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A day off@The Wash.

Sigh, in the UK it’s  a bank holiday which means it’s cool and dull in fact it’s like an Autumnal day rather than the beginning of Summer.  My OH has gone out for a run so I’ve snuck inworld to grab some warming piccies and tell you about this new goodie from Nerdy Girl.


Have to say that if Moira Serenity from Nerdy Girl hadn’t sent me these goodies the fact that there is a new round of The Wash on would have passed me by and I would have been annoyed.  Most items are still only 10Lds but sometimes when it’s a package then you can pay a few Lindens more and in this case for this SLink Physique & Omega Applier Bikini inc the matching SLink High shoes the 50Ld price tag is more than reasonable.


Obviously for the shoes you will need the SLink High feet but you do not need a mesh body for this bikini as it’s a system layer one and looks just as good with or without the mesh body and that top will make an esp good top on it’s own teamed up with shorts or under a shirt.


The rest of what I’m wearing are only 10Lds ie the bracelets, glasses and sorry what you can’t see is the nails which is as shame as I chose the red stripes out of the 4 options and you could actually see the pattern.

The Wash LM should take you right to her stall but I’ve also put the LM for her mainshop because it’s well worth a visit.  There is some cute sexy costumes as well as Summery clothes etc BUT again if you’ve not grabbed the Free GG yet then why not! a pair of SLink High shoes with a 4 colour Hud and now the previous Hunt items which I’ve blogged before are now available upstairs at a greatly reduced price (29lds I believe I TPed out and forgot it straight away LOL).

Nerdy Girl@The Wash

Nerdy Girl Mainshop

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Working Hard pt2

LOL I don’t think Faith spotted me but I spotted her.  I had dragged her over to check out my new landscaping find, the field of flowers, and of course as I’m snapping away she rezzed inworld in her last location so I thought I would just leave her in.


The reason I’ve done 2 posts is that the top and shorts are a hunt item from B!asta and I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.  Although I’d seen the hidden box on a previous visit I had ignored it as I thought it was a hunt for Textures and not actual clothing so when I spotted this gift in my notices I quickly TPed over and snagged it.  A simple country girl top and dark crushed velvet pants.  Easy peasy to find because when you rezz there are markings on the ground for you to follow.

The hair, Jacky is another Mina special from Kustom 9 and just like the Aranka hair in my previous post this one comes with a massive choice of colour packs.  There is a demo available for you to try but if Kustom 9 is still packed then pop into her mainshop and try the hair out there but if you want the more colourful shades you will just have to wait a little for Kustom 9 to calm down.

I was sent a lovely little gift from “Nerdy Girl’s” Moira Serenity a classic broken heart necklace and it’s a Gacha win for only 20Lds a try.  She’s one of these people who recognise that not everyone has Lindens spare so puts out regular Free GG’s and if you follow the link to my previous posts the excellent SLink shoes with a colour changing hud are still there waiting to be snagged.


Kustom 9

Nerdy Girl, Shoe Post.

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Save my !Soul.

Even though this post was going to be just about the shoes I still can’t help but get dressed up and so I dug out my LBD (Little Black Dress) from my invent and pulled a few poses to show you the shoes that Moira Serenity the owner of Nerdy Girl sent me.


These are basic “Mary Jane’s” which I think in the UK we refer to them as Court Shoes, very simple classy unfussy shoes.  I swear I saw if not these then almost identical ones in another shop but they had a hefty price tag to them whilst Moira has really kindly put these out as her new May Group Gift, added to that you get a colour changing Hud to go with them so I’m wearing the brown in this picture and the silver/grey in the next.  The 2 other colours are darkest black and a dark grey.  Just like my LBD a pair of good “Mary Jane’s” will go with so many items in your invent.  If by anychance you love the shoes but not the colours then there are other colour pack options but not as a Group Gift.


So as I’m posing I realised it’s been a long time since I last visited !Soul’s where my LBD came from and so I took  quick piccies and then TPed over and scored even more.


A simple “hippy chick” long line dress with that oversized ruffle.  Excellent fit and texturing.


This is another version of the LBD from my top picture.  Shannon Byron the owner of !Soul has a few dresses out in this design but with different texturing.  Each pack comes with 2 colour choices, this green and a yellow dress plus a normal and a bright version. There are more designs here to choose from so if these aren’t to your taste still pop over.  I’ve still got a couple of dresses from here which I blogged about a long time ago as they’re still really good and so easy to wear.


This is !Soul but not an !Soul Group Gift.  You will have to join the SL frees & offers Group (sic).  I keep on putting the sic because “SL frees & offers” is how it’s spelled.  It said it was a dress but I would have sworn it was going to turn out to be a top but nope it’s definitely a cute little short dress.  You will find this with the other !Soul Group Gifts and of course both groups are Free to join.

Nerdy Girl


!Soul Marketplace

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Before I FLF (freebie).

I mentioned in my last post that Nerdy Girl was doing the The Vintage Hunt and I grabbed the hunt item as I was grabbing the Group Gift.  This morning I popped in on and since I knew I had just the hair, shoes, lipstick, eyeshadow and even nails to make this a complete retro look I decided to squeeze this in before I do the weekly FLF (Fifty Lindens Friday).


I’ll put the link to the post with the Free Group Gift outfit and I’ve found the site for the LMs of all the shops involved in The Vintage Hunt.

Nerdy Girl

Group Gift Post

The Vintage Hunt Blog