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Im a Goji berry !

Goji NEW! Sally leg warmer, Sally tank & Cheeky shorts - sizing suuport most mesh bodies plus standard mesh sizes yay!

Well hubbidy hubba, I was totally surprised by the new venture from Janie Marlowe & Damien Fate ! The new store is called “Goji”, you knowww like the berries ? So so so it’s fantabulously fresh and super girly twirly, here’s a couple of things to get your juices going. Before I wax lyrical about the pinkness I’m wearing, let me say this: I am not wearing one single alpha layer – isn’t that amazing? Goji clothing comes with sizes to fit most mesh bodies out there (Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique + Hourglass, Belleza Isis + Freya) plus of course all the standard mesh sizes for those without mesh bodies. I couldn’t believe the leg warmers…no alphas! *faints*. Sooo I choose to show you the Sally tank, the Sally leg warmers and the cheeky shorts from the blossoms pack. The shorts are just $175L per pack of four colours, the leg warmers are $175L for a mahoosive pack of sixteen colours (yes really!) and the tank is the same $175L for sixteen tones. Everything instore is very affordabubble, and also packed with up to the minute style.

Goji NEW! Molly dress FREE group gift - 4 colours to fit most mesh bodies plus standard mesh sizes

If you join the group (its free) you can snap up this free “Molly” dress, it include a HUD with three further colours too. Lovely ruffles, daringly high cut at the bum cheeky area and dead sweet. Once you’re in the group you get loyalty credit on all purchases, plus keep up to date with what’s happening at Goji naturally. Thanks Janie & Damien ❤

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Awash with colour

coldLogic skirty petty candy - top layne candy NEW!

I’m sat here in my real life office, listening to rain storm thundering down on the roof, wishing with all my heart I had the sort of weather that would allow me to be wearing the latest releases from coldLogic. Blah ! I expect too much for an English gal right?! Thank goodness for Second Life’s sun, I can mooch about wearing whatever I desire at any time of day. Here I am wandering a great expanse of beach in one of the new skirts and shirts, the skirt is “petty” and the top is called “layne”. I choose to wear the “candy” colour in the shirt, it’s a really sweet delicate tone. I don’t know if you can notice but I’ve been using the settings that enable materials to be visible in my last few posts, it’s a subtle difference but it does allow the fabric of each piece to shine through. I automatically got all grabby hands when I saw these two pieces – they seem to be timeless and classic, gentle and feminine. Both items will be so very easy to work in with your existing wardrobe.

coldLogic shirt vayne - shorts davar NEW!

On to the new “davar” shorts, you’re in for a treat when you take a peek at the colour range for these babies ! Two tone and pretty juicy. As I helpfully have not shown here (durrr) Essentially one colour at the front, another at the back. Brill fit and sweet turn ups on the cuff. I teamed it up with one of the “vayne” tops. These little shirts are dead easy to wear with almost anyyyything.

coldLogic dell shirt buff - petty skirt nude NEW!

Last up for today is the halter neck charms of “dell” in a gorgeous buff tone, worn with the “petty” skirt in the nude colour. I simply adore the dell top, close-fitting, with stitched in panels at the side. Theres something for everyone in this release, juicy colours right down the line to soft neutrals if you’re a bright colour scardey cat like moi.  Btw my hair in this photo is by tram, its available right now at the Collabor88 event – haven’t bought anything from tram for a while but this stopped me in my tracks and KERCHING! Thanks Janie, Damien & Zyrra ❤

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A little of this…a lot of that

It’s not just clothing that changes with the seasons…its your decor too…Im not talking about pumpkins and candy buckets..but the colours of your home. If like me, you like to use a few accent pieces scattered about, you’re gonna love this collection from Prism Furniture..its vast! Its called the “Indian Summer” set…the tone of the wood gives it such warmth, coupled with the gold brocade fabric for a lovely autumnal feel. There is a big collection of pieces in this new range..I especially liked the love seat…and the end tables are super stylish..I prefer a low table like this to the higher more Victorian ones…its modern yet…not overly so.

These pieces will sit comfortably inside most homes…they dont shout class they just oooooze it ! You can purchase this as one collection or, pick and choose which pieces you’d like, depending on prim budget & space…(I SO love the coffee table and its striped satin runner)..As is usual with Prism Furniture, the animations are just beautiful…couples and solo poses provided…you can even get an accent pack of vases etc to go with it all…as the designer Lilly Juno says , ” turn your living room from yawn to WOW!”, it certainly will…thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture inworld store

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If I aint got you…

Ohhhh cmon, you KNOW the tune…its been whirling through my head all I had to listen to it fifty gazillion times on your tube (here, you be haunted now – ) . Anyyyyhoooo…it got me in the mood to lounge around in my new photo box and try on a few of the new releases from coldLogic. I know right?  The team must be burning that midnight oil like crazy ! I chose the new “Lockhart” shirt in pink to show you…along with the crackin new denim capris called “wells”. The capris are JUST what Id been longing for…casual…a great fit and simply ooodles of shades of denim…Im thinking the shirt is gonna be on of those “what did I do before I bought this” easy to wear and shockingly pretty…ton of choice in colours also !

Soooo…with fluttery fingers I opened up the dress boxes…since mesh came along, Ive renewed my passion for frocks. No more panels poking out…its slinky fitting allllll the way…”gish” is elegant..and definately sleek…you get a choice with this dress of a toning cleavage insert, or not…I went for the blue dress and co ordinated a yellow belt and insert…if you splash out on a fat pack, you’re really getting SO many different ways to wear this…nice touch of the linen look fabric…love it !

Next up is one little number I will wear and wear…”wood”, plaid-goes-to-hollywood , cute but sophisticated look…the mesh belt is really working for me…again quite a few colour choices in this…so go see and try a few demos out.

Lil bit retro with this next one..50’s glamour and spotty..a winner for me and my look of the day ! You dont have to wear the belt..and initially I didnt…but but but..the belts are soo adorbs…so my long necklace came off and on with the belt…incase youre wonderin…I dont have a modify shape…so I cant fiddle with it (just as well probably- Id only mess it up) soooo I’m wearing all this gear as is..with no shape editing at all…there are many sizes included with each item…so grab up the demos and give it a try.

Okkkk last up *sighhhh*…is “drew”, another dress…this time with a cheery print all over…Im being bolder with colour these days yay! This is the white version…and red is such a great contrast with it…red shoesss…white shoesss…decisions decisions…This is just a small sample of the new collection (yes really !) There are muchos more pairs of capris…and a whole bunch of those halter tops in jazzy prints & colours…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

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All jewelry by : DarkMouse (thanks Mouse !)

Pose box by: Juxtapose