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The Creative Spark – New round!

Oh gawd what a few days – my new’ish car has broken down, andddd I’ve got a cold. Lifting my spirits up with the latest TCS round is always a sure fire winner though and this round does not disappoint. I’m wearing one of the sets from Luminesse above, this is “Floramist Moondust”, you get the necklace and earrings in the box, and for the duration of this round you will save a massive 50% – just $75L for the set. I’m going to return later today to see if this comes in anymore colours, might grab another set if it does ! Other pieces available in this round PLUS something for the guys. I’ve given the link below for The Creative Spark blog which shows all participants.


TCS Blog

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The Creative Spark – Luminesse

Wanted to share with you just a couple of the items that Luminesse has out for The Creative Spark. I’m wearing the Melora Head Wreath – and the Gadina Adorina Set – both have resizer scripts so you can get a super fit. Lots of other pieces are in the TCS offer so go have a moooch.


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Layer it or not…


coldLogic cuppy sweater eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!


Another part of the latest coldLogic release is the cuppy sweater and marley sweater packs. The interesting thing apart from they are just epically awesome and easy to wear, is that you in fact get three tops for the price of one ! Mhhmmm, thats right, each colour pack has three wearing options. Above I’m wearing the cuppy sweater and I’ve chosen the “short with layer” effect – make sure you use the right alpha layer for each look (unlike I did first time around!) The knit on this is sort of marl, meaning it’s not one colour but a tangle of shades to make up one overall effect, confused? Well go take a peek for yourself !

coldLogic cuppy sweater NEW! eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!

Same sweater but this time I’m wearing it in the “short no layer” version from the grey/black pack. Great little item thats sooper easy to sling on over jeans or skirts. By the way, my necklace is from Eclectica, it’s a relatively new release (I’ve been waiting for just the right clothing to show it off) called “relic” and this is the pendant. It is unrigged mesh, which means you can still edit it by hand if you prefer, or use the menu system. You get nine colours of the cabochon central stone in the menu. I love that option, means you can match it up with virtually anyyyyything ! This piece is also materials ready, so slam on advanced lighting in your graphics (if you can) and admire its full beauty. There is also another relic set, that has a short necklace and earrings, you can wear both neck pieces together for a super effect.

coldLogic marley sweater eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!

Last up is the marley top, similar to cuppy but the layered options are patterned and the knit is a weave, a little more casual styling. This is the “long with layer” option, for which you use a different alpha from the pack. (This is the same in the cuppy one) I was so so glad to see the butter tone appear, I adore it, so soft and gentle and perfect for a stroll on the beach with my afternoon cup-of-splosh! Thanks coldLogic team & Tiffy ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Eclectica store

Eclectica market place

Eclectica blog

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Eclectica NEW!

I have some new lovelies to share from Eclectica ! First up is the brand spankin new “Lotus” collection. Beautifully crafted flower with such realistic petals sits proud on all three items in this range – necklace, earings & ring (one for both left and right hand). I so adore the necklace, the super clever thing about it is that depending on what textures you select from the easy peasy to use menu system – it can look quite casual and organic OR rather glam & glitzy. Here I chose to show the dark metal neckstrap, dark metal and lemon pearl inlay. If you choose the gold or silver metals…its chamaleon like and gives you a whole new style! The shades for the pearl inlay are really subtle, so don’t be put off trying put something you might not normally pick!

Eclectica Antique Grid Show Summer Hunt Prize !

Also I have the stunning “Deco Fleur de Lis’ brooch” which is the hunt prize in the Antique Grid Show Summer Hunt . The hunt has already begun and finishes on the July the 27th. Each prize is just 10L and this is a total must-have-piece. It has three types of metal surround to choose from in the menu, dark, gold & silver, all three are nicely muted and not blingy yay! As a side note, for some reason I decided to rez this brooch on the floor to take a photo and was astounded to see it only chalked up ONE prim *faint*, which is whyyyy…when I was editing it around on the floor I didn’t have to wait 20 mins while the edit came up on the pie menu…just thought you might like to know that *beams*. Thanks Tiffy ❤

Eclectica Store

Antique Grid Show Summer Hunt Blog

Eclectica market place store

Eclectica Blog

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I was so excited to receive an invitation to a fashion show ! If you ever get the chance to attend one…go…its relaxing, you get to see the designers work actually moving and on someone…and its FUN . This show was an invitation only show (ooohlala) and was a really intimate setting…no under-rezzed clothes, no models falling off stages..just perfect. LUXE Paris is the brand name, the designer Parisian Skytower was also in attendance…as were the stunning & capable models, who worked so hard yet made it appear to be so effortless.

