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Gifts from Tres Chic – Well a few !

ohmai days – SO many gifts fr all of us at the Birthday bash for Tres Chic ! I’ve rummaged through them and have a few personal highlights – your mileage may differ but any that were not including a slink physique fit I discarded , so if you’re another type of mesh body you’ll find some more pressies than I did. Was really surprised with this blue sparkly outfit by Seniha separate skirt and body suit, the bodysuit being all glittery and twinkles ! Shoes come on a darling blue and this pretty caramel tone by G&D. My gorgeous hair is by Fabia – it’s just super lovely and you get all sorts of colour huds incuded.

More free hair, this time from Iconic – new to me brand so I will deffo be checking the store out. Lacey shoes from Mosquito’s way – 3 colours included. The choker is also a gift from Safira – heaps of metal tones included – very handy item to keep.

Last up more free hair this time from DeLa – all colour huds included andddd free sandals from N-Core – super summery various mesh feet fits in the box – just join the Tres Chic group and take your pick ! (Group is free).

Tres Chic

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Vintage Cheapness & Yeah.

PHEW managed to get through a day without the need for pain killers and Faith is doing OK and like me is back with some real goodies but being as I’m the “Cheap Biatch” of the two of us here are my bargains.


Since I’m easing myself back into RL Work and SLing I decided to start off back at The Vintage & Cool Fair.  In my last post in which I showed you 2 of the NEW Mina available at this event I had also spied out some Freebies & Dollarbies dotted around.  Not all the shops have the sweet little gift box waiting for you but in the very limited time I spent there I picked up some jewelry,Shoes, skirt and this simple beige dress.  Sorry can’t give you direct LMs but if you have some spare time then this is a great full sim to kill some time and pick up some paid for and free goodies.

This dress is I believe 80% is from Shine (it is I’ve checked).  You get all the standard mesh sizes and a one size fits all version which is the one I’m wearing.  A great fit, simple and elegant styling and a cheeky slash in the skirt.


Great SLink/Maitreya High shoes.


Not just another pair of SLink/Maitreya High Shoes from N-Core but they also come for Belleza, N-Core Extreme Feet and TMP Ouch Feet!

Special mention to the Mina hair. I can’t believe that there are so many new Mina hairs out and usually I like to stagger what I show you but since all of them are so different and all are at special events I thought I’d use them so you may not like the simple high browed swept back look I’m wearing in this picture but check out my previous post and you might just like one of the styles.  Can I also say that for the Men the Mens hair department is now as big as the girls so when you’re OH wants to get a new hair make him try Mina’s.

PS and also if you’re not into a “Vintage” please don’t let that put you off visiting this event.  It’s a big sim wide event and although obviously there is a lot of Vintage going on I saw many new and fresh designs for clothes, home decor and accessories.  I ended up grabbing so many demos to try on later and I’m pretty sure you all will too.

The Vintage & Cool Event.

Mina Hair@FaMESHed.

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21 Shoe – get knotted

21Shoe N - Core NEW!

This round of 21 Shoe see’s N-Core putting out some really natty sandals – “knotted snakeskin” are surperb and fantastical, they really give my weary tootsies a pick up. You get two colours for this offer, which lasts just 24 hours.

21Shoe N-Core

These shoes are suitable for Slink high feet – Maitreya – Belleza – N-Core extreme and TMP Ouch! White or black ? You don’t have to choose – just head over on the 21st and snap up the 21 Shoe event box .



21 Shoe blog

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When I became a SLink addict I went through all of my massive shoe folder and chucked out so much it made me weep silently into my cup of coffee but not everything hit the trash can simply because not everything that isn’t SLink isn’t trash worth and N-Core is a great example.  I even keep my N-core shoes in their own folder and not mixed in with all the other shoe, although I don’t have as many as I would love to as they are not cheap throw away shoes so to be able to grab a pair for the token price of 50Lds was just too good to ignore.


This is my “fluff” shot because it’s such a great prop I thought I’d treat myself to a vanity pose.

