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Not too (Shiney) Shabby. (Freebies).

Shiny Shabby has opened its door and everyone has flooded in, not too sure if it’s for all the new designs of clothing, furniture, skins etc or the FREEBIES!

For me, it’s the freebies of course and there seems to be oodles of them as from a quick scan around I could see a gift box on all of the stands.  So in this picture just from I’m wearing a FREE Valentina E dress and standing in a FREE The Bearded Guy backdrop/room but I’m not wearing the FREE Lipstick, lol.  Actually, it was pretty amazingly bold in colours, it just didn’t suit the dress so I’m sticking to the subtle shade I already had one.

The place is heaving, which does mean that for me the Winter Shop & Hop event may have calmed down so you know where my next TP will be too.

PS.  The dress comes in just the one fit, guess which, but shockingly it’s not a bad fit at all for me.

Shiny Shabby

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New Event, New Freebie.

Got this from a new event called Unik.

I’ve forgotten to make a note of the shop’s spelling but it’s either Seinna, Seniha, etc you know the shop I mean and you will know the quality I’m talking about.  You get 2 colours this pale blue one and a pale pink one. The group invite is over the picture.

I’ve had a quick scout around, wasted some Lindens on backdrops…not the one I’m using, and grabbed the LMs for some shops which I want to visit so all in all a very pleasant way to end by day in SL…RL is calling me lol.


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First, let me say the “Freebie” isn’t that adorable brolly, I’m just using it as a prop.  I hate thinking people are going to get excited when seeing something pretty special thinking it’s going to be a freebie only to find it’s not.


Anyhow we’re into the second day of DIYing in RL and the second day of bitter wind and rain so basically not much has been done, so I was “Pinteresting”, did you know that sometimes SL items actually get “pinned” so as soon as I saw this cutie I decided I had enough time to sneak in and grab it.

When I rezzed I was surprised to find myself at the CCB2 Event, I think it stands for “Collaborative Collection Builders” yeah I know I have that wrong but I don’t have time to go back inworld and check it out.  Even though I’ve got the title wrong I was going to be popping in soon in any case as this is an event I love even without gifties.  I always seem to find something really new and fresh and at a discounted price.  Some of my fav creators also show at this event and so it’s one which usually costs me a few lindens when I visit but I don’t mind.  And it was the same this time, I clicked and treated myself to a few things and then I started clicking on ALL of the gifts and there is loads out for us.  Most stands seem to have a gift set out.  Due to my limited SL time I only managed to pop the Free S@bbia dress on and take this picture, comes in 1 size and a 3 colour option hud, and unpack just a couple of the gift boxes and so far WINNERS! There is a stunning glass decor item which I’m going to be squeezing somewhere in my home or even just have it floating somewhere in the sim.  Anyhow lots of lovely temptation and lots of lovely stuff to buy.

Thank you Moz, the CCB stands for Creator’s Collection Box.


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Rush Job. (Free & 50Lds Thursday).

Wow I crashed, it’s been such a long time since I crashed in SL it sent shivers up my spine esp since I’d just been on a little shopping spree @Collabor88 and treated myself to a few items I was so worried I had lost them but when I relogged in they were still there, phew, so I’m just checking out the new house I bought, it’s an addiction of mine, and I thought I’d also be super lazy and take a couple of quick snaps of the goodies I had also found this morning.

Not free but at 50Lds an excellent bargain.  I didn’t even try the demo on as I could see that it was going to be pretty exc quality and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  Actually the biggest struggle I had was chosing the colour as I loved them all but in the end since I had this hair in this shade in mind I went for the orange colour and if you haven’t guessed it is a Mina hair in one of her amazing “red, ginger, strawberry blonde” shades.


This offer is just inside the door and I’m going to assume that since it’s labelled “50Ld Thursday” then in 2 days time it will be back up to full price BUT it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I noticed a whole load of those footprints which lead you to 60Ld Saturday or 50Ld Thursday etc special offers and out of all the discounted items I spotted at least 3 I would snap up in a heartbeat so I’d highly recommend if you’re counting the Lindens but still want some new goodies check the shop out.

Or of course you can just pop over and grab this freebie from the same shop.


I hope you’re looking into my eyes!  OK let’s be honest CHECK OUT THE RACK! I promise I’ve not boosted the boobs it’s all down to the jacket/top.  I have to say that as much as I love my smaller more natural boobage when I put on something that makes them look Vavavoom I go for it.


Zoomed back so you can see the whole outfit. The jacket/top are a one piece and the skirt can be worn on its own.  I’m definitely keeping that skirt as it’s such a “low rider” that it’s enough to make you blush.

PS the Group Gift is just outside the front door on the wall, easy to find, plus across the way is another shop with even bigger discounts so I’m just trotting off there now to see if I can get me some new shoes or stuff.

Braham Design

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By Bad! (and a Freebie).

I took these pictures a couple of days ago obviously at the same time as the other New Mina hair but I didn’t want to overload  you with hair but now that I’ve had a good chance to mooch around the Tres Chic event which is where you will find this hair I have to tell you more.


Mina Nakamura’s creative juices must be overflowing because over the past few weeks there have been so many fresh new designs it’s really impossible which one to pick as being my fav but this hair is so amazingly like mine I’m shocked.  A few weeks ago I decided to go for the chop and although the hairdresser cut a bit too much off from what I had planned I’m absolutely in love with my new hair style so it was a bit of an amazed chuckle when I put this on and even the colour I’ve chosen to show you is almost my shade I only wish I was as flawless as my AV but that ain’t ever going to happen.


I won’t go on again about the colour packs and prices as they’re all the same for Mina Hairs.  I do always have a tendency to stick to the browns and even occasionally I dare to go blonde but Mina’s hair comes in all the colour ranges from whitchy black to deathly white and all the more normal shades in between.  She also has what I consider to be the BEST shades in the orange/ginger range.  Very realistic and very zingy.