My head was literally spinning…as one after the other, the models paraded the pieces before us…such a collection of prettiness…and some really novel ideas for accessories  (Think scuba tanks and wellie boots with bikinis!) I really enjoy bikinis, but what caught my eye straight away…was this elegant two piece outfit. Silvery grey, with a delicate lace edge in black, so simple and easy to wear, but a million bucks style…love it. Its called “Chic Sport Set”, no prims to fiddle around with no alpha layers to worry about, just wear and go…voila.

Take a closer look at the stunning wristband I’m wearing with my new outfit, its by SaDaLBaRi  Design and is currently free on their market place store…so detailed…comes with a resizer also so you can play about with the look…

Ok so..I wasnt ever going to attend a fashion show featuring swim wear and walk away without a piece, was I? I saw this and my heart went pitty-patter…Super feminine, elements of pink…and overall SO me! Sorry about the tiny bit of blurring on the top..SL wasnt loving me today…but Im certain you can get the idea of just how charming this suit is no? I adore the large satin bow at the waist…such a lovely touch, a keeper for me !

Ohhhh by the way…my glasses and necklace were gifts…the shades are from [Steinwerk] and truly can customise the frame colour and lense colour through a very simple menu system, PLUS the animations for moving them to sit on your head and back to your nose are brilliant ! The necklace is from Just You…a simple piece that sits so well on your chest…its not screaming “memememe look at me” it subtle and delicious and lightens up whatever you’re wearing.



Just You


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On a Wing and a Prayer

If you guys like your jewelery, I’ve got some great new group gifts to show you from Gabriel and +grasp+. First up is the Angel’s Heart necklace from Gabriel. This is a super piece, the details are fantastic and the use of angel’s wings to make a heart shape is lovely. You get two versions of this necklace, one is wearing the full heart like I have above, or you can just choose to wear one half of the heart, whatever you fancy. You also get a female version of the necklace in the pack that is transferable, how awesome is that?

After I grabbed that necklace I sped down to +grasp+ to pick this  Silver Lilly Ring up from their group gift boards. Another work of amazing detail, you have to zoom right on in and check this out close up when you get it; it looks fantastic in its dark metal. It slips right on as well, no minute fiddling around like I’ve had to do with rings I’ve had in the past. As with the Gabriel necklace, there is also a female version of this in the gift so it’s definitely suited for all comers.

So there you go guys, a couple of cool little items to spruce up your wardrobe that will cost you nothing, although the +grasp+ group does carry a tiny, tiny L$50 join fee. While you there, check out the other wonderful group gifts both stores have to offer and enjoy.

Get the gear here:
Necklace: Gabriel
Ring: +grasp+

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Boho & Ballerina’s

A new store for me today “ever an angel”…Ive got a couple of pritties to show you…its no secret that I really enjoy a more boho look as the weather warms up (and today in England it was sooooper sunny !) So, when I saw this darling vintage layered skirt I got it on straight away..beautiful colours..the fabrics used are just gorjus..think heavily patterned taffeta and rich shot satin…lovely colours, plums & silvery grey (the gypsy theme belt also comes with it)..I wore the new ballerina style cardigan with it…perfect ! My necklace & earings are from Dark Mouse..Im always smiley when Dark Mouse has newness..and this is exceptionally pretty..made for the Festival of sin…its a heavy decadent style, and really makes a statement, totally adore the coppery gold tone !

Had to get a little mesh in to this blog …and Ever an Angel has heaps of it…the “fire” mesh long skirt is such a lovely mish mash of colours…toe skimmingly long…you could wear this with heels or flats…it really is a snug fit…worn here with the charms range of jewelry by Dark Mouse, pop over to the main store to find this navel length necklace and assortment of earings in the gacha machines (gacha yay!)..I just know this will be a year round fav for me..

All clothing: Ever an Angel

Jewels: Dark mouse    Festival of Sin