Shoes2Because I’m a lazy mare and hate faffing with skin colouring  I so appreciate this, new to me, addition.  You can either use the link given or click the Hud and it will take you to the N-Core website where there is a whole library of preset top named skins so if like me you might just strike lucky and find your skin already preset (I’m wearing my Essence Wednesday skin in this picture).  Even if you can’t see your exact skin shade there you can by trial and error try them on till and I’m pretty sure you will find a real good match or even simply enter the RGB numbers of your skin into the Hud.  I have been lazy and I’ve not even put on the ankle blending tattoo layer nor have I used any photo shopping and look at that match! Excellent.

As I’ve said it comes with the standard skin matching Hud but even more because you have 3 texture options for the wedge and you can wear the shoes with or without the bows, oodles of nail colours, stocking sock layer, walking noise, resizing etc.

Not free but at 50Lds to join the N-Core group I am most surprised at how little  Claire Messenger charges to join her group as her shoes are such quality and so are the GG’s.

N-Core Web site for colour charts

N-core designs inworld

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Oh I’m on some sort of roll …can’t sleep and I keep finding some amaaaazing buys ! Headed over to N-Core and saw that they have a newww group gift out (well new to moi) Some awesomesauce boots ina  yummmi fudge brown always with n-core no worries about fit etc..easy to use HUD…this is how they went on my trotters straight outta the box yay! No group join fee either which is way cool and much appreciated..

The new hair-do I’m sporting is from Dura..its a celebration gift and comes in a few shades , looks equally good on guys ! Actually, there is another hair style out right next to this one, it’s for the boys but will work for us chicks…head on over and take a peek, I saw some realllllly lovely new do’s out also ! The bench Im lounging about on I won on a lucky board at MMG, it’s an amazing store, Zan intro’d me to it when she was looking for a new home to buy (and she DID, and its stunning, and I hate herrrr !) anyyyywayy..the place is chocka-block with low prim goodies for your home & garden. I bought some adorb drapes for the nursery while I was there also…its a place Im gonna haunt from now on…seriously lowww prices too!

celebration hair: Dura

Eclipse boots: N-core

bench seat: MMG

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Lucky Zan

Our intrepid friend Zan has been out and about again and found some more pretties for you ladies. I’ll step out of the way now and let her tell you all about them.

Banilacoco was a new place to me. In fact I was in the shop next door but I panned and scanned and found a yummy bank of Lucky Boards. If you can’t be bothered to wait there is a couple of group gifts that you can score. You do have to join the group for the LBs, but it’s free so then you can click away.  I managed to grab three skins in the space of minutes. Well impressed with them all. Love this one for the touch of lip gloss that make the lips all pouty and shiny. Nice touch that one eye shadow is purple and the other green but the make up is still understated and pretty.

The hair is a freebie from Tram ! A mix of a few pieces of furniture, accessories, clothes and hair etc. I know I’ve made it sound so uninteresting however, once you see it, the quality shines through. If it wasn’t for the fact that I only had enough Lindens left to buy the cutest short hairdo I have ever seen I would have snapped up some of those outfits straight away. Might just treat myself to some at the end of the month. But happily they also have some group gifts out.  At the entrance is some bags of poses and a pair of sweetie heeled flatties in black and pink and upstairs are two free hairdos.  The hair has a resizer script in it so just click on the hair and select this prim or all prims and increase till the fit is good.  Takes seconds and works a treat.

Last but not least are the shoes! I love N-Core shoes.  Since they opened they have consistently provided good-fitting, sexy heeled shoes and I have never been disappointed with shoes bought from there so to come across a pair for L$50 made my SL day.  What has made it even better is that although the basic purple  colour cannot be changed you can wear the HUD and turn on or off the sheen, invisi-prim and sound.  A keeper for me.  This is a small underground bunker with some lovely bargains from other well-known designers. 

Get them here:
Hair: Tram
Skin: Banilacoco
Shoes: N-Core