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Great Fun! Pride At Home (gifts)

Free gifts @ pride at home 2

Took a wander around Pride At Home this afternoon. WOW! Its so colourful and vibrant. There are even decorated floats already to set off around the block. As you enter the event collect the free gifts opposite the ticket booth. Each stand has a gift for you. This bikini is from Blueberry and you get two versions with a massive Hud included.

Free gifts @ Pride at Home

Lawn chair is from Junk Food, the phone from Dazed, the hair is one of the gifts as you enter, you get two styles – this one and the one above. Tee shirt is the gift from NeverWish. Fantastic event – don’t miss it!!

Pride At Home

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The Challenge goes for Horror & Macabre

The Challenge New Round!!

Perfect timing for your Halloween shopping, The Challenge has gone all creepy! Neverwish have these magnificent chairs out – 4Li and 23 unisex sits in each. Lots of different colours on offer so go take a peek.

The Challenge new round !

Loved the hooded figure by 22769, the lantern he holds also illuminates, Little Llama has a dead cool set out of rug & coffee table – made to look like a Ouija board. Favourite from this round is from %percent – “Bat mobile” (great name!) various metallic finishes, they rotate and have a shed load of brilliant scary sound effects you can select to play! Will definitely have these out for fright night.

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