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Snowflake Hunt or “A tale of two tables”


Spargel & Shine AGSH

I’m always one of the first to arrive at any event held at the Antiques Square! Mostly because two of my favourite antique stores are there. Spargel & Shine always always alwayssss make something lovely and wonderous for events, plus you wont leave empty handed if you have a wander around the shop – it’s all sooper pretty (and thankfully low prim!) This is the snowflake hunt, I was so early some stores hadn’t set up yesterday, but I did find Spargel & Shines item, this fully loaded table above. Have to say that the crystal cut-glass vase really captured my heart, and the lamp even works ! So much pretty for so few prims hurruah! Youre looking for a snowflake, most stores seemed to have a clue to help out, each gift is just 5L.

Nadeau Shoppe - AGS Hunt item

I also hopped along to Nadeau Shoppe, another firm fav of mine. Cant believe I found the snowflake here, I’m usually SO rubbish at hunts ! This is the gift above, a lovely little festive table to grace your home. Few in prims but big on style, its won a place in my SL home. Another beautiful shop to browse, with some unusual pieces to buy and collect. You really should explore the area, its magical and Snowy. I took a horse-drawn sleigh ride around the square and had a skate on the pond in the centre.

Antique Square

Spargel & Shine

Nadeau Shoppe

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Antiques Grid Show – Hunt !

Antiques Grid Show - Silent Woods - Ovid Garden Place

Oh oh OH! I always so enjoy the Antiques Grid Show hunts…such a wide selection of items and top-notch quality. If you’re looking for a show stopper make sure you don’t miss the prize from Silent Woods. It’s massively generous . You get all the above, the draped gazebo, furniture, plants and lights ! Great poses and a brilliant piece to make a focal point with in your garden or patio.

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - Victorian Fountain  Nadeau Shoppe

One store I always make sure to drop into while the hunt is on is  Nadeau Shoppe, so glad I did because the prize was this glorious Victorian fountain. Filled with sumptuous detail, like the pidgeon on the pedestal. Subtle flow of water makes it rather a relaxing item, would look fab in a garden or a conservatory sort of location…

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - The Music Box Carved Celtic wearable harp - plays 3 tunes !

I also went to the Music Box…lured by the name because of my SL-anything-musical-fetish! I couldnt have been happier to find that the prize here is this wearable Celtic carved harp! Wear it and it animates you to play and has three beautiful tunes to choose from…and oh-mai-lord…”over the rainbow” is one of them…I LOVE that song . *breathless*…yes, I’m SO excited ! If like moi, you enjoy music boxes and musical instruments, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the items in this store, music boxes, harps and more – have a good look around !

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - Joyus Living - Cycle - can be ridden !

Last port of call for me was Joyus Living. Id bought a freebie from them off the market place and thought Id check them out. (see? market place gifts DO work!) Anyhoooo the prize here is this  Penny Farthing bicycle…hurrrah ! I love vehicles and this one rides so smoothly. You need to rez it and climb aboard, its only 16 prims so it’s also a great decorating piece.

Dont forget, each prize is just 10L !

Antiques Grid Show Hunt Blog

Joyus Living

Nadeau Shoppe

Silent Woods

The Music Box

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Its the little things in life…

Nadeau Shoppe  Antique Hunt - Gardening cupboard

It’s the little things in my SL life that bring so much pleasure…a pretty rug…a lovely jug of flowers, so I’m always looking out for those sort of items to bring into my home. The above piece is by Nadeau Shoppe, it’s the “gardening cupboard” and is their prize in the antiques hunt currently going on. (prizes are just 10L)  Such a warm toned wood gives it a great vintage appeal. The doors open to reveal a watering can, pot & sack , these items are removable, so if you want to save a few prims or use your own gardening gear, it would work. On the top are a selection of decor bits & bobs, such as a trowel, book and tray…beautifully done and I’m still looking for a place for it to sit in my cottage !


I also found this group gift from HMPD…the “old post”, it’s so quaint and shabby ! Lovely details on it and the full version is only 3 prims, there is another version in the box that’s just 1 prim *faint*, I’ve placed my one by the front door and it looks glorious ! Group is free join, and the store and surrounding area is delightfully pretty, I spend ages there just wandering.

Nadeau Shoppe