in Mina’s main shop is the Demo for Ava-lin so you can try this hair and all the others out before you make your final decision.

PS I don’t really mention it often enough but in Mina’s main shop she keeps the Gacha’s from previous Gacha Events and unlike many other hair creators when you win a “hair” you don’t just win a single colour you win the whole colour pack.  The hairs in these Gacha’s are fantastic, they maybe bargain priced but the time and attention to detail that has been put into these creations are in some cases more than the standard shop hairs, check out the hat hairs and you will see what I mean.  The fact that none of the Gacha’s cost between 80-100Lds and you still get the standard, old, colour menu hud means that everyone even if you’re on a limited budget can have Mina hairs.

Mina Mainshop


Sweet sweet Harmony, New Mina and link to FREEBIE.

I’ve worked out my outfit for my Christmas cards LOL.  I changed the setting to Nams of course because the Mina hair is a paid for item but check out how good the sim looks and when I turn the Wind Light back on it will be even more stunning.  Remember our sim is open to all and if you want to pop over to take some piccies or just sit and chat you’re more than welcome. The whole sim is open to you but Faiths home, the house on the hill, will boot your AV ass out if you get too close whilst my home is open.  Don’t worry you don’t have to be sociable as usually when inworld Faith is on her working platform and I’m on mine and were usually so engrossed with what were doing we don’t even notice anyone.

OK here is the honest bit, when I read that “Harmony” is a French Braid design I almost didn’t bother trying it on.  I do not like that “fishtail” style it’s just ugly who wants their hair to look like a blinking lobster/prawn tail! That’s my RL quirk


But this hair is a collab! and Mina Nakamura doesn’t do many of those and so my interest was piqued, btw I was looking for a Christmas card look and I think I’ve nailed it but here are the close-ups so you can see the hair much more clearly.


So from the front a simple look but it’s when you turn around that you see what’s special.


Hair jewelry which I am assuming is the contribution from Empyrean Forge because Mina Nakamura is into hair not gemology.


This is as close as I could zoom in, my close up picture skills are pants! so I changed not just my hair colour but the colour of the chain and the jewels.  You get not just the usual and now bigger Mina hair colour packs but the Hud that controls the hair jewelry comes with 8 metal colours for the chains and the clasps and then 16 colour options for the pearls.  Those clasps look like pretty little upside down Lily of the Valley flower shapes, so pretty and delicate.  A nice bonus is both hair and hair jewelry can be worn as separates.


Then I went back to blonde because this skin looks better with pale hair.  Of course there is a whole range of the hair colours to choose from BUT  this hair is only available at FaMESHed and I have to say that it’s a little bit more expensive than usual but then again more has gone into this hair/collab as 2 designers have spent time and effort to create this look.

And of course FaMESHed is packed, stuffed to the rafters so I would let the place calm down but I do believe that this event goes on for at least a couple of weeks so plenty of time.  This is also usually when I tell you to go to the Mina main shop to try the demo on at your leisure but I popped over to make sure and it’s not in her shop yet but still go because it will probably be set out soon for you to try and of course you can also try on all of her other hairs while you’re there.

Nope, I’m not finished yet because of course, I had to go check out “Empyrean Forge” which is not just the person name, I could be wrong, but it’s also the name of the shop, and I’m right about that.  From what little I saw a big jewelry shop but time was getting short for me and I spotted FREEBIES, my rep as a CB(Cheap Bitch) is saved so, of course, I grabbed the 3 gifts set out for us in the entrance and the group is free to join.  Hold onto your knickers because even though the gifts are rings I LOVE them and I’ve not even tried them on yet. In front of 2 of the gift bags is rezzed what inside and they’re pearly rings in at least 2 of the gift bags and as always when I get back inworld I will be having a proper look around the shop and then I’m hoping these rings turn out to be as good as the examples that have been set out.

UPDATE.  I’ve popped inworld to grab the !g0! Advent gift, go get it, and I’m still wearing my new Mina and the hair jewelry sparkles in all the different wind light settings.  This isn’t a “blingtart” menu it’s just the way this piece of jewelry works in the different setting it really does stand out.


Mina Mainshop

Empyrean Forge

Gizem ALL (New Mina and a Bargain).

I’m slightly hyperventilating here because Mina has changed her hair colour packaging and sadly price but then again some things are worth paying for and mesh hair is definitely one of those things, so the price may have gone up to 300 for the basic shades, 350 for the special packs but that’s still not an unreasonable amount and add to that the fact that she’s giving it back to us in spadefuls, because now each colour pack comes with not just 5 shades but 10!! We’re not talking about 10 shades which are so similar you can hardly tell the difference, you’re getting 10 distinctive shades.

You’re really going to have to go to the Mina Mainshop and try on the demos to be able to see the colour palettes for yourself and since Hairology is PACKED at the moment you may just want to wait and since it goes on until the 30th even I will be able to finally treat myself because by then my enforced frugality will be over.

OK finally back to the hair, Gizem a lovely draped around the face with flattering tendrils and of course that amazing thick plait! Almost Rapunzel in length and thickness, but much more wearable than Rapunzel’s hair lol.


OK let me explain this picture, I firstly rezzed this house on ME which wasn’t my greatest look so I detached it and rezzed on the ground only it only to find that it was actually on its side so I tried to edit it back to normal and it swung one way then another then another then I just bloddy well gave up and pulled my poses in any case!


I love plaits, freckles, and gingers in RL, I have none of these attributes either.

This hair comes with all the colouring options from Brunettes to Pastel Ombres but as always check out the Ginger!


I’m never sure why but as soon as I put on plaited hair I change the colour to one of the reds.

So I’ve put the link to both the Hairology event and of course Mina’s I did manage to squeeze into the event but really esp since I believe there are gifts for us there I will be going back but at a later day as the lag hurts!

This dress is a simple little 5Ld thing I picked up from a shop called “Cream Spaghetti Hair” which is odd as there as far as I could see wasn’t a single hair to buy lol.  A small shop with random things inc a smaller selection of bargain priced items of which I know I’ve shown you one of the dresses before and if I wasn’t still in my “frugal” mode I would have picked a couple of them up to show you.  As it happens one of the 2 lucky boards came up with a “?” so I snagged myself another little dress.  This dress only comes in the 1 fitmesh size which fitted me fine and also it doesn’t hold up well for close ups but it really does look a lot better in the different windlight settings I went through on my LM grabbing.


Mina Mainshop