The Tres chic event is such a delight to go to not simply because of the whole new fresh range of clothes, poses and home decor etc but the lovely way the shopping mall has been designed, it makes it just as enjoyable to wander around as it is to treat yourself to an outfit or two.  Of course I priced checked and taking into account the newness of all of this stuff everything seems to be so fairly priced.

I’ll also put the LM for the decor display area as you really do need to check out esp if you have an SL home and you love the Autumn/Fall season.


No other freebies apart from this, you will have to join the free Tres Chic group to grab.  The box on the left hand side with the little Bumble Bee and clutter is actually the delivery box that the linked bale of hay, pumpkins, lamp, sunflowers & leaves come in but the clutter box was just as good a piece of decor as the gift inside.  I love it when that happens LOL.

“My Bad” is because when I went back to LM grab I spotted that there is another Group Gift set out and it looks as though it’s going to be a very good quality leather bag but I will see when I get back inworld and unpack it.  Also in Group Chat someone asked where was the FREE Genesis mesh head so of course once I’d grabbed the bag I ran around and yes it’s there and you don’t need to be in the Genesis group which is good as this cost 250lds.  This head comes with everything you expect from a mesh head kit and inc skin and shape but from the glance I had at it if you want to use SLink hands/feet or any other thing like that then you would have to either purchase them from the Genesis shop or of course do it manually with the Hud you get with you hands/feet/boobies n butts.  This is a very pale skin I think it almost is Albino in colouring but this is a perfect time to grab a mesh head that’s not a demo and see if this is something you could use in sl.

PS get this dress!!! I blogged it last week and it’s such a good Freebie I will be keeping it for a long time it’s that good.  It’s  such a good fit as well that I can see this easily fitting under other clothes or even on top of leggings/tights and I think anyone out there will find this a handy addition to their invent.

Tres Chic Venue

Decor Demo Platform

Gaall (Dress)

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Thank You (some freeness).

Thanks to another blogger,Kiylee, for giving me the LM to this event.  I wasn’t going to go to it but I found myself with some time to kill and Oh Boy I’m glad I did.

Called “Creators Collection Box” and it’s packed with fresh new stuff for both your AV and your AV home.  Nicely and simply laid out so easy to find the mini shops.  There is some freeness to be found but not much however what I did find was so stunning I’m so pleased I went.

Firstly the paid for items.


If you’re a Pinterester like me you will recognise this style of fabric/paper flowers.  In this picture I’ve grouped them together to show you how stunning they can be as a group but they come as small sections of 7 strands.  When I got back inworld I found that they’re editable and so you can go from as little as 2prims to OMG….too many LOL.  Perfectly sized though at the 3 prim stage.


As you can see these fabric/paper flowers are similar to the ceiling ones. They don’t come attached to that glass vase (that’s actually a freebie at this event) and so can popped into any vase or you can pick up the free and editable glass vase that it there for you.   Both of these items come from the ASO stand and the ceiling flowers cost 250, the bunch of flowers 100Lds and there is a single stemmed flower for only 50Lds.



Fun freebie.  Bigger than it looks in the picture but small enough for any childs room and is in fact a chair.  Comes with 3 poses which fit an adult, you also get 2 wearables, a little copy for your hair and another as a balloon on a stick.  Sweet and only 2 prims.  Will make an adorable addition to a childs room or if you’re into Kawaii then it’s perfect.  This item is to be found at La Petite Fleur stand.  Another shop I and Faith have blogged before because not only is most of their clothing range very affordable but they have some great freebies out for us.


Take tea with me because this is not only just 3prims but you get 2 choices of wearable Tea to drink.  You’re asked permission to attach the cup first and it didn’t remove my SLink hand or any other attachment that I could see.  Most impressed with the movement.  Not 100% perfect but then it can never be when you take into account AV sizes are all different but this was smooth and the most natural drinking one I’ve seen in a long time.flowers7useWOW these flowers are FREEEE and not even just these but there are 3 different bunches, pink (shown), red and the blue in the picture below.  Each also comes with its own pose


The icing on the cake is that 亮 (ryo.ixxel) has made them Trans! So you can send your SL Loved one a gift how fricken generous is that!  Because I’m a SL singleton and I love these I’m going to go back and grab armfuls of them.  At 6prims I can stuff my home with them.

So the beautiful tea set and flowers are gifts to us from 亮 (ryo.ixxel), his shop is called RH Designs and I’ve blogged this shop before since he also has some excellent Group Gifts in his shop as well as paid for great furniture and builds in the back.  Really worth checking it out esp as it’s place on a little shopping sim with cute shops with some hidden freebies and LBs.

PS you will have to join the free CCB (Creators Collection Box) group to grab the freebies.

Please note as I was grabbing the CCB and RH Design LMs he message came though that the sim was restarting so you may find that it’s down for a short while.

Creators Collection Box

La Petite Fleur Shop

RH Designs

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Don’t be a Muppet be a Puppet.

BunnyNo matter how hard I looked I didn’t find any free clothes so until then I will have to hide my blushes with my Bunny.  Found a new colourful shopping sim/fair. Based around puppets but slightly twisted insane puppets.  Everything from cuddly bunnies to Marionette AOs and all set out in a very bright and easy to navigate shopping area.  Lots of fun stuff and if you check out the train carriages there are some bargains to be had and the skin I am wearing is one of them.

I’m not doing a great selling point on this fair as RL business is dragging me away kicking and screaming from SL but you really should visit.  Lots of fresh clothes designs, texturing, big named shops, wacky and weird stuff all on very bright and cheerful setting.

Puppet Fair