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Special moments <3

ChezMoi Beating Heart moments NEW

If you’re looking for something to entertain,amuse and relax you – take a gander at this new release from Chez Moi. The “Beating heart moment” is ready made to delight. Its got “awww” factor in spades, a mattress leaning against a beautiful red leafed tree, stacked with poses for single pringles and couples alike. The pillows have a choice of textures, there’s even bunches of tiny flowers sprouting up around the screen and tree. Here’s the spec:

♥ 24 individual poses (12 in each place)
♥ 24 animations for couples in love (48 poses)
♥ Prop tea, champagne, book, pad, popcorn and guitar.

♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

Put your favourite photos on the projector and remember special moments with your love.

The blanket and pillow has 3 combinations to choose from. Just click on the blanket to activate the menu.

Specifications and content:
♥ Tree: 20 LI | 13 Prims | Mesh
♥ Projector: 17 Prims | Sculpt

The scenario, as shown in the picture, has 37 LI | 30 Prims.

Chez Moi NEW!!

I set mine up in the lower garden, chose a restful pose and added a few photos to the viewer. Simple process (and I’m dead useless at stuff like that) then chose the speed at which I wanted the pics to be viewed at. There is even a sweet pose to pet the puppy ! The set isn’t hard linked – meaning there are pieces of it you can separate if you wish. Thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Messing about on the water


ChezMoi - canoe ocean multiscene NEW

ChezMoi have released a corker for the warmer months ahead. The multiscene canoe is fantabulous ! As its stands its just 10Li, but it has a secret – oh yes – if you click on the wooden box inside the canoe, you will get choices for “scenes” and they are sooper special. I really loved that included in the poses selection are some for taking photos – what a great idea. Anyway here’s the lowdown:

NOTE >> This boat does not work as a vehicle. It is static.

This multifunctional canoe is perfect lakes or rivers, to celebrate birthday, leaving the routine or just stay with that special someone. Have fun and surprise your guests.

Decorations are 6 to choose from, just click the crate to display the menu.
♥ Pirate: 19 LI
♥ Party: 18 LI
♥ Birthday: 16 LI
♥ Cupid: 20 LI
♥ Tropical: 21 LI
♥ Just Relax: 19 LI
You can also choose without decoration (10 LI)

Individual poses, poses for couples in love, fishing, rowing and swimming made by the best SL animators. There are 56 poses in all:
♥ 16 couple poses (32 in all)
♥ 21 individual poses
♥ 3 fun static poses for picture taking.

Comes with props paddles, guitar, lotion, drink and fishing rod.

Place for 2 people.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Functionality SWAP
♥ Adjustable Poses

Textures, sculpt and mesh carefully chosen to make it even more real environment.

Available in other colours.


ChezMoi - canoe Multiscene NEW

Closer view of some of the decorations from various scenes, so well made – top notch quality. I think I would use the fishing pose quite a lot as I do enjoy a bit of 7seas now and again !

ChezMoi Canoe multiscene NEW

Not only lounging and relaxing animations but also some that take you into the water for a swim or a float. All wonderfully done. Thanks Nanda ❤ This is out on display at the store and also on sale on the Market place – have fun !

Chez Moi Store

Chez Moi market place