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“I Do” (Freebie n stunning sim).

This is just a random quickie, which sometimes can be the best…wink wink lol.

I TPed over to not only a brand new shop to me but also to SL and as soon as I landed I had to take a piccie of the sim setting.


Thats me in my fav suit and rocking a big hair.  Faith and I have removed our sim surrounding and we want to replace it with something as stunning as this one is but so far I’ve not worked it out if it’s just a simple change of Windlight or if there is some sort of sim surround you need to buy.  Time is so short for both of us but we will work it out soon and soon our sim will have a vista a lovely as this.

The new to me and SL  shop is called Merak and it’s pretty small in size and stock but what little is there bodes well for the future.  Quality 100%, prices pretty reasonable and a choice to buy items individually or as a set is always appreciated and of course FREEBIES.

For the sake of time I just zoomed and snapped in the shop but I can guarantee these are tucked away in my invent as well.


So simple so pretty.  Only 1 candle will light and it gives off a very soft glow.  You get the 3 of them and each is a different metal.

Then I started to wander around the sim for a little while.  When you look down from the cliff the shop is set upon you can see another very pretty shopping area which isn’t very busy at the moment but I wandered around in any case and came across another tiny little shop with a couple of STUNNING Brides dresses! I’d say “I do” in a heartbeat just to wear one of these dresses, so unique so gorgeous BUT heck why wait for Mr Right and just buy them for yourself.  I’ve not even had a chance to try the demo on I grabbed but these gowns can be worn anytime, anywhere you would want to make an impression.  I’m actually now not looking forward to trying the demo’s on because I might just get tempted.


Then when I walked out of the dress shop, I’ll update this post when I get back inworld and I can grab the LM, and looked up this is my next destination.  Those builds don’t look like shops but the whole sim looks like a very interesting place to mooch around and maybe take some piccies.

Update cos I’m actually inworld mooching around this great looking sim and Damn those are rentals! Sorry though because as you can imagine none of them are empty because finding a residential sim which has been landscaped to perfection is hard to find so once you’ve got your AV ass into a great home you don’t move lol.  However as long as you don’t go inside and snoop a stunning sim all round for pictures and posing.


Whitesong (Brides Dresses)