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Fun in the sun.

SL decided to let me stay and play and I’m so glad it did.  There is another quality Summer hunt going on at the moment called The Sea Shore Hunt and what you’re looking for is a flip-flop.  Each item cost 45Lds because its top quality stuff and if you check out the Link which also gives you the LMs you can see what it is before you buy so you don’t have to risk your money on something you can’t use.

FunWe can all use a simple deck chair and parasol and since they’re so low primmed you can afford to have them anywhere.  As it happens they are also from EoD but are only available for the Sea Shore Hunt. The chair is unbelievably realistic and it’s got EoDs usual great poses (and an adjust option).

BoostQUICK! because this sharks fin is only going to be out till Saturday.  3 Strap colours and Click on it and you can change the colour of the base of the fin.  Super cute. Comes from Miseria which as it happens I was going to mention soon  because check out the cute hair ribbon, it comes from the Gacha right outside of Miseria’s front door which as it happens is exactly where you will find the shark’s fin. 50Lds for each.


The Sea Shore Hunt LMs

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On a Roll!

I remember scouring SL for plants and trees and only finding high prim high priced stuff but at this moment I’ve been scoring so well.  Decided to check out the 60Lds weekend offer from Luna Bliss and as someone who is always looking for low primed planting I snagged it as soon as I saw the magic words 1 PRIM. 1 Prim for all 3 pots that is and because it’s copy then you can fill a greenhouse or a garden with them.


Then I spotted on the same wall of sale items these amazingly well textured herbs.  Shockingly low primed and priced.  50Lds gets you 3 pots of 3 joined herbs, Rosemary, Camomile and Lavender in sets of 3 pots but you also get the whole lot linked for an even more amazingly low 2 prims!Cornered 4

So everything you see comes in the one pack, is copyable and comes to 5 Prims for only 50Lds.  Just as I thought it couldn’t get better I’ve found some great colourful sim stuffers.


Same wall same great bargain, 49Lds, for 4 copyable 1 primed Magnolias. 2 white and 2 coloured.  Great sim stuffers.

The LM will probably take you to the landing point and not direct to these superb bargains  so once you’ve rezzed turn to your right and on the wall at the end is the bargains and discounts wall.

Luna Bliss

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It swirls and turns over my home.

Snapshot_002This beauty comes from Artic Greenhouse which is a greenhouse packed with amazing works of floral art. From fat red roses to whispy babies breath, single stemmed flowers to pots packed with them.  Some items such as this ivy ball are highish in prims (25) but they’re awesome and worth it but fear not a good wander around here and there is plenty of items much lower in prim that can create a real focal point in your home.  The Abstract Ivy Ball is hanging from the ceiling and it only costs 45Ls!! In fact this is a more than reasonably priced shop.

TreeThe have a great selection of such low primed and reasonably priced trees that I couldn’t resist this Hawthorne I’ve taken this photo with my usual SL setting so you can see how good it looks but it looks even better inworld and if you use Windlight it’s awesome. Only 95Lds for 3 (Faith says 2prims)Prims even better.

There are 2 Portals for you to pop though and you must check out the Jungle skybox it’s outstandingly unique and beautiful.

Artic Greenhouse