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2nd Half (Super Bargains).

As promised this is the second half on a post and this one is for some exc and affordable decor items.

I have shown you this bed before but at only 8 prims and 30Lds in cost it’s well worth a reblogg and you get a Menu not for nookie but to change the colours of the pillows, blanket and smaller blanket.


This isn’t a big shop and a lot hasn’t changed so the sun loungers than both Faith and I loved are still there and so are a couple of small little freebies but everything here is at a bargain price.


This rocking chair is new and you get a selection of colours in the pack, 5 and also a static and I’m going to presume a rocking one version.  If you check out my last post you will see this is also Mod so I shrank one down to an itty bitty size which is perfect for a doll, child or pet.  Even the full-sized one is low primmed at only 2 prims.


Just before I logged off I decided to pose hop and there are the standard and nice poses but then to my surprise this excellent knitting and embroidery pose.


A nice touch was when you click “yes” to accept and wear the attachments you don’t lose one of your bits ie a hand.

I’ve spotted that there is also a Marketplace shop which does seem to have everything that is for sale in the shop BUT I’m pretty sure that those pretty frilly socks and one of the Windmills is a Freebie in her inworld shop so it’s well worth checking that out.

Naive Design

Naive Design Marketplace Shop

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Dormitory Living is Cheap and Free.

Stumbled back onto/into the Naive Design shop which I’ve blogged before and I’m pretty sure Faith still has the sun lounger out on her poolside it’s not only that good but the stuff here is bargained priced.

So for a token sum of 30Lds you don’t just get 1 low primmed bed but 4 beds.


You might actually have spotted that one of these beds has been used as a prop in a previous picture but I wanted to show you how even in my Nams setting how well textured these beds are.  As I’ve said you get 4 beds but actually 1 of the beds comes with a Hud which allows you to change the blanket, small blanket and pillows.  A PG bed for a singleton and I did hop around a bit on them and non too shabby with both the quality and the amount of poses you get.


This is my fav colour combo of the one which comes with the Hud.


Then to top it off I spotted this FREEBIE in the shop, absolutely shop quality and low primmed.


Perfectly proportioned to an average AV size and that’s the same with the beds it’s just a great addition to a home or even your invent till you find a SL home you want to live it.

Naive Design is a small shop I think the lady who owns/runs this (Isis (isiskowalsky) does it for the love of creating and SL because at the bargain prices she charges she’s not doing it for a living, lucky for us as it means there is some lovely and affordable home decor items.

Naive Design

Naive Marketplace