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Coffee Break. (5Ld Gift’s).

A quick log inworld, for as long as it takes me to drink my big mug of coffee, has scored me some fine freebies or at least I hope they are as I’ve not unpacked them yet as a notice came out from Kaithleens for their latest Group Gift and I didn’t wait.

Heck yes!

Put quite simply, lots of fits, my fav colour, can be worn separately and is Kaithleen’s quality it doesn’t get better except it DOES because you get this day wear outfit and a sexy and yet still classy sheer romper and not forgetting that the older Group Gifts are still out for us.  Win, win and win again and only for a joining fee of 5Lds.

PS.  I’m such a numpty.  I know that there is a newer download for Firestorm but I would have sworn the one I had which was the last bar one download and was Baked on Mesh ready but it turns out it’s not lol.  So I’ve not been able to try it out as yet and TBH I’m now not sure I will bother as it’s not something you need and for me it’s not going to add too much to my SL life.

PPS.  I did mention that in the Free Marketplace Gift of a FULL BENTO MESH BODY post, thanks again to Dateless for the heads up, that there is a Hud which allows you to creep on the AV’s around you if you want to know what it is they’re wearing, I’ve used it a couple of times and spotted that it’s even better in that it not only shows you what they’re wearing BUT also gives you the LM to the shops they came from!  So I’m popping the link to that post as you may not be interested in the body but damn that’s a handy hud.

PPS. I will have to wait to show you the other freebies I scored as I’ve finished my coffee and my cats are busily reminding me I’ve forgotten to feed them…send help if I don’t post later!


Full Free Mesh Body, inc the Hud

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Sack me! (Freebie).

Just as I had binned my last “nope” freebie and I was about to start some serious SL home decorating I spotted a bright light but unfortunately I must have binned my Mojo with all the other stuff and I just took some really bad piccies so in the end my trusty pose cube came in handy.


Let me just say it’s the top only! but these great pants and shoes are old gifts which are now long gone but it just goes to show that you can find some absolutely great stuff to wear even if you don’t have the Lindens to spare however if I did have Lindens to spare Blueberry is one of the shops I would just go APESH*TE and buy buy buy. Just really good stuff with such attention to fit and details and not even unreasonably priced I’m just poor even in SL I’m a pauper LOL.

So here is a close-up of the top.


I’m pulling these odd poses because I’m trying to show off the lacing which is on the sides.  As usual even with the Freebie you get a great colour Hud choice for both the top and laces 13 colour options.


The only wrinkles I like are the ones which make your clothes look so real.  You can’t really see it in any of my pictures but you can even see fine seams which again add to the realism of this outfit.  The only downside, sorta, is that it’s mesh body only BUT still try it even if you don’t have a mesh bod because you might just have the Alpha you need to be able to wear this.

I don’t think the LM takes you direct to the Group Gift so when you land walk forward a little bit and this gift is in the shop to your left.  I’m not sure if the other older GG’s are still out if they are then they’re probably going to be in the main shop straight ahead of you and if you haven’t gotten them yet make sure you do.  This top for me is a “keeper” which basically means that no matter how bloated my invent is I’m not trashing this.

PS and yes yet again PumeC, sorry I don’t mean to be a pain in an AV’s ass about it but thanks to Faith spotting it on the floor next to the reception desk is a small pile of gift boxes and in them is a small selection of old PumeC Group Gifts, if she hadn’t spotted them I wouldn’t have even seen them.  The reason PumeC is so busy is that on either side of the New Group Gift, which is I believe an Albino skin so most unique, is 2 Lucky Boards.  Sadly though it means that a lot of people are loitering and it’s creating a bit of lag but then again next time I’m sorting out my notes you might just find me stood there waiting for my initial to pop up.