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On route.(Dollarbie(s)).

I’d picked up some Dollarbies from the “Revelations” shop and after trying them on and feeling pleased with them I’d planned to hop on over to my fav beachy sim to take some snaps when for some reason I called into the Kuro shop first to try some demo AO’s out.

My AO comes from this shop and even though it’s as old as “Sculpties” it’s still perfect for me as it’s movements are subtle but time has moved on and maybe so should I and update my AO to a Bento AO.  I have to say that I’m still not keen on most Bento poses/AO’s until I hopped on this one.  Again they are more subtle than most and the hand movements are as natural as natural gets in SL.  This particular AO does cost 600Lds and I am not too up on AO prices so I’m not sure if this is a high or reasonable price to pay but when I log back in I think it’s time to waste some time and check out AO shops to see if there is anything better than this even though I think I will probably end up returning to buy it.

If you look behind me you will see the non-bento poses, these are much more reasonably priced esp if you’re not into Bento.  The prices start at 200Lds and average 300Ld for those.  There are also male AO’s as well.

As for this Dollarbie outfit, you have to join the free Revelation group and then pay 1Ld, not returned, and I’m more than happy with not just this but also the NEW Bikini.  I have possibly shown you this particular outfit before butttt I’m not sure.  You get a hud of colours and I’m loving this orange colour, plenty of fits.  As mentioned there is a new Dollarbie plus other outfits which have been blogged before and on the wall behind the GG’s are some Lucky Chairs.



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Like bears to a honey pot.(Freebie & SL Updating it’s sh*t.)

There was I thinking I was super quick off the draw but turns out I wasn’t as fast as the 16 other AV’s who had also TPed over to LRS Moda to grab their newest group gift.

I did a post not too long ago about this shop so there are other freebies but this is the newest and it’s upstairs.

Don’t panic, I’d already suspected that so many sims were down because of rolling updates and as soon as I’d clicked to take this picture the clang and warning box popped up giving me time to either TP or Log out so I decided to log out.

See ya’s later.

LRS Moda



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Why buy when you can get for FREE?

To me saving money by finding fab free stuff means I have money to spend on the stuff that’s not free but I either really want it and that means I actually spend as much as I used to before being a Cheap Assed Blogger but now I don’t have buyers remorse.

So here are some freebies.

I saw the notice for the new Masoom gift of this soft denim ombre dress and YESSS my fit! A nice side split in the skirt and a shorter one in the back.

Now for the “Keeper”.

Ignore the bag, old gacha win I think.  This green dress from Masoom has been in my invent for quite a while now and will remain so for a long time.  I think you can see why, it has those wrinkles and crinkles esp around the boobies that give a touch of realism, green IS one of my fav colours and if I was to turn around you would see there is more going on in the back other than my fabulous booty!  So you may as well grab this while grabbing the new GG plus, of course, check out the rest of the gifts.

I wasn’t going to show you the dress at first but when I rezzed this Freebie Pretzel stand I pulled a pose in front of it for a size guide and then decided to snap away in anycase.

This is a GG from Kraftwork. The texturing of those pretzels esp the ones which are lit under the heat lamp are just quality.  A very nice decor item for only 9prims as well.

So that’s around the back of my house and this hippy chic chair, table and lamp set are at the front.  These 2 items are also new GGs from Kraftwork but there are others and of course all of the old GG’s are still out for us.


Kraftwork(Group Gifts are next to the LM).

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Ruminating. (Freebie).

Just me and my new mates fishing and chilling.

Belle Epoque has a couple of new gifts out for us.  The first one is a bright yellow evening dress with a deep plunging crossover front and since you can’t see me modelling it you know that means I couldn’t get it to fit.  As standard with Belle Epoque it only comes in the 1 fit and because of that plunging front and back I couldn’t get my Alphas to work.  To get that dress you have to join the TeleportHub group which is only 10Lds and that is one of my fav groups for Freebies so even if you don’t think the dress will fit you it does no harm to join that group in any case.

This dress is the FREEBIE and again you only get the 1 fit but as you can see it’s of a design that is easy to wear and although I still had a little breakthrough on the back it was nothing and if it bothers you just pop a long hair on.

You might just recognise the style of this dress as it was only a couple of weeks ago that this dress was a 25Ld Tue offer but then your choice of colour was either a light pink or a beige and of course I snatched it up.  This free one as you can see is still in full hot summer mode with the bold colours and textures so I won’t be keeping it as I’m hunkering down for Autumn.

To get the Free dress you simply join the FabFree group, again another very busy freebie group.  Also, check out the old Belle Epoque group as that’s just a token 10Lds and there are some stunning gifts but by now all of our reg readers will have seen them.

PS.  OH I’ve just remembered there is another NEW Gift at Belle Epoque and thats eyes for Lelutka Mesh Heads! So I will be heading back for those.

PPS.  Do you like my cup?  It was a Gacha win and at this moment I’m drinking “Unicorn Pee” and if you look closely yes that Unicorn is peeing, time to step away from Gacha’s!

Belle Epoque

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Sooooo Worth it!

I couldn’t wait and as soon as I logged in and grabbed the LM for the AnaMarkova Design shop I went inside slapped down my 100Lds Group Joining Fee’s and grabbed them all and WOW so worth every Linden.

This outfit called Roxanne has the added bonus of being a two piece and in another pack is a pair of black slacks which will look amazing teamed with this top and that skirt even on its own is stunning.  The black slacks are in the Flutter pack which is a shortie dress with lots of ruffles to it and I don’t see how the black slacks go with that as it’s an item that is worn on its own but the pants were an added surprise when unpacked.


I’m only going to show you 5 out of the many gifts(one box seemed to be empty) and the rest I will leave to you to find out for yourself.  Word of caution though because on the reception desk you will see the 2 latest Group Gifts but the 3rd bag is a discounted item for 99Lds so if you want it then it will cost you more than the group joining fee.  The rest of the GG’s are on the shelf next to the reception desk and of course you can also pick up the 2 free SL offers and free’s GG’s which I spoke of in my previous post.

XXXCrossred1The colouring of this picture has made the top look a bit like flat black but it’s not.  Again a brilliant and quality textured outfit.


A classic style dress but again 100% shop quality texturing.  This dress like most of the outfit seems to come with all the mesh sizes and mesh body options.


Boobie shot lol.  This is a short mini dress but I wanted to show off some serious cleavage and even the hint of a nip slip.


I have edited my pictures because my photos came out so dark and I didn’t have time to redo them so the colours have changed a bit but trust me they’re 100% shop quality and I am so pleased with everything I scored.

PS Make sure to click the little doggie for an extra Valentines gift,

AnaMarkova Designs