We’re all going on a summer holiday

I’ve had a mini vacation in SL the last 24 hours…I was tired and needed a little recharge, sooo I hung out at home on the beach, talked to friends and dug out all my beach toys..and well…just loafed about really ! To get into the holiday mood I chose some outfits from =blu=, casual gear that’s all perky and FUN…above Im wearing the bikini beach set in purple plaid…remember I showed you a while ago the vintage lime version of this? The set comprises a sooper cute bikini, the fabric on this set is just mega pretty…a towel to toss over your shoulder, sunglasses and a sweet pair of slip on sandals that match ! (hat is from Indie Rose’s June gift)

This pair of low rise summer shorts in lightest khaki are effortlessly chique to slip into, no prims makes it a fast change and looks just perfect with one of the comfy cami tops..huge range of colours in the tops but I adored this delicate lilac,great silky fabric ..the shorts also look brill in black if you want a dressier style..

I love love love the summer punch range  of tops, cute & fresh, with a gauzy midriff  and teeny tiny bows on the bodice, I couldn’t resist showing the raspberry version it’s just so juicy!

Got a TP from a friend to check out some shoooooz  (ooo which reminds me, =blu= have some darling flats check them out!)- so slipped into this girly swirly outfit called “good girl”, in PINK plaid yay! (other colours available) Frosty cool white tank over a ditzy little plaid skirt, nice touch with the prim tie too…great for those dress down days…but you can heat it up with some torn fishnets and boots for an edgier appeal…dabbed on some of my LpD free cherry lipgloss (group gift that I can’t live without!) and I was good to go

Rushhhhhed back to get on my jetski that has been dust sheeted for about 2 years (omg!) and hopped right into this uber cool crochet bikini, if you havent tried =blu= bikinis, you gotta! This revealing little scrap is just adorable !

Booo my surprise vacation is almost over…sun is getting low..but I feel great! This sundress has real nautical appeal with its bold stripes and raa-raa inspired skirt..great belt & bracelet comes along with it too! Go take a look around =blu= and discover your summer wardrobe…prices are a steal plusss, if you’re into piercings & tattoo’s & collars there’s some awesome finds – oh maiii even unicorn horns!! Dont forget to join the group for future news & gifts, and Dooo pick up the group gift while you’re there ! (its mega deelish) thank blu-slush xx

Go get ready: =blu=  Shop on the market place here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/73640