Spring Freshhhh!

Jane Lillian dress & Melody cardigan

Awww I can almost hear the lambs “baaaaaa’ing” and smell that freshly mown grass with the latest of two releases from Jane ! The Lillian dress is zestily fresh as we awaken from our winter slumber..I chose the honey shade, its such a warm comforting colour, reminds me of sunshine yay! Perfect sculpted overdress, with a little hint of floral under skirt..I teamed it up with the Melody cardigan…as my mother always says “never cast a clout till May is out”…(and of course I alwaysss take heed !) Click the pics for close up goodness…

Jane Lillian dress

For those of us who don’t listen to their mum…here it is with no cardi *gasp* !! Know what I really love about this dress? I have one of those intensley annoying AO’s, the ones where you’re twirling around like you gotta go pee? (I wear it primarily to irritate Player lol) Anyywayyyyy no matter what contorted shape my body goes into…the sculpted dress just fits..always..isnt that cooool? Dress is just 125L , the soooper cardi is only 100l – steal deal !

There is also one more scrap of newness for you to discover while you’re there !

Go get zesty fresh : Jane