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My nose is sniffling my throat is itchy and my neck is stiff so I’ve slurped a Lemsip and used it as an excuse to do booger all :-).  So all I’ve done is watched some Judge Judy, ate some porridge, turned up the fire and of course SL.  As I said I would I remained in the Mute group (free to join) and waited for the next notice about the almost freebies from Jᴀʏ Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs (jaysee.netizen) and it came through.


A mesh “biker” jacket.  I chose my fav colour of green but there is a whole selection to choose from and each is ONLY 10Lds which is almost giving them away.  There is also a snugglier jumper with oversized sleeves and I noticed that the SLink shoes I’ve previously posted about are still there.  I’m wondering if Jay is going to place items out in her Discount Skybox bit by bit and when she runs out of space then remove the older items.

As I’ve said for RL and SL reasons she’s decided to leave selling in SL but as a really decent gift to her supporters she’s placed out this Discount Skybox and if you want to keep updated then I would recommend joining her Free group but you don’t need to join to grab the goodies.

Now I’m logging off and playing a computer game as my nose slowly drips and the wind outside wails.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Thank God it’s finally December and although I don’t get the Crimbo Deccies out for another couple of weeks to me the Christmas countdown has finally started and yes I do have an Advent Calender except mine has make up in it and not choccies.

OK nuff babbling.  Jaysee Netizent he owner of Mute for her own personal SL and RL reasons decided she was going to shut down for good and everything in her shop was slashed to 10Lds.  However the outpouring of supportive messages she has recieved has made her rethink her position and OMG how sweet, just for us she is keeping a skybox open and is going to pop in a regular discounted item for anyone to come and grab.  These bargains will only be out for a limited time and although you don’t need to be a Group Member to grab them if you do join then you will get the notices once she’s set them out.


I have grabbed them because at 10Lds for SLink heels a bargain and I swear you can never have too many shoes, or lip stick, eyeshadows, mascaras and on and on.  This is the only thing set out at the moment but well worth the tp.

I’ve reread the note she’s sent out, I think a lot of people would be able to relate to what she says, but I almost missed that she will actually be trying to pop something out 2-3 a WEEK! So definately join to keep upto date on the goodies.

PS thats my Monday morning freebie hunting outfit.

Mute Discount Skybox