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Surreal Complex and (69L Sunday – now cancelled)

vendetta jumpsuit 69L event
Two new-to-me events for you to peek at lovelies ! 69L Sunday has just opened its doors, there are fashion & furnishings – all at the low price of – you’ve guessed it – 69L ! Above I’m wearing a jumpsuit from {Vendetta}, its non – mesh and actually it reminded me that layer clothing can still be very effective and easy to wear. Great animal print fabric and a sooper tight fit. SLip it on and you’re good to go – heapsss of other colours available. (you also get appliers for Lolas and phat azz too naturally)

naughty n nice jumpsuit (non mesh) KoKoLoReS nightmare under eye shadow and  fighting nightmares divan NEW!

Another jumpsuit with a slightly different style is this one from  Naughty N Nice, also at the 69L event. I chose the slippery baby pink which is adorable. Non – mesh again and I have to admit, it’s SO easy to slide into ! (appliers included for those of you with boobs and butts) My pose is contained in a divan that’s on offer by KoKoLoReS at the Surreal Complex event. Lovely divan couch filled with some pretty unusual poses. Also check out my under eye shadows, called *had a nightmare*, also by KoKoLoReS and for sale at the Surreal Complex event.

69L Sunday Location

Surreal Complex event