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Free for Fools !

Happy April Fools Day! I found a coupla new items at Free Dove for you – well new to me ! This complete outfit by Composer Girls Fashion is fabbo – you even get the tippy toe sneakers ! My hair is free also, it’s from Mina in the Caspervend Easter hunt – just the one colour which yippeee is blonde. (just touch the ad board to get a Hud and go trotting around snapping up the treats)

I also nabbed this full outfit with shoes (and a Hud with three colours for each piece) by Luana, dead handy ripped jeans and snazzy little top – wasn’t mad keen on the shoes but you might be. Hair is by Posh and was also free – nice !

Free Dove group is free to join and you need to be in it to get the gifts.

Free Dove


Poses by Nantra

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Free and wooly tights!

Head off down to Luxe Paris and collect your FREE witches outfit! Its called “Boo” as across your derriere is written in BIG bold letters BOO! Great selection of mesh body and standard sizes included, plus the rather fabulous witches hat. I really scored at G Field, I re-found this store through the Shoetopia event and decided to head over and check it out for newness. Then I stumbled upon a range of dead cool wooly tights. I’m wearing one of the twenty-one tones in the photos above – YES twenty-one tones for just $30L mmmhmm, I also snapped up the more traditional pack same price plus some fancy smancy lacey style @ $80L. My poses is from Nantra, and is one of their offerings for $30L Saturday. Fab pack of Halloweeny poses and props – amazing value. (this offer is for today ONLY!)

Luxe Paris

G Field


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The instruments

I’m not sure what a lot of us would do without special events myself included.  Each one comes with it’s own offering of fresh new designs, special prices, special one off’s never to be seen else where etc.  Athough I recognise a lot of the big names here at the New The Instruments monthly event there are a few names new to me which includes the designer of this shimery copper dress, Pippi Moonites.

I decided to show you this dress because although my general style is laid back and casual I have to confess that even I like to “bling” it up a bit.  Actually I “bligged” it up too much and had full copper make up, copper tights and a whole load of chunky copper/gold jewelry on and it was OTT! So I stripped everything off inc the matching Bolero jacket that comes with it.  Still blinging and high style but more elegant.  The sash at the waist is half mesh and half sculptie so you can wear it as long as this or have it the same lenght of the skirt.  There is a demo available so you can try before you buy.


Even if this dress isn’t your style you MUST check out her inworld shop. It’s set at the pinnacle of  stunning sim based on Old Italy itself with paved lanes meandering down and what looks like to me in my brief vist lots of small shops and seating areas.  Will certainly be going back there to check it out properly.  Once you’ve checked out her In World Shops (there are 2 of them next to each other) make sure to check out her Marketplace shop as she has much more listed there inc some Dollarbies and demos.  I’ve popped a silk cross over blouse into my basket for a Linden and I’ll be checking that out later.

The pose I’m using in this picture is also available at The Instruments event and NanTra is one of my most Fav pose/prop shops.  This pose is out of her Pret a Porter pack and you can buy the poses as  a full pack or individually at The Instrument as well as the Cat Walk which is also available at the event.


The fun shot.  This is out of a different pose pack and it’s full of stumbling poses reminiscent of the famous Naomi Campbell stumble.  She has them all from the elegant to the fun one.  Couples poses, singles poses, props and poses and on and on and her stuff is so easy to work with and even if you’re a non blogger.  strume

Sorry absolutely kicking myself with this picture as I should have taken it without the windlight so you would have  much better idea of what you’re getting, its a basic white walk way and the room surrounding it is very dark the lights down the side of the runway are built in, the ones at the back are my own.  This is a blank canvas for you.  I should have checked it out to see if it’s Mod which if it is will make it even more adaptable.  I’ll check that out next time I’m inworld and let you know.  As you can see from my little AV in the distance this is a big build so massive room for many chairs if you want to put on a show or even if you want to keep this as a workshop and your own personal fashion show.

One of the things I really appreciate is the fact that Nancoix is pretty generous and nearly always had items out in special weekly, monthly events such as 60Lds weekends etc and this is the same stuff in her shop so still top quality.  So if you’re on a budget make sure to pop over to her shop and slap that sub board that way you will be able to keep an eye out for her regular discounted items.  PS I know that at the moment she has a retro sun lounger out which is not only low primmed, packed with poses, adorable etc it’s only 60Ld!!  Never mind using it as a photo prop it’s so lovely I have one next to my pool all the time.

 The Instruments

Ro Buni Inworld Shop

Ro Buni Marketplace

Nantra Mainshop